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Reflective Thinking – How to Improve Your Life

Reflective Thinking”You cannot have a meaningful life without having self-reflection.” —Oprah Winfrey

Reflective thinking is the process of examining and reviewing events and actions. Much like reflective thinking, introspection has a lot to do with analyzing your reactions and assessing the reasoning behind these thoughts and actions.…

Vegan Paleo Diet – Looking to be Pegan?

Looking to start a new diet for the new year? Possibly a vegan paleo diet? Some of you probably never heard of the paleo diet and others might have but don’t know what it is. Well, you have come to the right blog on the ultimate guide on learning all about the paleo vegan diet and maybe even taking the steps towards this diet.…

The Medicalization Of Society – How Can Health Apps Help?

medicalization of societyMedicalization is a valuable tool in organizing medical systems globally while providing communities with the opportunity to seek medical attention when necessary. It includes the implementation of a medical paradigm to define, prevent or resolve various matters in society. The medicalization process in society can be divided into multiple levels and degrees.

Gratitude Journal Prompts for Happiness

gratitude journal prompts

Have you ever felt thankful for something? That feeling is gratitude. Being grateful has a lot of focus in the field of positive psychology. Expressing gratitude is not necessarily reserved for specific moments or occasions like achieving something at school or work.…