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The Anxiety Cycle: How to Break Out of It

Anxiety Cycle

The cycle of anxiety is a heavy burden that many faces worldwide. Anxiety can be described as worrying about a potential threat and trying to cope with a future event that you think will be negative. When you notice your anxious symptoms, you start to believe you can’t cope with the symptoms, thus becoming even more anxious.

Sleep Diary: Log & Determine How Much Sleep You Need and Get!

Sleep Diary

How many times have you caught yourself falling asleep at work? Dosing off while staring at your screen, having trouble focusing on a task you had to complete for your boss at the end of the day. The truth is you just haven’t been sleeping well these past couple of nights, and it’s starting to catch up with you.…

The Rise of Real World Evidence in Pharma

Real World Evidence Pharma

Our world is constantly changing. As we grow not only as individuals, but as a society and community, so do our technologies, our strategies, and our methods. In real world evidence of pharma, these changes ensure our developments and research stay as relevant and as relatable to the current population as possible.…

ADHD Overthinking: How To Stop Ruminating

ADHD Overthinking

Most of us experience overthinking: that vicious, broken record of negative thoughts regarding a spectrum of topics, ranging from your personal health and career to your family, relationships, social image and much more. Many of us wish for a button to simply turn it all off so we can get enough sleep during the night or focus on a task at hand.…

ADHD and Anger: Triggers & Managing Rage Attacks

ADHD and Anger

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is more commonly considered a childhood disorder. However, ADHD can affect adults/teens/kids/children alike. Now it is estimated to persist into adult life in ten to sixty percent of cases and is present in about 4.5 percent of adults (5).

Anxiety Workbook: Coping With Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety Workbook

An anxiety workbook is a form of self-help intervention that is best to help bridge the gap between therapies and medications.  Many studies are trying to determine the efficacy of “acceptance-based behavioral therapy” delivered in a self-help format (7). However, despite these controlled studies on topics like “an anxiety workbook” or an “anxiety and phobia workbook” are not heavily studied as other diseases, patients are still encouraged to participate (in conjunction with other therapies) (1).…