Daily Baby Journal | Important Reasons to Keep One

baby journal

Having a baby, whether a boy or a girl, is one of the most important achievements in life. It is a source of great joy. New parents, however, are often tired and they feel like it is difficult to keep track of every detail regarding their baby’s health and development.…

Migraine Diary & Tracker | Journaling Tips

Migraine Tracker

It is estimated that approximately 14.7% of the worldwide population suffers from migraines. Migraines occupy the third spot after tension headaches and dental caries.

Migraine represents a chronic condition in 2% of the population, affecting women in a larger percentage than men (hormone-related).…

Medication Log For Tracking Your Medicine & Symptoms

medication log

Modern living conditions, access to adequate healthcare and disease prevention programs have contributed to an increased average lifespan in almost all developed countries. However, medical issues cannot be eliminated, which also means that medication use will only continue to increase.

According to recent statistics, women are more often prescribed medication than men.…

Medication Management Tips That Work

medication management

Medication can be prescribed for both acute and chronic conditions, serving the purpose of addressing the associated manifestations and, sometimes, the root cause. It often happens that a person suffers from more than one medical issue, which leads to several treatments being prescribed (commonly by more than one physician).…

Activities for the Elderly

elderly activities

Improvements in medical services, opportunities for a better quality of life and adequate financial resources have contributed to an increased lifespan worldwide (with few exceptions). According to the latest statistics, 1/5 of the population of the European Union was over the age of 65 in 2018.…

Pain Logging App For Tracking and Managing Your Pain

pain log

In the United States, approximately 20% of all adults suffered from chronic pain. An additional 8% experienced the kind of pain which limits activities and thus influences the overall quality of life. Women and older adults, it seems, present the highest risk for such health problems.…

Personal Health Record App and PHR Benefits

personal health record benefits

Looking after our health is something we all should consider. No one can maintain a perfect state of health at all times but, thanks to preventive care and timely treatments, we can improve our well-being. And, with the passing of time, we can gather a lot of information with regard to personal health.…