November 8, 2018

Medicine Tracker

Tracking Medication should not be a difficult task, however it can become extremely difficult if one is suffering from a chronic condition or if one is trying to figure out what health modalities can help improve performance.

CareClinic has done an exceptional job is providing all the tools necessary to stay sane when dealing with a complex medical regimen, or as we call it a ‘care plan’.

CareClinic begins by having user’s build a care plan which can include medications, natural ailments, and any other health solution that the user is engaging in for their health goals.

This Careplan is now the central hub for the user (and the user can have many careplans), the user may chose to activate reminders for ailments within the plan, log journal entries against the plan and monitor their health by looking at logs and reports.

Many user’s may not need to go to this extent, however we make it possible in case you need it.


Tracking Medication

Tracking medication is the most basic of features of CareClinic, you may chose the type of medication, the color, the dose, the purpose, the side effects, the effectiveness when starting out. See the screenshot below to get a sense of how it looks:

After the medication is added to the CarePlan, we alert the user of any potential dosage alerts, and interactions. See the sample care plan designed by a user below.

From here you can proceed to set reminders for each individual item in your care plan or you may set a overall reminder to consume your plan. The reminders screen looks like the one below:

Keep in mind  all of this is also accessible over mobile web (so your browser) and additionally, our iOS app as well. The reminders can be personalized in any which way needed. Additionally, we also have 3 other reminders, and 5 total:

  1. Refill Reminders
  2. CareTeam Reminders
  3. Therapy, Activity, Nutrition Reminders
  4. Along with: Individual Reminders
  5. Along with: Entire Care Plan Reminders

A reminder can really be set for just about anything. Go ahead give us a try, signup here.