Health Diary App: Use it to Journal Your Personal Wellness

health diary appA health diary app can be used to track anything related to your health quickly. CareClinic helps track health measurements that are important to you, your family, or your doctor with ease. The main benefit of using a digital health and wellness diary is the generated reports. Reports help you quickly learn about your progress so you can optimize your current lifestyle goals quickly.

An added benefit of a health diary is to help you be well-informed about your health condition. In this way, you are just as involved and aware of your health condition. No need to feel left out or out of control with it comes to meeting your healthcare goals.

Without meaningful reports, you may not be benefiting from writing in your health diary. CareClinic securely provides logs and reports based on your progress. Gain deeper insights on how you are REALLY doing quickly.

The health journal app functionality consists of a rich interface to share notes or write down day-to-day health or chronic conditions in one place.

Combine the diary by recording other health modalities such as mood, depression, anxiety, stress, physical activity, sleep, medication, and more to be notified of any correlations.

Below we demonstrate how you can start using the health diary functionality within CareClinic to keep track of your health. As a note, we share screenshots from the mobile and web version of the app. Both versions of the app can easily sync with one another.

Posting to Your Personal Health Diary Online

online health diary

Your personal health diary is how you keep track of any issues that may be bothering you. It could be a place where you record your symptoms or where you record your health to-do list.

It’s a place where you can easily access your reports and monitor any changes you observe throughout your journey.

Manage women’s health, kids’ health, or seniors’ health using our flexible mobile app. Instead of printing out templates that need to be filled in, CareClinic uses Care Plans. Check-ins show up as reports in a structured and meaningful in which you can derive benefits quickly.

What is a Care Plan?

The concept of “Care Plans” is at the core of CareClinic. Think of care plans as folders containing your plan to tackle specific health issues. This includes your journal entries, notes, medications you need to take, nutrition, therapy notes and sessions, and even fitness.

CareClinic offers a variety of “Care Plans” so that you are able to find ones that fit your health goals. Created alongside physicians, you can rest assured that these plans are accurate and based on expert advice.

personal health tracker

Create Check-In posts after you have made your initial care plan. Check-ins help you hold yourself accountable. Manage a certain treatment (such as for chronic illness), or manage mental health disorders with care plans. Additionally, track health goals such as losing weight, getting enough sleep, practicing mindfulness.

How To Check-In to Care Plans Digitally

Checking in hourly, daily, weekly, or really as frequently as you prefer. Checking-in involves writing something in your diary, adding a measurement or uploading a relevant photo.

Check-ins are an excellent tool to manage your health progress as you are able to keep on track.

The screenshot of the journal above is from the web version of the app. However, your post will become visible in the Reports section once you save your check-in.  This is where you may view it along with other posts as needed.

It is good to view your health logs periodically as it will help you optimize for better outcomes by discovering new patterns in your data. CareClinic tries to spring up as many triggers, correlations, and alerts based on your journal entries.

Metrics related to your health can be recorded as well. Remember, what gets measured, gets improved. Thus, it is wise to provide as much context as possible with each check-in.

Why keep a medical health diary?

CareClinic helps capture health data in various formats. The app provides a meaningful way for users to make sense of their entries with Reports.

Instead of using a template that may or may not suit your health needs. Care plans serve the same need as templates. Therefore, if you need to consume a certain amount of medications, do a certain physical activity, etc. Your check-in, when viewed through the Logs section, will contain information in a structured way. There is no need to set up any sort of custom template. The most common use cases for a general medical diary are:

  • Pregnancy Diary
  • Blood Pressure Diary
  • Cardiovascular Disease Diary
  • Gluten-Free Diary
  • Weight Loss Diary
  • Baby Health Diary
  • Diabetes Diary
  • Food Allergies Diary

Patients rate CareClinic the best medical health diary app because of its flexibility to track all aspects of health.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits associated with keeping a health diary or a health journal. For one, you are able to monitor and analyze your health condition. A health diary allows you to be more alert and aware of the progress of your health condition and goals. You are able to identify any correlations between certain tasks, food treatments etc. This helps to navigate what works and does not work when it comes to your health progress.

It is an organized way of keeping track of your medical history and findings. A health diary is also beneficial for your physician. You can share with them the details and timeline of your condition. In this way, they can accurately identify any concerns.

Studies have found that a health diary can boost mindfulness and memory. At the moment you might believe that you can remember your symptoms, but once they are gone you might forget. A health diary can log your symptoms and help you stay engaged in progressing in your health goals.

Writing down goals, in a way, alerts your brain so that you can stay focused on managing health conditions.

Once you make it a habit to record in your health diary, you are more active in reaching those goals. A health diary can help to minimize stress as well. It is a form of venting and clearing the clutter from your mind. Since it can help you organize your feelings and symptoms, you can feel at ease.

In a way a health diary is like a reflection for you, to keep you focused and engaged in your own health care. As a patient, you are well-informed and play an active role in progressing your health.

Reports from Your Personal Health Journal

health diary

Think of the reports section as an amalgamation of not just your wellness diary but all other objective and subjective measurements. There are many insights in this section which we will leave for you to discover. Some interesting things to look for include: discovering correlations between various health factors. An example would be finding correlations between drinking coffee and disturbed sleep.

Other interesting things to pay attention to could include charts for medical adherence and vitals. Custom measurements, mood, and symptoms are also beneficial to look over.

Calendar Linked To Your Online Health Diary

personal health diary

At this point, you can see that this user is not consistent in their entries. However, the user has also made up to 3 journal entries in a single day on a few occasions.

The calendar will also show check-ins to other modalities as well. These include physical activity, therapies, medication adherence, and nutrition.

Your diary can sync with Apple Health and Google Fit as well. Moreover, your data remains synced throughout whatever platform you decide to use. CareClinic is available on the web, iPhone, or Android app.


How to Write in a Health Diary

You should strive to write your thoughts as honestly as possible. Write freely and honestly as the diary can only be by the diarist (you). Feel free to use your diary to write motivational quotes along with things you may be grateful for. The main idea is to use the diary every day, even if you do not have too much to write. You may realize that once you start writing a little bit, a lot more information will come to mind.

Another reason is, many times you may think you will remember side effects or health-related issues, but may actually forget. This idea refers to “recall bias” where you may exaggerate certain symptoms and forget others. The best part is, you can avoid it by journaling frequently.

It is a good idea to be consistent. Find the best time to write in a health diary and stick to that regime regularly. Missing out sometimes is fine, but if it becomes a habit you won’t be reaping the benefits of using a health diary. Consistently is also a great motivator. It builds momentum and allows you to achieve the things you set out to do. It makes you feel good and reminds you to keep to working towards your goals. This is why it is a great idea to find the best time and setting to write in your health diary, and stick to it.

Tips for writing in a Health Diary

Consistency is key when it comes to creating a well0informed and effective health diary. It might be tough in the beginning, but once you make it a habit you will see how useful a health diary is.

Aside from consistency, be honest. A health diary is an opportunity for you to really express your symptoms and moods. If you had a health goal, but were not able to meet the expectations then express it. No one will be looking at your health diary except for you. Disclose what you are feeling towards any treatments, diets or activities. As mentioned, a health diary is meant to be used as a reflection point for you to better understand your health condition. If you are able to understand and be well-informed, then you can take the right steps to keep progressing.

Additionally, be as detailed as possible. The more detail you provide, the easier it becomes for you and your physician to determine what works to maintain your healthiest condition. This also allows you to be observant regarding what daily tasks might be hindering your health progress.

Finally, write what feels best for you. Remember it is your health diary so write whatever you think needs to be documented to help you. There is no right or wrong way to record your symptoms, mood, or feelings. Don’t hold back but also feel like you have to write pages worth of information. Record what is needed to keep you on track. The health diary is meant for you to be engaged and active in your health care.

Questions to consider

You don’t have to always set a question, however, it can be useful if you are focusing on a specific health goal. Some questions to consider include:

  • How do you feel today
  • Did the prescription make it easier or harder to carry out tasks
  • Were my symptoms worse or better today
  • What helped me to get through the day
  • Did I drink enough water or eat enough nutrient-rich foods?

You can plan out your health diary or write what comes naturally to you. Depending on what your health goals are and what you want to monitor, you can create questions that are better suited. If you what to track your diet, then cater your questions to focus on your nutrients and physical activities. Or if you are focused on managing pain, then cater your questions towards how the treatments and supplements are affecting your day. Above were some examples of questions you could plan out to get started. Once you have made it a habit, it becomes easier to continue using a health diary. Remember you don’t have to always have a set of questions, however, it can be easier to journal.

How To Create a Health Diary using our App

wellness diary appThe main benefit of using CareClinic for journaling using a mobile app is that it is quick and doesn’t require you to carry your laptop or a traditional pad and paper.

Additionally, it is easy to use and customizable to what you want to achieve.

CareClinic enables you to track the following:

  • Health Diary – Unlimited amount of notes and pictures regarding anything related to your health.
  • Medicine & Supplements Taken or Skipped
  • Symptoms Experienced
  • Biometric Measurements such as Blood Pressure, Sleep, Energy, etc.
  • Nutrition for recording certain foods you think cause a flare-up
  • Activities such as certain exercises that could be required by a physiotherapist or chiropractor
  • Therapies – Session notes and general recording of which therapy you engaged in.

Benefits of your maintaining a personal health diary
All these modalities enable comprehensive tracking of one’s health in one place. This means you do not need to download a calorie counter app, a fitness app, or a mood journaling app. CareClinic enables you to record and make sense of all aspects of your wellness.

We automatically bring together all your data and provide beautiful reports. Use these reports to determine the effectiveness of your current treatment or your overall mood over a period of time. Additionally, you can view any correlations that may exist in your care plan between many cofactors as well.

The CareClinic app is fairly easy to navigate and allows you to easily switch between reports and trackers. You are able to link your treatments and any other feature to the health diary to make for fluid reports. You can easily share your reports with your physician or caregiver as well so that everyone is kept in the loop. It is safe to use and will keep you organized and on track.

CareClinic provides a private and secure journaling experience

The CareClinic app is customizable according to what you want to track and monitor. With its varying features, there is no doubt you will be able to find the best way to take control of your health journey. Whether it is a health concern or a motivation to live a healthier lifestyle, the CareClinic app will be useful for you.

There are many specific uses cases for using health diaries for certain conditions, disorders, and symptoms that we have written about such as using it to log your Pain, sexual activity, using it for CBT, CFS, and even headaches.

How Many People Continuously Use Health Diaries?

There are many more features for you to discover in CareClinic that can help you improve your health quicker. 50,000 patients and pharmacists trust CareClinic to provide meaningful self-care. Patients use it to manage their chronic disease, mental health, and personal wellness in one app.

Furthermore, doctors and clinicians appreciate patients that have put in time managing their health. Being a smart patient makes everyone’s life easier. It may also lead to better diagnosis, potentially saving you time and money in the long run.

If you are ready to worry less about your health, consider giving CareClinic a try! Download the app for Android or iOS (Apple iPhone) by clicking here.