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Chemotherapy Symptom Log For Cancer Treatment

Chemotherapy Symptom Log

Do you or someone you know suffer from cancer? Have you had to go through chemotherapy treatment? Felt symptoms develop and wane as the medication takes effect? Do you feel like your life would be easier if you had some way of tracking all these symptoms?…

Understanding Psilocybin Therapy & Mushroom Therapy

Psilocybin Therapy

There are many forms of alternative medicine; with some being more widely accepted than others. Ranging from the pharmaceutical industry to naturopathy, there is a multitude of compounds used for the treatment of a wide variety of ailments. Some of these compounds are extremely experimental, unregulated and even illegal!…

Stroke Symptom Activity Log

Stroke Symptom Activity Log

Does your family of a history of strokes? Are you worried about your risk level? Has someone in your family experienced a stroke? Are you overwhelmed with keeping track of their medications and nutritional requirements? Having an all-in-one app to help keep track of all these changes would help tremendously.…