Symptom Tracker

CareClinic comes with the most advanced symptom tracker ever created. Record food, medications, nutraceuticals, mental health, weather, physical activity or create your own custom field and track it alongside your symptoms.

Keeping a diary leads to a better treatment, figure out what is going on with you and what may be causing flare-ups easily and on the go.


Select from a list of symptoms and record them as part of your journal entry as frequently as you need to.

Additionally, help your care provider make more informed decisions about your diagnosis and treatment. Record your daily values including sleep, energy, weight and others or add your custom field to track what matters to you.

Feel good knowing that your information is stored safely and can be accessed only by you. You may additionally use our web app if you prefer to input your information on a larger screen and using a full keyboard. You are not locked into a tiny app for logging or reports.

Add a start and end date to your symptoms and use it for reference as part of your personal health record. Some of the most common symptoms to track are: Headaches, Fatigue, Brain Fog, Depression, Anxiety, Lack of motivation, Migraine, Inflammation, Memory problem and insomnia.

Use advanced functionality to connect symptoms with specific care plans or chronic conditions to remain better organized.

Have access to an array of tools such as a Journal, Calendar and Reports with Charts that can help you discover triggers or help you stay on track to minimize symptoms based on your care plan. Share the reports automatically with members in your CareTeam or print them as needed.

Do your best to potentially minimize symptoms based on what you learn from monitoring your health. We use advanced machine learning algorithms to alert you of triggers you may not be aware of.

What Can Be Tracked?

CareClinic’s symptom tracker can be used to track any symptom that are predefined or personal to you. Some of most common health issues being tracked include:

Angina, PMDD, PMS, Crohn’s, Rheumatoid arthritis, Autoimmune diseases, Nutrition/Food sensitivities, Mental health, Chronic Pain, Diabetes, Lupus, IBS Symptoms, Lyme disease, and ADHD among others.

The Best Part?

Track an unlimited amount of symptoms in the free version available of iOS/ iPhone or iPad, Android and on the web.