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All In One Care Management Platform

The CareClinic™ App simplifies preventative and proactive care management for you and your caregivers.
We enable you to track everything together to better understand your behaviour.

Care Teams

Easily enable caregivers to view your treatment progress remotely.


Manage Reminders for Medication, Symptoms & Measurement Checks.

Care Plans

Keep your treatment details in one place. See Interactions & Effects.


Save dates for yourself or a dependent or share with your team.


Record Symptoms, measurements, medicine, nutrition, activity, therapies and notes periodically.


Automatically sync your data from wearables, Apple Health or Google.


AI powered Charts, Logs, Correlations to make sense of your check-ins.


Set health goals for yourself and view you progress over time.


Built-in drug and supplement reference library.


Securely store vaccination records for yourself or dependents.

Symptoms List

Keep a log of all your conditions & symptoms for reference.


Password protected app keeps your data private and encypted.

Track. Learn. Act.
More than just a pill tracker, track your symptoms, mood, habits, physical activities, nutrition, vitals and custom values. Manage acute, chronic and preventive medical care in one fully integrated platform. CareClinic enables healthy habit change and enables you to remain accountable.
CareClinic AppSymptom Tracker

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CareClinic AppSymptom Tracker
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