Anxiety Workbook: Coping With Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety Workbook

An anxiety workbook is a form of self-help intervention that is best to help bridge the gap between therapies and medications.  Many studies are trying to determine the efficacy of “acceptance-based behavioral therapy” delivered in a self-help format (7). However, despite these controlled studies on topics like “an anxiety workbook” or an “anxiety and phobia workbook” are not heavily studied as other diseases, patients are still encouraged to participate (in conjunction with other therapies) (1).…

Self Harm Tracker – Improving Your Wellbeing

Self Harm Tracker
Another week or month has passed, you’ve made zero progress on your health goals and now the negativity has led you towards self harm.

Deep down you know your health is important, but you aren’t taking consistent action.

Most of the time you’re having deep thoughts and feelings…How strong are they?…

How To Cope & Manage Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD)

Copying with Social Anxiety

Social anxiety disorder is a condition characterized by a permanent state of anxiety with regard to social situations. The social phobia stems from a fear of being judged by other people. People who suffer from this type of anxiety are afraid that others will reject or evaluate them in a negative manner.…

How To Overcome Anxiety Yourself or Help Someone Do So

help someone with anxiety

Anxiety is something we all have, causing us to protect ourselves from dangerous situations and assess risks with clarity. However, in some people – including children and adults – anxiety is present even when the situation does not require it. It causes one to be permanently on guard, waiting for something bad to happen or avoiding certain situations out of worry or fear.…