ACT vs CBT: The Differences, Treatment Plans and Goals


If you’re looking at undertaking some sort of therapy for your chronic pain management, there are two that can be highly effective. It is worth it to know about Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT). For those who suffer from chronic pain, you’ll likely be aware that there are many different ways to help manage it.

Managing Allergy Migraines

allergy migraines

Do you suffer from seasonal allergies? Are your symptoms often accompanied by a headache or lingering migraines? Allergy migraines are a common medical condition and are more common in people who have constant allergies. Allergies can cause an allergic migraine, which is a form of migraine headache.…

Managing Congestive Heart Failure With A Healthy Lifestyle

Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)

Hearing the term “heart failure” or “congestive heart failure” can be scary but it doesn’t mean that the heart has completely lost all its function. If you have previously experienced heart failure or are a cardiac patient, taking care of yourself and maintaining healthy lifestyle changes will improve your health and quality of life.…

Understanding How To Detect A Prodrome Aura

Prodrome Aura

Prior to the headache, a premonitory phase, known as a prodrome aura, can mark the beginning of a migraine attack. Following this, a natural alert known as an aura allows you to detect that a migraine is about to hit.

A cephalgia, most commonly known as a headache, describes a symptom that is characterized by pain in the head.…

Understanding Your BFP Pregnancy Test Result and Symptoms

BFP - Big Fat Positive

Are you a couple who is ready and excited to have a child? Or are you just a part of the trying-to-conceive (TTC) community and are thrilled about a BFP? You might need a bit more insight into the basics of parenthood and the complicated, yet exciting process associated with a bundle of joy.…

Navigating Migraine Pillows to Prevent Headaches

Migraine Pillow

Do you suffer from migraines? Does your family have a history of migraines? Have you tried different treatment methods; migraine pillows, medications etc.? If not the article will provide an overview of what migraines are, and highlight different types of migraines.…