Sauna Health Benefits: Including Infrared Sauna vs Steam Room

Sauna Health Benefits

Going to the sauna every once in a while helps ease stress. Saunas are associated with various health benefits and there are various forms of saunas. Using a sauna not only helps increase circulation and helps relaxation, it has the added benefit of recovery after exercise and aiding in both acute and chronic pain.

Multiple Sclerosis: MS Fatigue Management

MS Fatigue

MS fatigue is one of the most common symptoms experienced in people diagnosed with MS. Fatigue can be distressing and decrease your overall productivity. The great news is that energy-saving practices, lifestyle adjustments, and the use of particular medicines relieves MS fatigue and other symptoms.…

Managing Allergy Migraines

allergy migraines

Do you suffer from seasonal allergies? Are your symptoms often accompanied by a headache or lingering migraines? Allergy migraines are a common medical condition and are more common in people who have constant allergies. Allergies can cause an allergic migraine, which is a form of migraine headache.…

Managing Congestive Heart Failure With A Healthy Lifestyle

Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)

Hearing the term “heart failure” or “congestive heart failure” can be scary but it doesn’t mean that the heart has completely lost all its function. If you have previously experienced heart failure or are a cardiac patient, taking care of yourself and maintaining healthy lifestyle changes will improve your health and quality of life.…

Chemotherapy Symptom Log For Cancer Treatment

Chemotherapy Symptom Log

Do you or someone you know suffer from cancer? Have you had to go through chemotherapy treatment? Felt symptoms develop and wane as the medication takes effect? Do you feel like your life would be easier if you had some way of tracking all these symptoms?…

Stroke Symptom Activity Log

Stroke Symptom Activity Log

Does your family of a history of strokes? Are you worried about your risk level? Has someone in your family experienced a stroke? Are you overwhelmed with keeping track of their medications and nutritional requirements? Having an all-in-one app to help keep track of all these changes would help tremendously.…