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Dealing with your condition day to day is complicated. Our smart all-in-one care companion App can help. Organize your appointments, track medications and symptoms, access educational content, all in one place. Get the most complete view of your health and subjective concerns with the CareClinic App.

Tracking helps you

  1. Build healthy habits and remain accountable
  2. Share data with your doctor, insurance, or employer
  3. See what works and get a correct diagnosis quicker

Why the CareClinic App?

Feel empowered, see what works, and communicate about your condition.

It's secure & easy to use

The CareClinic App simplifies preventative and proactive care management for you and your caregivers. CareClinic leverages AI to make setup and recording check-ins a breeze. CareClinic comes fully equipped to provide full outpatient care with medical assessments and content libraries.

It personalizes for you

CareClinic personalizes your treatment journey using AI based on your current health condition. You can always customize all aspects of the app anytime. CareClinic can reliably handle any regimen, no matter how complex. It is designed to work for over 3,500 medical conditions!

It provides insights

CareClinic is an all in one wellness tracker, which means it integrates into Apple Health, Google Fit, Siri and others. Your wearable data and day to day check-in data help generate logs, charts, and insights. This can be further exported and shared with your care provider to understand your treatment better.

Hear from our users

About how we bring personalized care and organization to their day-to-day.

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A better care experience for
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CareClinic has been clinically studied and is backed by scientific review to improve patient outcomes.
*Evaluation of Mobile Health Applications to Track Patient-Reported Outcomes for Oncology Patients: A Systematic Review