About Us

CareClinic came to fruition when the founder found himself using many different apps and spreadsheets to measure the efficacy of his intervention. The problem was that existing apps were too limited in that they only provided either ways to manage nutrition, medication or fitness. None were catered to those that wanted to track and manage their treatment which included tracking even the essentials, such as vitals, symptoms, setting reminders, or journaling.

Wanting a real solution, he decided to take it upon himself to build a solution that would help others just like him. After consulting with many medical and wellness experts, CareClinic was born in 2016.

The goal of CareClinic is to help people manage manage chronic conditions and health goals in the quickest way possible.

Since then, we have come to add many more useful solutions to help patients, biohackers and caregivers manage health better. CareClinic has now been used by over 10,000 users and we hope that it helps you manage your health better as well! 

Our Team

Akshay (Asher) K. – Founder & CEO

Arjun Sehgal MSc, BioInformatics – Operations

Pat S. – Sr. Developer

Kathleen R. PTRP – Content Reviewer

Our Advisors

Nat Rave, D.Ch – St. Micheals Hospital | LinkedIn

Girish Sardana, PhD, BS – Thermo Fisher Scientific | LinkedIn

Our Milestones

2019 – iOS App launches in April. Now with over 12,000 active users.

2018 – CareClinic rebranding finishes and web relaunches with over 9,000 active users.

2017 – Android app Launches and web app hits over 7,000 active users and is mentioned on HuffPost as a must-have health app.

2016 – TMS (precursor to CareClinic) alpha hits 3,000 active users and is recommended by Deloitte as an up-and-coming platform for those interested in the quantified self movement. 


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or just want to let us know how we are doing!