Mindfulness For Teens: How To Use It For Depression

mindfulness for teens

Depression is a complex condition that is unfortunately extremely common all over the world. Mindfulness for teens provides you with cognitive-based therapies and the tools to recognize and combat negative thoughts caused by depressive conditions.

By redirecting patients from their thoughts, mindfulness generally brings positivity and diminishes depressive symptoms.…

Bullet Journal Mood Tracker For Mental Health

How many times have you excused your behaviour with your friends and family for being in a “bad mood”? Our moods undeniably affect our daily interactions, both positively and negatively. But, how can we practice patience with ourselves when faced with a bad mood?

Physical Therapy Exercises & Tracker App To Restore Mobility

physical therapy exercises

Physical therapy exercise is a non-invasive therapy that helps you develop, maintain, and restore maximum body movement and physical function. Usually, you might need to go for physical therapy exercises when you suffer from an injury or pain. Physical therapy also helps you to prevent worsening of the injury or future injuries.…