13 DPO and Pregnancy

13-DPO13 DPO. Are you wondering what is 13 DPO? Are you trying to conceive? Wish to know what could be done to make sure that you get pregnant sooner? Pregnancy is a beautiful dream for every woman like you. From the day that you learn you are pregnant you start to live in a world with lots of dreams filled with joy and expectations.…

Tips for Managing Pain

Managing Pain

We experience pain both physically and emotionally – it is not pleasant and is due to a perception of real or potential damage to our bodies. All pain is perceived and processed by your brain. Pain is your body’s warning system alerting you to harm.…

How Do Stress and Digestion Go Together?

Stress and DigestionWe have all been stressed at one point in our life. It is a feeling we get of emotional or physical tension making us feel frustrated, angry, scared, or nervous. One of the most common ways we feel stressed is during our fight-flight response which is a common response in our body when facing adversity or an ultimatum.

Chronic Care Management and Health Apps

Chronic Care Management

Chronic Care Management under Medicare offers additional help to patients who are managing chronic conditions like arthritis, diabetes and hypertension. This includes a comprehensive care plan that lists all of your health issues and goals, other providers, medications, community services you have access to and need, and other relevant information about your health.…