Autoimmune Disease Management

We help patients tackle autoimmunity together. We provide an evidence-based care platform for the autoimmune warrior.

Our mission is to improve the experience of autoimmune patients. We enable this by bringing together data points that may seem invisible into plain view and help share that data with HCP.

Care Plans

Patients can be provided with education and personalized care plans that work for their life. Starting a care plan can be as easy as signing up with a unique link, which activates the right care plan for the right patient. Managing disease doesn’t need to remain a guessing game, with curated care plans made by board-certified doctors.

Care Plans include all modalities to help you manage your health, including actionable items such as activity, mindfulness, and lifestyle changes along with medications, symptom management and therapies. Combined with educational guides, it becomes the patient engagement app of choice by physicians, mental health professionals and wellness coaches.

Care Teams

As an HCP you have the power to connect with patients directly through the App. Engage in video secure video chat, encourage healthy habit change, and help manage their chronic conditions.  Patients remain accountable as their treatment history and care plan progress can be monitored remotely by their entire circle of care.

Super Powers for Patients

CareClinic enables patients to record all aspects of their health in one secure easy-to-use platform that enables HCP’s to monitor treatment progress much more holistically. Patients can track symptoms, nutrition, digestion, and other health measurements and save their progress. Patients are provided multiple ways to analyze their health to determine resultant patterns that they can discuss with providers.

Convenient for Providers

How is CareClinic different? With CareClinic you can do it all! Schedule telehealth visits directly with patients, communicate via HIPAA compliant messaging and engage in managing their health collaboratively. Provide custom-made care plans, with educational content and follow up on progress all directly with our provider dashboard. Help your patients thrive with CareClinic. Our initial focus has been to assist patients with Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Rheumatoid arthritis and Multiple sclerosis.

CareClinic strives to provide personalized care to every patient. We empower healthcare providers and patients to make data-driven decisions for positive outcomes. We leverage clinical data along with patient-generated data to understand and provide exceptional preventative and chronic condition management.