Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Patient Support App

CareClinic provides an open and fresh approach to supporting people living with MS. Backed by thousands of people already using the CareClinic core app, we know what works and can help life sciences and research join in for a customized MS patient support solution.

Overview of MS Patient Support Platform

  • With thousands of patients already managing their multiple sclerosis treatment on our platform, we have specific insights on their requirements through feedback and the shortcomings of pharma’s own patient support offerings
  • With CareClinic for MS, our MS-specific support offering we build on top of CareClinic’s core platform. This means providing only modules and trackers relevant to MS users with additional content and features tailored for your patients. This level of modularity and customization leads to patients engaging with the app multiple times a day, every day
  • Our open platform approach means our in-house team can help build educational content that leads to clicks. We are able to incorporate content from academia, pharma, or the web. This helps meet the diverse needs of patients on a much more granular level

What is the Multiple Sclerosis Patient App?

As a disease ‘with a thousand faces’ we are well aware of the challenges that can arise from designing a solution that works well for all people. Some people prefer to participate in the treatment process much more actively, while others look to keep their quality of life at a manageable level. Taking note of symptoms such as fatigue or limited mobility can be something that all patients want to get under control.

We are here to operate patient support programs to assist patients in managing their disease. The life science industry provides excellent support around specific treatments but sometimes patients feel like they are struggling to get meaningful support if they are “just” living well with the disease. The support needs matter greatly between different MS patients and is quite often missed by industry-provided offerings which require constant management of the solution to improve engagement.

Benefits for Patients: CareClinic For MS: Patient Support App

Patients are more likely to engage and open an app multiple times a day when there is engaging content and ease of use. CareClinic enables content exploration through its Patient resource library that empowers patients looking for additional medical help. CareClinic’s core App has been installed over 1 million times and has gone through extensive R&D to provide the experience that patients are looking for. It was built in close cooperation with patients and pharma to ensure ease of use and full functionality. The platform provides engagement that provides the management of medications, symptoms, measurements, appointments, and even engaging with caregivers directly within one app. These trackers and modules can be expanded to include other modalities such as lifestyle factors, therapies, and other activities if needed.

Our goal with CareClinic for MS is to activate people by providing disease management support through educational content, disease-specific built-in tools, and inspiration.

How can Partners Benefit from the “CareClinic: for MS” App?

  1. We utilize an open approach, and design for people, not “patients” to improve engagement and adherence. We have done so for other patient support programs including Diabetes, IBS, RA among others.
  2. CareClinic operates on a global scale much like pharmaceutical companies. We support multiple languages, have experience deploying the app in all major App stores, and have support for low and high bandwidth users. Don’t just take our word for it, you can see the results directly in the stores.
  3. Simplified onboarding: we are experts at activating people that want to manage their treatment. With onboard to sign up rates upwards of 85%

CareClinic For MS: Pharma’s Patient Engagement Platform

CareClinic puts people’s needs first, whether it comes to choosing the right tools, providing the right education when needed, and providing motivation and inspiration. CareClinic For MS is robust enough to provide co-morbidities and other disease-centric issues that may not be offered in existing support offerings.

CareClinic through multiple iterations in cooperation with academia, pharma, and DTx brands provides breadth and quality unrivaled by other offerings. The tailored support CareClinic For MS addresses challenges specific to MS treatments. We continuously improve the quality and breadth of our offering as the functionality of the core app continues to improve with updates as frequently as every two weeks.

Patient Support Program for MS

Pharma and biotech needs are met with our educational library leveraging existing technology that has been proven to work. There is no reason to get a custom offering built that may or may not work as intended. By deploying a product-specific offering already being used by hundreds of thousands of patients, pharma partners can quickly enable disease-specific modules and deploy rapidly saving time and money.

You get all the essentials of medication adherence including injection site tracking, educational content with helpful tips for MS, tracking of symptoms, well-being, and other measurements along with any care team collaboration support a patient may require. Our team of medical writers can help with healthy habit change and can write in a way that encourages users to click and stick. We are ready to provide you with a solution where patients already are and can deploy sponsored (non-promotional) content to all relevant patients.

Deploying your own Multiple Sclerosis Patient Support App

Partners such as yourself can benefit immediately from our real-world insights, data to understand adherence, and surveys that can be run on relevant patient populations. Take advantage of the partnering opportunity, by contacting us today.