All-in-One Health Tracking with Check-ins

There is a Tracker for that!

Trackers replace the need for multiple Apps that you may already have. Your health doesn’t have to be scattered across multiple silos, bring it all together in CareClinic.

Trackers create check-ins, a method for recording your health data in a more structured way to make it easier to spot patterns over time. CareClinic has multiple trackers that cater to your specific health needs.

Consider these Trackers for monitoring your daily health:

  • Medication Tracker – Simplifies your medication routine, ensuring timely intake
  • Measurements Tracker – Easily monitor vital health metrics such as weight, blood pressure, etc.
  • Nutrition Tracker – Tracks dietary habits, supporting your nutrition goals
  • Fluids Tracker – Helps maintain hydration levels for overall health
  • Activity Tracker – Logs physical activities, encouraging fitness progress
  • Therapy Tracker – Records mindfulness minutes, therapy notes, & alternative therapies

Tap here to post a Check-in!

As previously mentioned, Trackers automatically populate with Treatments from your Care Plans. A few other Trackers, available exclusively from the Check-in screen, are designed for ad-hoc use and therefore don’t pre-populate with saved values. They are:

📔 Diary – with photos and prompts!

🏷 Factors – The most common factors tracked are related to: digestion, weather, environmental, and location. Creating your own Factor type is a great way to personalize the App, especially if a Tracker you need does not exist. Each Factor type has sub-factors you can quickly select as part of your Check-in.

As an example, a Factor Type can be “Cravings” and you may add factors such as sweet, salty, or spicy to it.

💤 Sleep Tracker – Can automatically import data from Apple Health if needed.

🚽 Stool Tracker – Uses the Bristol stool scale for bowel movements

Pro Tip: You can enable or disable any Tracker if it’s not needed from the ‘More’ menu by tapping “Trackers & Modules”. See below.

Tracker App Check-in

There are other ways of storing and sharing your data with Health Modules as well and we will get to that next.

For now, try creating a Check-in using a new Tracker if you have not already.

Tap to Make Your First Check-in

“CareClinic makes health tracking effortless! With an intuitive interface, I can easily log my health data and see my progress at a glance. I’d recommend everyone start their seamless health journey today.” — Suzanne, with IBS from Virginia


Q: Can CareClinic replace other health apps?
A: Yes, CareClinic’s diverse trackers consolidate multiple app functions, simplifying your health management in one platform.

Q: How does a Check-in improve my health tracking?
A: Check-ins allow for structured data entry, making it easier to spot and understand health patterns over time.

Q: Does CareClinic offer tracking for mental well-being and external factors?
A: Absolutely. CareClinic features specialized tracking for mental health, such as mood, and external factors like weather conditions and environmental settings to provide a holistic view of your health influences.

Q: Can I integrate data from wearable devices?
A: Absolutely, CareClinic can automatically import data like sleep tracking from devices such as Apple Health.

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