Trackers & Check-ins

There is a Tracker for that!

Trackers replace the need for multiple Apps that you may already have. Your health does not need to live in multiple silo’s, bring it all together in CareClinic.

Trackers are used to create check-ins, which is a way to record your health data in a more structured way to make it easier to spot patterns over time. CareClinic has multiple trackers that cater to your specific health needs.

Here are some Trackers you may want to consider using to track your daily health:

  • Medication Tracker
  • Measurements Tracker
  • Nutrition Tracker
  • Fluids Tracker
  • Activity Tracker
  • Therapy Tracker

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Previously we mentioned that Trackers automatically pre-populate with Treatments saved in your Care Plans. There’s a few other Trackers available only from the Check-in screen as they are only needed ad-hoc and thus can’t be pre-populated with saved values. They are:

? Diary – with photos and prompts!

❤️ Measurements & Vitals – Store blood pressure, body fat, weight, mood & more

?️ Factors – The most common factors tracked are related to: digestion, weather, environmental, and location. Creating your own Factor Type is a great way to personalize the App, especially if a Tracker you need does not exist. Each Factor type has sub factors you can quickly select as part of your Check-in.

? Sleep Tracker – Can automatically import data from Apple Health if needed.

? Stool Tracker – Uses the Bristol stool scale for bowel movements

Pro Tip: You can enable or disable any Tracker if it’s not needed from the ‘More’ menu then by tapping “Trackers & Modules”. See below.

Tracker App Check-in

There are other ways of storing and sharing your data with Health Modules as well and we will get to that next.

For now, try creating a Check-in using a new Tracker if you have not already.

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