Goals & Streaks

Need some additional guidance? 🎯

Goals and streaks help motivate you to stay on track. They help you work towards a path that you have set aside for yourself and allow you remain accountable.

It is easy to setup goals! The My Goals module and can be turned on from the Trackers & Modules section if not already enabled. Furthermore, Goals can then be viewed from the “More” navigation panel then tapping “My Goals”

Assign a value you want to achieve in goals and have that value be automatically plotted in Reports/Charts to see how far you have come.

Tap here to set your health Goals

An example of someone looking for set goals for weight management. In this case, the patient may be attempting to gain weight steadily.

Streaks are similar in that they help you stay personally motivated and accountable. Increase your streak by making sure to check-in daily, which includes marking reminders as done. Share your streak progress with others to show how far you have come.

Tap here to add Goals

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