Track Your Progress and Stay Motivated

Set your health targets and watch your progress towards them 🎯

Setting goals and maintaining streaks boosts your motivation and keeps you focused on your health journey. They empower you to stay accountable to the path you’ve chosen.

Setting up goals is straightforward! Simply activate the My Goals module from the Trackers & Modules section, if it’s not already enabled. You can then access and manage your goals through the “More” navigation panel by selecting “My Goals.”

Define your objectives and track your achievements. Your progress will be automatically reflected in Reports/Charts, allowing you to visualize how much you’ve accomplished.

Tap here to set your health Goals

Set health goals

Take control of your weight management goals, whether you’re aiming to gain weight steadily or have other health objectives.

Streaks add a layer of motivation and accountability. Keep your streak going by checking in daily and marking your reminders as completed. Don’t forget to share your streak progress to showcase your achievements.

Tap here to add goals

Set, monitor, and achieve your health goals with CareClinic’s Health Goals and Streaks feature. It’s designed to help you track your progress and maintain focus on your health journey, whether it’s for weight management, medication adherence, or other wellness targets.

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Q: What are some examples of common health goals that I can set in CareClinic?
A: Common health goals include weight management, medication adherence, exercise routines, nutrition tracking, sleep quality improvement, and managing stress or anxiety.

Q: How do I set up health goals in CareClinic?
A: To set up health goals, go to the “Trackers & Modules” section and enable the “My Goals” module if it’s not already enabled. Then, you can create and customize your goals by tapping “My Goals” in the “More” navigation panel.

Q: Can I track different types of health goals, such as weight management or medication adherence?
A: Yes, CareClinic allows you to set various health goals tailored to your needs. You can track goals related to weight management, medication adherence, exercise routines, and more.

Q: How does the streak feature work, and how can it benefit my health journey?
A: Streaks help you stay motivated and accountable by encouraging consistent check-ins and goal achievement. You can increase your streak by marking reminders as done and consistently tracking your progress.

Q: What happens if I miss a day of check-ins or fail to meet a goal?
A: If you miss a day or don’t meet a goal, your streak will reset. However, you can always start anew and work towards your health objectives. Alternatively, you may revisit a previous day and mark things as completed if you were not able to mark it as completed at the time for whatever reason.

Q: How can I monitor my progress towards my health goals in CareClinic?
A: CareClinic automatically plots your goal values in reports and charts, allowing you to visually track your progress over time. You can also view detailed insights to assess your journey’s success.

Q: Are there reminders or notifications to help me stay on track with my health goals?
A: Yes, CareClinic provides reminder notifications to ensure you don’t forget your check-ins or goal-related tasks, helping you stay consistent and motivated.

Q: How can I get the most out of the Health Goals and Streaks feature in CareClinic?
A: To make the most of this feature, regularly update and review your goals, mark reminders as done, and use the streaks to stay motivated. Additionally, share your progress with your healthcare team or support network to receive guidance and encouragement.

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