Health Insights: Making sense of your check-ins

Although charts show us frequency and the average of our check-ins, insights provide even more granularity on specific treatments to better understand your behaviour.

Take a look at Insights for two Trackers specifically:

? Symptoms

? Stool

Health Insights in App

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Find answers to your health questions in your data! Get answers to questions like:

? What was the severity of my symptoms this week vs last? vs different days vs months

? How long do I spend on the toilet on average?

? What is the most common stool type by day of the week? Is it something I am eating on that specific day?

? What is the overall consistency of my stool?

? What are the most common factors that occur related to my stool?

You may not be tracking your bowel movements, but Insights can help answer similar questions for other Trackers as well.

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Next, we will cover how to share insights, and reports with others including health care professionals or your family.