Additional Function

There are some additional tools that are at your disposal within CareClinic:

πŸ”’ Password and FaceID Protection

πŸŒ‘ Dark mode

❀️ Full App customization, hide, show and delete anything you don’t need

⏰ Generic reminders and other notification options, sounds and

πŸ—’οΈ Medical Questionnaires such as PHQ-9, ESS, GAD-7

🌐 Additional Languages & Localizations for dates and measurements

By now you may have started tracking your health day to day with a few Trackers. CareClinic is powerful in that it allows you track your complete health in one solution. For your reference, CareClinic comes built in with the Trackers & Modules:


  • Diary – Freeform text to record anything else. Use prompts for journaling
  • Medications – Improve medication adherence
  • Measurements – Mood, Blood pressure, blood oxygen, weight, and others
  • Nutrition – Meals
  • Fluids – Water, and other drinks
  • Activity – Physical activities
  • Therapy – Meditation, CBT, etc
  • Factors – Environmental factors
  • Sleep – Use alongside ESS
  • Stool – Bristol Stool Scale
  • & more to come

Launch CareClinic App


  • My Care Team
  • My Reminders
  • My Goals
  • My Appointments
  • My Care Plans
  • My Conditions
  • Immunization Records
  • Labs & Reports
  • Medication Library
  • Exercise Library

We would love to learn how your experience has been with this guide and with CareClinic. We love to receive feedback, alternatively you can also visit our community forum here