Discover Vital Features

Explore a suite of additional tools at your disposal within CareClinic, designed to enhance your health management:

  • 🔒 Password and FaceID Protection: Secure your health data with robust security options.
  • ⬛️ Dark Mode: Switch to a comfortable viewing experience, especially in low-light conditions.
  • ❤️ Full App Customization: Personalize your CareClinic experience. Hide, show, and delete features as you see fit.
  • Generic Reminders: Set reminders with customizable tones to stay on track with your health routines.
  • ✈️ Languages & Localization: Use CareClinic in your preferred language and localize dates, time zones, and measurements.
  • 🤒 Multiple Condition Tracking: Manage different health conditions with specialized charts, care plans, and symptom tracking.
  • 🖥 Desktop Interface: Access a comprehensive health management platform on your desktop for a broader view.

By now, you may have started tracking your health day-to-day with a few Trackers. CareClinic is powerful in that it allows you to track your complete health in one solution.

For your reference, CareClinic comes built-in with these Trackers & Modules:


  • Diary – Record your thoughts and experiences. Use prompts for effective journaling.
  • Medications – Manage your medication schedule to improve adherence.
  • Symptom – Monitor and scale your symptoms for better health insights.
  • Measurements – Keep track of your mood, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, weight, and more.
  • Nutrition – Log your meals for comprehensive nutrition tracking.
  • Fluids – Stay hydrated by monitoring your water and other fluid intakes.
  • Activity – Record your physical activities to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Therapy – Keep track of therapies like Meditation, CBT, etc., for mental wellness.
  • Factors – Note down environmental factors that affect your health.
  • Sleep – Enhance your sleep quality by using tools like ESS for analysis.
  • Stool – Utilize the Bristol Stool Scale for digestive health tracking.
  • Weather – Discover correlations between weather changes and your mood or migraine triggers.
  • Assessments – Stay informed with medical questionnaires such as PHQ-9, ESS, GAD-7.
  • & More – Explore additional features tailored to your health needs.

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Records & Modules

  • My Care Team – Organize and coordinate with your healthcare providers.
  • My Reminders – Never miss a health task with personalized reminders.
  • My Goals – Set and track your health goals for continuous improvement.
  • My Appointments – Keep track of your medical appointments and schedules.
  • My Care Plans – Develop and follow personalized care plans for your conditions.
  • My Conditions – Manage and monitor various health conditions in one place.
  • Immunization Records – Keep your immunization history accessible and up-to-date.
  • Labs & Reports – Store and review your lab reports for comprehensive health insights.
  • Medication Library – Access a vast library of medications for informed health decisions.
  • Exercise Library – Find exercises suited to your health needs and preferences.
  • Health Integrations – Connect with other health devices and apps for centralized data management.

CareClinic offers a wide array of essential features to help you manage your health effectively. From password protection to tracking multiple conditions, explore the tools that make your health journey seamless and efficient. You can also visit our community forum here



Q: How can I enable password and FaceID protection in CareClinic?
A: To enable password and FaceID protection, navigate to the app’s settings, and select the security options. Follow the prompts to set up your preferred security measures.

Q: Can I customize the CareClinic app interface?
A: Yes, CareClinic allows full app customization. You can hide, show, or delete elements you don’t need to tailor the app to your preferences.

Q: Are there options for generic reminders and notification tones?
A: CareClinic provides various notification options, including generic reminders and customizable notification tones to suit your preferences.

Q: Can I set reminders for medical questionnaires and assessments in CareClinic?
A: Yes, you can set reminders for medical questionnaires and assessments to ensure you complete them regularly and stay on top of your health monitoring.

Q: How do I transition from paper-based health tracking to CareClinic if I have been using a binder or notebook?
A: Transitioning to CareClinic is simple. Start by inputting your existing health data into the app, creating profiles for your conditions and medications, and setting up reminders. The app will help you organize and visualize your health information more efficiently.

Q: Can I track side effects of treatments and medications in CareClinic?
A: Absolutely. You can use the Symptom Tracker to record and monitor side effects of various treatment modalities such as medications. This allows you to share comprehensive information with your healthcare team for better support.

Q: Can I integrate CareClinic with other health devices or apps I use for monitoring my condition?
A: CareClinic offers health integrations to connect data from wearable devices and other health apps. This enables you to centralize your health data for a more comprehensive view of your condition and progress.

Q: Can CareClinic help me maintain a healthy lifestyle even when I feel like I’ve improved my health routines?
A: Yes, CareClinic offers ongoing support by allowing you to track various aspects of your well-being. It helps you remain accountable, make informed decisions, and adapt to changes in your health journey, even when you feel confident in your routines.


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