Tips & Tricks to Getting more out of CareClinic

There are some additional tools that are at your disposal within CareClinic:

? Password and FaceID Protection

? Dark mode

❤️ Full App customization, hide, show and delete anything you don’t need

⏰ Generic reminders and other notification options, reminder tones

?️ Medical Questionnaires such as PHQ-9, ESS, GAD-7

? Additional Languages & Localization for dates, timezones and measurements

?️ Track multiple conditions with different charts, care plans, symptoms

? Desktop interface for managing health on a larger screen

By now you may have started tracking your health day to day with a few Trackers. CareClinic is powerful in that it allows you track your complete health in one solution. For your reference, CareClinic comes built in with the Trackers & Modules:


  • Diary – Freeform text to record anything else. Use prompts for journaling
  • Medications – Improve medication adherence
  • Symptom – Symptom scale
  • Measurements – Mood, Blood pressure, blood oxygen, weight, and others
  • Nutrition – Meals
  • Fluids – Water, and other drinks
  • Activity – Physical activities
  • Therapy – Meditation, CBT, etc
  • Factors – Environmental factors
  • Sleep – Use alongside ESS
  • Stool – Bristol Stool Scale
  • & more to come

Launch CareClinic App


  • My Care Team
  • My Reminders
  • My Goals
  • My Appointments
  • My Care Plans
  • My Conditions
  • Immunization Records
  • Labs & Reports
  • Medication Library
  • Exercise Library
  • Health Integrations

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