Health Pathways

Need some additional guidance?

Not knowing where to start can be a problem. Aside from managing your illness, you may want to achieve your other health goals as well, such as getting more sleep, lowering anxiety, or managing your weight.

Explore guided, educational content produced by medical experts to help in the Pathways section. Some of the most used Care Plans include:

  • Obesity & Weight Loss
  • Stress Care Plan
  • Manage Anxiety Care Plan

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There are Care Plans for many categories, getting started is as simple as tapping the one you are interested in, and tapping Start.

The plan then gets copied to your account, and you may begin it by tapping ‘Guide’, marking “Completed” as you go from one chapter to the next. Feel free to discuss these plans in our community here:

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Sticking with the theme of reaching our health goals, next we will go over how to set Health goals and learning more about the streaks functionality!