Health Modules: Securely Store Health Information

Modules exist as a safe and secure way to store your health information in one central place. Think of it as a classic patient portal where all your health information resides.

Unlike patient portals of the past, you can also store information about your dependents and tag different caregivers for easy recall and sharing.

Here’s the complete list of modules you can use:

  • My Care Teams – To share your health information safely within the app or to monitor a dependents health. It works well to simply store provider information as well.
  • My Reminders
  • My Care Plans – Create multiple care plans for yourself (different goals, different treatments) or for your dependents
  • My Appointments – Sync with your calendar and save notes during or post-visit
  • My Goals – Keep yourself motivated by setting goals
  • My Conditions
  • My Pharmacy
  • Immunization Records – Record past immunizations details and save dates for a follow-up if needed
  • Labs & Reports – Upload and store lab information, tag your caregiver

Health Modules in App

Pro Tip: You can enable and disable any modules you may not need.

Additionally, there are two library modules which help you learn more about medications/supplements and exercises with the ability to bookmark specific items for further reading.

? Medication Library

?️ Exercise Library

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