Health Records & Information Management

Modules exist as a safe and secure way to store your health information in one central place. Think of it as a classic patient portal where all your health information resides.

Unlike patient portals of the past, you can also store information about your dependents and tag different caregivers for easy recall and sharing.

Here’s the complete list of modules you can use:

  • My Care Teams – Safely share your health information and monitor a dependent’s health within the app. Efficiently stores provider information as well.
  • My Reminders – Set reminders for medications, symptom checks, measurements, and more. Accommodates various frequencies like daily, weekly, monthly, PRN, and other cycles.
  • My Care Plans – Create multiple care plans for different health goals or treatments, applicable for both yourself and your dependents.
  • My Appointments – Synchronize with your calendar and conveniently save notes during or after visits.
  • My Goals – Set and track personal health goals to stay motivated. Goals are visually represented in charts, allowing you to easily monitor progress. Useful for maintaining focus on long-term health objectives and seeing improvements over time.
  • My Conditions – Manage and monitor personal health conditions. Record associated symptoms, diagnosis date, and other
  • My Pharmacy – Organize and access your pharmacy information, including prescriptions and refills.
  • Immunization Records – Log past immunizations and schedule follow-up dates as needed. This feature is essential for maintaining an up-to-date immunization history, which is crucial for preventive health care and necessary for certain travel or occupational requirements.
  • Labs & Reports – Upload, store, and manage lab information, and share it with your caregivers. This facilitates better tracking of lab results over time, aiding in the detection of trends or changes in health status, and ensures easy access to vital health data for both patients and caregivers.

Health Modules in App

Pro Tip: You can enable and disable any modules you may not need.

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Q: How can I ensure data security for my health records in the app?
A: CareClinic employs robust encryption and security protocols to protect your health data, akin to those used by financial institutions.

Q: Is it possible to maintain separate records for each family member in one account?
A: Yes, the app allows you to manage multiple profiles for dependents, each with their own set of records and care plans.

Q: Can I access my health records offline?
A: Access to records typically requires internet connectivity; however, any information previously loaded when online may be available in a read-only mode offline.

Q: How does the Medication Library help with medication management?
A: The library provides information on various medications and supplements, aiding in informed decision-making and management of your medication regimen.

Q: How do I keep track of different health conditions in the app?
A: Use the ‘My Conditions’ module to monitor various health conditions, noting symptoms and treatments specific to each.

Q: Can I integrate my health records with other health apps or devices?
A: CareClinic allows for integrations with select health apps and devices to centralize your health data.

Q: Is there a feature to remind me of upcoming immunizations or boosters?
A: Yes, the ‘Immunization Records’ module not only stores past immunization details but can also be used to set reminders for future vaccinations.

Q: What functionalities are available in the My Pharmacy module?
A: This module can store your pharmacy contact information, prescription details, and medication refill schedules.

Q: How can I use the My Goals module to support my health objectives?
A: Set and track personal health goals, such as fitness targets or medication adherence, to stay motivated and monitor progress.

Q: How does the sharing feature work for dependents’ health records?
A: You can share dependents’ health information with designated caregivers or family members directly through the app, ensuring everyone involved in the care is informed.

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