Health Integrations

Connect all your data for insights!

Save time with Integrations. Integrations allow you to connect your health data from Apple Health or Google Fit/Health Connect directly into CareClinic. Your data makes much more sense when looked at together.

Some data you may want us to pull in directly includes: Sleep time, Steps, Heart Rate, Cycle information, Calories, & more

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CareClinic also integrates well with your device in other ways:

🗣️ Voice integrations – Google Assistant & Siri. Use it to launch Trackers or Modules with your voice. An example: “Hey Siri, Record Symptoms” to launch and enter your symptoms

🔴 Badges – See pending reminders for the day directly on the App Icon

📅 Calendar – Push appointment information directly to your mobile calendar (such as iCal)

Wearables – Such as Apple watch, Fitbit, and others to display notifications

Access the integrations screen by tapping “More” from the bottom navigation panel and then selecting “Health Integrations”.

PRO TIP: If you are on iOS and do not see a permission dialogue when you enable Apple Health, you will need to go into your Settings > Health > Data Access & Devices > CareClinic > Turn On All.

We are always adding new integrations. If you would like to request an integration, let us know in our community forums.

Tap here to Connect your data