Consumer Solutions for Patients & Caregivers

Your Digital Health Companion

With the CareClinic Tracker & Reminder App, embarking on your journey towards improved health is no longer a solitary endeavor. Our platform, alongside your support network, will be with you every step of the way, sharing both the challenges and victories, guiding you to better health with comprehensive support beyond just new medications or managing symptoms.

Embracing Holistic Health with CareClinic

We understand that health is multifaceted—it’s not solely what’s recorded in your medical history but encompasses how you feel and your ability to live life as you wish. CareClinic is committed to ensuring that medical science enhances your life, rather than acts as an impediment. We provide the tools to accurately capture data about your health, empowering you and your healthcare team with the knowledge needed for tailored treatment.

What It Means to Be “a Patient”

Navigating health challenges, whether managing chronic conditions or understanding new symptoms, can be daunting. CareClinic serves as a vital tool in this journey, offering guidance and support as you adapt to the patient role, helping you make informed decisions and effectively engage with the healthcare system.

Your Doctor’s Role and How CareClinic Helps

While your doctor aims to support your health, systemic barriers often complicate this goal. CareClinic bridges this gap by facilitating better communication of your health data. This collaboration enables your healthcare provider to see the complete picture of your health, aligning treatment with your personal and lifestyle goals.

Features of CareClinic

  • Comprehensive Health Tracking: Log symptoms, medications, and health activities to monitor your progress over time.
  • Empowering Patient Education: Access resources and educational materials designed from a patient’s perspective to enhance your understanding and management of your health.
  • Connecting with Support Networks: Easily involve your circle in your health journey for additional support and motivation.
  • Engaging with the Broader Health Ecosystem: Link with patient advocacy groups, research opportunities, and clinical trials, allowing your experiences to contribute to wider health advancements.

Transform Your Health Experience

CareClinic is more than an app; it’s a partner in your health journey. By integrating principles of health psychology and behavior change science, CareClinic supports your unique health experiences and the steps you take toward improvement. Join us, and let’s navigate the path to better health together, making informed decisions that lead to enhanced care and treatment outcomes for both you and the broader community.