September 14, 2020


CareClinic has been mentioned in many publications, we list some of them below.
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Sept 2020 – TechTalk on @CJAD800/NEWSTALK1010 (Radio Interview)
Canadian Healthcare Management App with Marc Saltzman

Sept, 2020 – CriticalCareRecovery (NIH/COVID19 Org)
Therapeutic Journaling Benefits

August, 2020 – LiveStrong
Best Anti Anxiety Apps

August, 2020 – SiteJabber (NSF/National Science Foundation US)
Best Mental Wellness Apps

June, 2020 – Government of Colorado
Well Being Related Apps

April, 2020 – Restorative Justice Colorado (COVID-10)

April, 2020 – Arizona Pain
17 Of The Best Pain Tracker Apps

Feb, 2020 – NotSoAverageMama
Benefits of a Personal Health Journal for Chronic Illness

Dec, 2019 – National University of Rosario


Oct 19, 2020 – Canadian health management app CareClinic enhancing Advanced Care Planning feature through awareness program.