Using a Happiness Tracker App to See What Makes You Happy

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Throughout various ages and cultures, people have pursued happiness, a concept which is more connected to leading a satisfactory life than with its actual meaning. However, happiness is defined by a range of positive and/or pleasant emotions, ranging from feeling content with your existence to moments of utter joy. A happiness tracker can help you discover what it is that makes you happy, when you are happy and how to maximize happiness in your life.

What makes life worth living? Of course, happiness means something different to each of us, but there are certain elements we all have in common. A good state of health, positive relationships, adequate financial resources, time to engage in desired hobbies – these are just few examples of the many that could be offered. (R)

Using CareClinic as a Happiness Tracker

Living in a fast-paced world, we might be tempted to perceive ourselves as unhappy. We spend too much time working and end up dedicating only a short amount of our days to our personal lives. Depression and anxiety are just around the corner, affecting the overall quality of life. (R)

Even though some people take medication against depression, this is not the solution. Practicing gratitude and tracking the things that make you happy are two of the things that can counteract both depression and anxiety with success. And here is where CareClinic’s health app comes in – it can be used as a highly effective happiness tracker, helping you notice the good things happening every day.

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When you begin to track your happiness, it will not be too long before you will notice the factors you associated with a positive state of mind. Keep in mind that people, including great thinkers – such as Aristotle, Socrates and Thoreau – have always pursued happiness as a meaningful life goal. You should follow in the same path, as recognizing what makes you feel happy can help you change your life for the better.

In using an app to identify the things that make you happy, do not be quick to check only material things. Numerous studies have confirmed that owning a bigger house, driving a more powerful car or being wealthy only bring a moderate improvement whereas happiness is concerned. People who are less wealthy but find ways to be grateful for what they have – they are the ones who are truly happy. (R)

Why should you consider tracking your happiness levels?

Using CareClinic’s health app to track your happiness levels, you might discover new things about yourself. You will understand what makes you feel thankful, as well as see how various experiences in your daily life are linked to the concept of happiness.

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Apart from the obvious self-awareness, you will be able to get an accurate picture of happiness determinants and even change your behavior, building new habits that bring even more contentment and joy. The application can be used to monitor your mood in general, identifying both positive and negative influences on your state of happiness.

You can trust it to see the impact of negative experiences on the overall happiness level, as well as make changes to improve your well-being. The key is to find out what makes you happy so that you can work towards filling your life with more experiences of that kind.

A happiness report for you to explore

Based on the information you will enter within the application, you will receive a happiness report at the end of each month. This might contain graphs and diagrams, highlighting the moments you recorded as happy and offering you a better understanding of how you felt in the past month.

This report is even more important for someone who suffers from anxiety or depression. If you are visiting a therapist to address these issues, you might want to share this happiness report as well. It might offer a lot of valuable information on the things that make you feel good, pointing the therapy in a specific direction rather than having the therapist make guesses based on the present data you may mention. This is called Recall bias, where you exaggerate certain parts of your health and leave out details you think may not be important. This is why a happiness tracker can help you quantify all aspects of your mood.

Developing a happy mindset

Many people have a hard time choosing optimism, often falling prey to negative thinking. When you decide to track your happiness, however, you are taking the first step towards developing the right mindset. This is a skill that becomes more proficient with the passing of time and you should be pleased to have CareClinic’s health app available to record such information.

For all of the activities or experiences of your daily life, you should give a rating, using the scale 1 to 10 (with 1 being the lowest and 10 the highest – happiness levels). Review these ratings at a later date and find correlations with the factors that promote happiness. Thanks to this app, it will become quite simple to see what makes you happy and work on using these activities/experiences to obtain the desired stress relief.

Self-awareness and the plan for the future

Upon relying on CareClinic’s health app as your happiness log, you will develop self-awareness. What does this mean? Well, you might become more aware of who you are as a person and what makes you truly happy. You will begin to pay more attention to your actions, as well as goals and motivating factors. Moreover, you will become aware of your inner self, no longer relying on others to bring you happiness.

People who are aware of all these things are happier. They understand that external happiness is only temporary and they are willing to work on themselves to achieve contentment. At the same time, the application will help you (and anyone else) to recognize situations in which you are feeling overwhelmed and the measures used to recover (such as guided meditation, for example).

These examples of self-awareness should guide you in a specific direction. Use the health app to record not only moments of utter happiness but also those in which you feel less good. You might be tempted to give in to negative thoughts but the permanent comparison with positive moments will teach you that the focus should be on the little things (these are the ones bringing you happiness).

You can use all of these entries to create a plan for the future. This plan can include certain changes, guaranteed to offer you more happiness. You can then keep on using the application, either on Android or iOS, to monitor your happiness levels in accordance with the changes you have made. (R)

Gratitude – how being thankful can make you feel happier

Practicing gratitude can help you become thankful for the things you have in your life and, thus, feel happier overall. CareClinic’s health app allows you to record not only the things that make you happy but also the ones for which you are thankful. Thus, it offers a simple way of practicing gratitude and working your way towards real happiness.

Keeping a diary is considered one of the most effective ways to identify the things you are grateful for. CareClinic comes with an integrated journal which you can use exactly for this purpose. You can write every day, gaining perspective on your life and the moments that are worth re-living. Moreover, the whole writing process will be an experience in itself, one that can be added to the number of healthy habits you are currently working on developing. (R)

Discovering the power of meditation and mindfulness

A good way to improve your perspective on life is to meditate. This will help you become more aware of your happiness factors, and also to keep negative thinking at a safe distance. Meditation will teach you to slow down and, at the same time, it will bring the desired peace of mind. You will discover mindfulness as a consequence, feeling happy and at peace with yourself.

The CareClinic health app can be used to record activities such as meditation, as well as how each session made you feel. You can review these entries and organize a self-care plan, in accordance with your current needs and desire for happiness. And, more importantly, you will be able to decrease the amount of stress in your life, reducing the risk of anxiety and depression. (R)

Happiness tracking – journaling & automatic mood detection

Thanks to the complex functionality of the CareClinic’s health app, you have more than one way to track your happiness. The first refers to journaling – you can write in the built-in journal and record how you are feeling in accordance with specific activities, experiences, interactions, etc. These journal entries will show not only how happy you are, but also pinpoint toward factors that can lead to negative emotions and thoughts.

The second way is represented by the mood tracker. Every day, you can open the application and rate your mood (how you are feeling at a particular moment). Based on these ratings, you will be given a comprehensive report and, thus, be able to work on the skills that guarantee happiness. When using CareClinic as a happiness tracker you can also quickly discover correlations automatically which will show you what food, drug, activity, or therapy may be causing your happiness levels to decrease.

Resilience, a key element for happiness

Speaking about skills that can help you feel happier, resilience is a key element to take into consideration. It is defined as the ability to respond to difficult situations in a healthy manner. Health apps such as CareClinic can assist you in identifying activities and/or experiences that build resilience, thus eliminating the risk of post-traumatic stress disorders, anxiety, and depression.

Recording anxious and depressive thoughts matter too

As it was already mentioned above, you should not hesitate to enter the moments in which you are feeling anxious and/or depressive. It is important to record your every mood so that you can identify the factors contributing to its appearance and the changes that need to be made.

If you feel anxious at a particular moment, record it. Track your anxieties and use the CareClinic happiness tracker to identify potential triggers, as well as solutions to replace those moments with happy ones. Thanks to the daily logging, you can always set some time aside and reflect on the sources of your anxiety. You might even realize that many of your fears are based on dysfunctional thoughts, so it might be easier to counteract the next anxiety-based situations. (R)

Build Sustainable Habits with a Happiness Tracker App

Sustainable habits include lifestyle changes that can guarantee happiness on a long-term basis. Thanks to CareClinic’s health app, you can record the activities that make you feel happy and reduce negative feelings; based on these, you can move on and transform them into habits that will help you change your life for the better.

You can also begin a daily gratitude list, writing the things you are thankful for in the application’s journal. Always turn towards habits that bring you enjoyment and keep in mind that happiness is always perceived emotionally. CareClinic’s health app can help you get a genuine perspective on happiness, and how satisfied you are with your life as a whole. Click here to signup, it’s free.

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