The Best Habit Tracker App For Making Healthy Lifestyle Changes

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A healthy life is one based on good habits. However, the change process can be difficult and you might often feel tempted to quit, especially since you are not likely to see the progress right away. In order to succeed with your planned lifestyle changes, you might want to take advantage of modern technology and use a health app as a habit tracker.

What Makes an excellent Habit Tracker?

CareClinic can easily be considered as the best habit tracking app, as it allows you to keep track of your habits and make sure that you are on the right path. Did you know that tracking your habits on a long-term basis can ensure the desired success in transforming them into automated behaviors? On the other hand, by not tracking your progress, you have every chance to fail at changing.

The health app allows you to check off accomplished habits on a daily basis and even see a monthly report of your progress so that you are more motivated to pursue your journey into change. The application gives you the opportunity to complete the respective habit each and every day; you can use it to keep track of small habits, such as waking up at a specific hour or major ones, for example, learning a new language.

As you will use the CareClinic health app to keep track of your habits, you will notice that certain habits have turned into automatic behaviors. This is a sign that you are doing alright.

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Let’s take an example to get a better understanding of the habit tracker app. Say you are planning to read at least five pages of a book per day. At the beginning, you will have difficulties achieving this habit every day. Nevertheless, as you will check off this habit within this app, you will soon see that it has become a part of your routine (habit-building process).

Track habits that you are motivated about

When it comes to habits to track, motivation is key. Trust the CareClinic health app to monitor habits that you are interested in building into automated behaviors. And, most importantly, do not waste all of your energy analyzing what other people might think. It is your life and you are in charge.

Many people make the mistake of choosing to build a habit just because it is the norm. However, this comes with reduced motivation and it can be difficult, if not impossible, to achieve your goals while relying exclusively on self-discipline.

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If you are interested in physical exercise, do not force yourself to go to the gym, especially if you are not the sporty type. Think about alternatives, such as taking a walk through the park or practicing an outdoor sport. What matters is that you feel motivated, so that your newfound activity goes from a habit to an ingrained behavior.

Opt for Realistic goals and habits

Imagine you have decided to take part in a marathon, despite having led a sedentary lifestyle up to that moment. No matter how hard you will work, it will be excruciatingly painful to complete that race. The same analogy can be used for building new habits.

It is easier to pursue habit tracking once you opt for goals that are realistic and simple to achieve. In this way, you will not feel like your effort is too big, achieving your goals in the desired timeframe. The CareClinic health app will prove to be of invaluable help, assisting you in tracking any habit (small or complex).

Step by step, from a simple habit to automatic behavior

The habit journal within the CareClinic app will allow you to review your lifestyle journey and make any necessary adjustments. You will be able to identify clearly-made progresses, as well as difficult moments and factors influencing your success.

You might wonder whether this virtual bullet journal is your only choice. Well, it is worth mentioning that you can always opt for the paper version. However, the CareClinic app has major benefits to offer. First and foremost, you will have all the information regarding your habits available at any moment. Second, you can instantly see your monthly progress, thanks to the report created by the app.

Try not to rush, take baby steps

As you try to change, do not be in a hurry to build several habits at once. It is difficult to reach more than one automatic behavior at the same time, and you do not want to risk wasting your time and not achieving any positive results. Instead, it is recommended to work on one habit at a time. This will help stay focused and make the whole change process a lot easier (R).

If you have too many things on your plate, no doubt you will feel pressured and experienced difficulties whereas the priority of each is concerned. By working on a single habit, you will no doubt be successful and find the power to move on to the next. Interestingly enough, each habit you transform into an automatic behavior can motivate you in finding new habits to develop.

The CareClinic health app, whether used on Android or iOS, can be useful in ensuring the regularity of your habit. You can organize a calendar that contains your habits and check the application every day, making sure that you are repeating the habit in question at the same moment of the day and in the same place. You can even add notes about each experience, reviewing them at a later date.

Which habits should I track?Habit Tracking - Examples

You have to think about the things that are important to you. For example, if you are suffering from sleep deprivation, you might find that sleep is an essential subject. You can then decide to work on the habit of going to sleep earlier, using the CareClinic health app to track your progress.

Habits worth tracking can be related to regular physical activity, diet changes and personal hygiene. Apart from that, you can track and build habits with regard to reading, traveling or any other person hobby. Decide on the goals that would be achieved once these habits are transformed into automatic behaviors and proceed from there. You will definitely find this process to be simple.

Start with small tasks

You can begin with simple daily habits, such as reading several pages from your favorite book, meditating for at least five minutes in the morning or doing stretching exercises each afternoon. Your habits can regard food, sleep, outdoor activities, time spent with your family or friends – what matters is that they are not too complex so that you can check them off, even when you are having a difficult day (R).

As you progress, you can move on to weekly habits, such as taking out the trash, recycling, writing in your notebook or vacuuming the entire house. Once again, choose habits that are beneficial to your life, easy to achieve and motivating for further changes. Monthly habits can be pursued as well, including paying your bills on time, reviewing your finances or doing a thorough cleaning of your house.

Thanks to the CareClinic app, you can check off your habits and also count how often you actually do them. It is important to use this application to record habits of avoidance as well. These are behaviors you should avoid but, oftentimes, end up engaging in. These can include compulsive eating, smoking, alcohol abuse, excess coffee drinking, eating too many sweets or shopping.

By keeping track of these behaviors as well, you will find it easier to avoid them and pursue a healthy direction. You will also be able to notice the potential triggers that lead to these behaviors, such as feeling stressed, anxious or depressed. Once you identify a connection, you can work on that as well, finding the best coping strategies.

The Advantages of Using a Habit Tracker

Applications such as CareClinic can be used as a habit tracker, having a wide range of advantages to offer – starting with the checkoff calendar (track habits and analyze your progress overall). With this application, you can analyze both lucky and losing streaks, identifying a connection with your habits and long-term behavior.

Perhaps the biggest advantage that you are offered is that you can quantify your progress with regard to building habits. Upon entering your habits into the application and checking them in the daily calendar, you will be provided with instant feedback. The monthly reports will offer an even deeper insight into the matter, helping you understand if you are making progress or need to adjust your direction.

If you are a fan of cooking shows, you probably know that an excellent dish is obtained only after several trials (with many errors being corrected in the process). When it comes to building a new habit, you might have to go through the same procedure.

How can CareClinic help you?

The great thing about applications such as CareClinic is that you are offered feedback about your progress. Thus, it is not difficult to visualize your progress and feel motivated to go on. You must remember that it takes time to form a habit and even longer for it to become an ingrained behavior. Habit tracking apps show your entire journey and help you continue, even when you feel like giving up.

You can look at the health app as a simple way to measure your ability to stick to a plan. If you suffer from pre-existing conditions, such as ADHD, you will find CareClinic to be a useful resource – it will help you stay organized, with minimal effort, and improve your daily habits so that you can concentrate on one thing at a time and not feel overwhelmed.

As a key point, it is worth mentioning that habit tracking will allow you to instantly record your success. Once you complete a habit, all you have to do is check it off and know that this is progress. No matter how small.

How many days does it take to create a habit?

You might hear a lot of answers but, in reality, each person has a different timeline. The truth is that you must persevere until you go through that respective habit without thinking about it.

The Purpose of Tracking Your Habit

Habit tracking can also be highly motivating. As you will record your habits within the CareClinic health app, you will find yourself looking forward to the next day and especially to the end of the month (when you will review the report and see your progress).

The application reminds you to act on your habit and it helps you celebrate your progress. It does feel quite satisfying to see a visual representation of your development; this will stimulate you to further improve and find the necessary motivation for additional changes.

From another perspective, habit tracking forces you to be honest with yourself. You will no longer be in denial about the progress you are making. This will also help you find it easier to build habits for a better quality of life. You will feel motivated to change, as the best form of motivation is the actual proof of progress.

Habit tracking applications, such as CareClinic, provide immediate satisfaction, being quite rewarding from this point of view. They also teach you to focus on the habit-building process rather than the end result. Helping you focus on the process is a huge advantage of the app. (R)

Lifestyle Change or Habit Tracking, We Can Handle it!

The CareClinic health app is continuously updated by a team of experts. This helps lead to more efficient habit tracking. The mobile app may be used to keep track of your health and set reminders for medication and doctor appointments. It integrates well with Apple Health and Google Fit, and the platform works on the web too.

Speaking of reminders, you can use these to ensure that you have completed your habits every day. Last, but not least, the journal of this application is highly useful. You are able to record not only information related to your habits but to your emotional and psychological well-being. All of this data is then fed into the Reports, Logs and Correlations section. You can share with others or used by yourself to see how you have been doing. Download the App by clicking the banner below and Good Luck!

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