The Definitive Guide to Apple Health App

Apple Health App

The Health app developed and available for Apple devices is a great solution for those who are interested in keeping a close eye on their general well-being. It should be mentioned that the application gathers health-related information from your iPhone and Apple Watch, but also from other third-party devices and apps.

As you will find out below, it can offer a comprehensive picture of your health, drawing information from the CareClinic health app (among others). Reversely, the app can draw health data from the Apple health app, allowing you to obtain an even more detailed image of your health. Let’s find out how to use this app and how it is connected to the one of CareClinic.

To answer the question – what is Apple Health app – just think about the fact that it is an application that you can use to ensure the best possible state of health. It concentrates on a number of health highlights, regarding physical activity, sleep, being mindful and eating.

How does Apple Health app work?

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For those of you wondering how does Apple Health app work, just as it was mentioned above, it collects health-related information from the iPhone, Apple Watch and other devices/apps. The information can be then exported to other health tracking apps, such as the CareClinic health app.

You begin by adding personal information and health data, such as your date of birth, sex, blood type, skin type and level of mobility. If you are using a wheelchair, for example, the application will track the number of pushes as opposed to steps. It can also record wheelchair workouts.

The second step would be to add data from other health apps. These include applications that are compatible with Health, suited to each health highlight. CareClinic is compatible with the Health App, as you can easily send your data to the latter.

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It is important to understand that you are the only one who can decide what kind of information goes into the Health app, as well as which apps and what kind of content will get information from Health. CareClinic has its own privacy policy, complying with the regulation for accessing Apple Health information. You can always review this policy on our website so that you form a general idea about what it contains.

You can view the data from the Apple Watch, including your daily goals, level of physical activity, general movement, heart rate and breathing. Next, you can view your progress, including how many minutes you’ve spent being mindful or how active you were (walking, running, etc.).

If you want to use other sources, such as the CareClinic health app, to add health-related information, you will have to do it manually. All of the data is backed up automatically, so you do not really need to be concerned about such matters (all data stored in iCloud).

What does Apple Health cover?

If you are interested in finding out what does Apple Health cover, you should be happy to know that it refers to four main categories: activity, sleep, mindfulness and nutrition. These are considered keys to a healthier life, with the app itself offering suggestions for suitable apps for each category in particular.


Thanks to the Apple Health app, you can see how active you really are. Based on information from your iPhone, as well as Apple Watch, it will automatically count your daily steps, as well as running and walking distances. The Apple Watch is perfect for tracking any kind of activity that involves movement. For example, it will analyze how often you stand, the frequency of your workouts and daily calorie burning.

Upon seeing how much you are moving every day, you will be more motivated to stay physically active. It is also worth mentioning that the activity data from the iPhone and Apple Watch can be combined with the information offered by other fitness apps (metrics such as steps or traveled distance).


It is a known fact that sleep promotes restoration and helps the body repair potential damage to various tissues. Moreover, the brain needs a good night’s rest in order to store the information accumulated throughout the day. To stay healthy, it is recommended to go to bed every night at the same hour, sleeping for at least 7-8 hours.

The Health app will record the number of hours you sleep, but it will also draw information with regard to your sleep schedule from third-party apps or sleep accessories. All of these connections are meant to help you improve your sleep hygiene and wake up well-rested in the morning.


The concept of mindfulness is quite popular at the moment, teaching people to become more aware of the present moment and slow down the rhythm at which they function. Thanks to the Health app, you are stimulated to find a moment each day and just take a few deep breaths, quieting your mind.

In this category, you will find plenty of other (suggested) apps, which can be used for stress relief and improving your health in general. The main idea is to use the app and its suggestions to decompress and stay centered (also through the Apple Watch possible). You will also see that, regardless of your preferences, the Health app will compile all the data and show you how much time you dedicate to being mindful every day.


In order to stay healthy, we need to follow a nutrient-rich diet, eating less junk and paying more attention to the quality of our meals. With the Health app, you can keep track of your macro- and micronutrients intake. You can count the carbs in your meals, as well as the number of calories or the overall intake of caffeine.

The Health app gathers information on various nutritional metrics so that you can improve your diet and become more aware of your food choices. Thanks to the information coming from third-party apps, such as the CareClinic health app, you will be able to keep an even closer watch over your meals.

All the nutrition-related information is displayed in the Health app so that you can conveniently access the data anytime, anywhere. You can rely on this app and the extrapolated health data to ensure that your nutrition is of the absolute best quality (you are meeting your daily nutritional needs, without risk of under- or over-nourishment).

It should be mentioned that the Nutrition Module can track other important nutritional data as well. This can include your blood pressure, blood glucose, cholesterol, weight, height and information related to your menstruation or reproductive health. Doctors who take Apple health data in order to analyze their patient’s general health often discover that such apps are an excellent source of information.

What apps work with Apple Health?

If you are wondering what apps work with Apple Health, you will be happy to find out that there are a multitude of compatible apps (many of which you will discover to be directly suggested within the app itself).

There are fitness apps that are compatible with Apple Health, including the ones available on third-party devices, such as the ones available on other smartwatches, heart and sleep monitors, fitness bands and so on. Workout apps can send information to Health, as well as health tracking platforms and daily activity trackers.

CareClinic is one of the health applications compatible with Apple Health. It can send information regarding one’s symptoms and associated conditions, potential treatments plans and self-care measures. Moreover, it can offer details on important health measurements, such as the blood pressure, weight and glucose levels.

Within the CareClinic application, people can record information about the treatments or therapies they follow for various medical problems. They can also record diary entries with regard to their medical issues. Monthly reports are compiled for all this health data, which can be further exported.

How to Sync Apple Health App with Apple Watch?

If you want to know how to sync Health app with Apple Watch, just keep on reading this paragraph. Keep in mind that the Apple Watch is an excellent solution for tracking all activities, transferring all the information to the iPhone. As long as your Apple Watch is in the range of the iPhone, it will sync data automatically (information readily available within the Health app).

The most important thing to do is pair the Apple Watch with the iPhone. This will automatically sync the Apple Watch with the Health app on the phone, allowing for the information to appear as soon as it is recorded. Open the Health app and verify if the Watch is connected. It should appear as one of the listed devices but make sure that you enable the app to collect the data (permissions enabled, also valid for other data tracking apps and devices).

How to change health goals on Apple Watch?

If you want to find out how to change health goals on Apple Watch, this section is perfect to read. Apple Watch comes with a built-in activity app, which allows you to select a goal and track your progress accordingly. It is important to remember that exercise and stand goals cannot actually be changed, while the one regarding calories can be adjusted at any moment.

The first thing you have to do is launch the activity app from your Apple Watch. You can then go to “change move goal”, for example, adjusting the goal with the help of the “+” and “-“ buttons. To finish, tap on “update” and you are all done. If you want to review your progress, you can always go to “history” and check any previous day.

How to use Apple Watch for health?

Apple Watch was developed as a device capable of tracking not only fitness but also health-related information. How to use Apple Watch for health? The newest versions have an ECG application and, furthermore, they record the heart rate and breathing. They have fall detection and emergency SOS, which can be used for acute situations.

The ECG application can show you if your heart rhythm is abnormal, but there are other elements that gather information about your heart health. With the Apple Watch, you can track all of your health data, regardless of your location. It can be used to practice mindfulness and receive alerts about glucose levels, thanks to third-party apps.

Complete control over the content within the Health app

You are in complete control when it comes to the information that is created and gathered within the application. Upon locking your iPhone, the app is also encrypted with the passcode. In this way, you can be absolutely certain that no one else will have access to your personal and health-related information.

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