CLMBR: Cardio Workout for Beginners


CLMBR is a strength training and cardio machine that helps you do low-impact, full-body workouts without being too hard on your joints and tendons. According to the CLMBR company, individuals are able to burn 60% more calories than running or biking. The machine also engages 86% of your body’s muscles so people do not have to worry about making sure they hit all the muscles they want to work on. CLMBR in addition to tracking daily nutrition can help you lead a healthier and more active lifestyle.

What is CLMBR?

There are many different home workout and full body cardio workout options on the market. Some people like to run, others like to row while others like to go on bike rides. Recently, people have started  to discover the benefits of using a climbing machine like CLMBR.

The CLMBR machine is designed to provide you with a full body cardio workout. It is designed around the natural movement of the human body. The CLMBR offers one of the most efficient full body workouts ever using a unique combination of high-intensity cardio, resistance strength training, and connected technology.

CLMBR features

The CLMBR has many features that will help to make your workouts easier and more effective.

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The machine’s screen has large format touch display. You also have access to CLMBR’s growing library of on-demand, instructor-led classes and challenges.

There are discrete resistance settings that allow you to dial in your exact level of resistance and desired blend of cardio and strength training. The handles are adjustable and allow two positions that enable three unique hand positions and offer specific muscle activation. There are nine levels of height adjustment to allow for proper body alignment. The central bar and lower side grips allows you to have maximum comfort and adjustability while in the squat position.

The CLMBR machine allows for convenient full body cardio workouts and an easy cardio workout for beginners.

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CLIMBR Machine

Sticking to your fitness routine 

With the new CLMBR, you may want to add in a regular cardio workout plant to your fitness routine. An app like CareClinic can help with tracking your fitness routine and ensure that you are sticking to it. Here are some things to keep in mind when trying to stick with a daily routine:

  • Going to bed and waking up at the same times as before
  • Keeping up with daily hygiene practices
  • Maintaining a healthy diet
  • Regular exercise (you can use a quarantine fitness app to help maintain this habit)
  • Allocating time for work and rest
  • Devoting time to personal hobbies and interests
  • Use the app as a kids wellness tracker, dually applicable to monitor senior wellness (parents)

Bike rides, jogs, yoga and meditation throughout the day are very beneficial. Simple breathing exercises are quick and easy habits that one can implement into their daily schedule. These beneficial exercises do not only provide us with anxiety reduction, but they also provide our bodies with various cardiovascular benefits.

Physical activity is a great way to regulate mood and is a highly recommended way in order to stay healthy. CareClinic is a free mobile and web-based app that can be used to create physical activity plans and stick to one’s fitness goals.

Physical activity increases mental wellness

It is important to maintain mental health and wellness through physical activity. Our bodies need to move in order to stay healthy. Simply stepping outside for a walk can make a huge difference and can also help with maintaining a strong immune system. Staying active can help to reduce feelings of anxiety and stress. Use a quarantine fitness app to keep track of your daily physical activity. The following exercises can be incorporated into our daily routines:

  • Circuit workouts
  • Aerobic exercise
  • Breathing exercises

Bike rides, jogs, yoga and meditation throughout the day are also very beneficial. Simple breathing exercises are quick and easy habits that one can implement into their daily schedule. These beneficial exercises do not only provide us with anxiety reduction, but they also provide our bodies with various cardiovascular benefits. Physical activity is a great way to regulate mood and is a highly recommended way in order to stay healthy. Therefore, using a quarantine fitness app may be extremely beneficial.

CareClinic is a free mobile and web-based app that can be used to create physical activity plans and stick to one’s fitness goals. This fitness app serves as a health and wellness app with a multitude of functions to keep track of physical activity. Logging your daily physical activity and viewing our progress becomes extremely easy with this platform.

Other ways that CareClinic supports health and wellness

Aside from helping you to stay on track with your fitness and CLMBR routines, CareClinic can help you live a healthy lifestyle in many other ways. The CareClinic app can help with sticking to a healthy diet and sleep schedule.

Keep on track with your nutrition

A healthy diet ensures the proper functioning of vital organs and systems. It also provides us with energy to complete daily tasks, and live life to the fullest. Vitamins and minerals are essential micronutrients our bodies require in order to stay healthy. The CareClinic app can keep track of your vitamin and mineral intake.

The application functions as an excellent nutrient log tracker, allowing you to track not only vitamins and minerals, but also macronutrients (proteins, carbs, fats), omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and various phytonutrients. Based on the reports generated by CareClinic, you can improve your diet and customize nutrient targets.

Having a healthy diet is as important as maintaining physical exercise.  Health Canada also encourages Canadians to avoid and limit highly processed foods. Processed foods often contain excess sodium, sugars and saturated fats. A higher sodium intake can lead to higher blood pressure, which in turn may cause heart disease. Sodium is often used in foods to help preserve them and improve their taste. Sodium is generally found in highly-processed foods. Consuming foods with excess sugars can lead to an increased risk for developing obesity and type 2 diabetes. Finally, replacing foods that contain high amounts of saturated fats with healthier options also reduces one’s risk of developing heart disease.

Sticking to a sleep routine

It is important to improve sleeping habits in order to mitigate the risk of developing fragmented sleep and sleep disorders. Maintaining a daily schedule and engaging in sleep monitoring is very important. Adults are recommended to not spend more than seven to nine hours in bed. It is also recommended that phones, TV’s and computers are turned off before sleeping.

Sleeping is not just about completing the body’s request for rest. A healthy amount of sleep is actually needed for brain plasticity or the brain’s ability to absorb input. Not enough sleep makes the brain unable to process well and has trouble remembering in the future. Good sleep can improve concentration, cognition, productivity, and performance. All the more reasons to use a sleep tracker.

CareClinic can also help ensure that one maintains a healthy sleep schedule. The app allows users to make daily diary entries regarding their sleep. Users will find it very helpful to record daily habits, feelings and moods using the app’s simple interface. CareClinic also provides a mood tracker so users can update it daily.

Using CareClinic to track fitness, nutrition and sleep

Your personal health record is how you keep track of any issues that may be bothering you. It could be a place where you record your symptoms or where you record your health to-do list. CareClinic is a health app which is continuously developed by a team of specialists, in accordance with the feedback provided by various users.

The concept of “Care Plans” is at the core of CareClinic. Think of care plans as folders containing your plan to tackle specific health issues. This includes your journal entries, notes, medications you need to take, nutrition, therapy notes and sessions, and even fitness.

Create Check-In posts after you have made your initial care plan. Check-ins help you hold yourself accountable. Manage a certain treatment (such as for chronic illness), or manage your with care plans. You can also keep track of health goals such as getting enough sleep and practicing daily mindfulness.

You can use the health diary function to record your daily thoughts, practice mindfulness and keep track of anything related to your daily health routine. Feel free to use your diary to write motivational quotes along with things you may be grateful for. The main idea is to use the diary every day, even if you do not have too much to write. You may realize that once you start writing a little bit, a lot more information will come to mind.

Monitoring your mental health

Journaling is an effective way to deal with negative feelings, such as anger, frustration or irritation. You can use the CareClinic health app to write about your feelings and see how these relate to a specific situation. Upon reviewing these entries, you will notice that there are certain triggers leading to these feelings. Moreover, you will develop coping strategies to avoid such situations in the future.

The CareClinic mood diary will help you see if you often feel sad, depressed or overwhelmed, as these feelings can be indicative of various mood disorders. We all have moments in which we feel not that great. Weather changes, such as the barometric pressure drops, can influence our mood and cause us to feel terrible. The next day, when the weather is better, we are our old selves again. With the help of the mood diary, we can identify such connections and the activities that might improve our mental health.

For example, if the weather is bad outside, you can serve a cup of tea with your best friend. On the other hand, taking a walk in the fresh air of the morning can definitely help with mood improvement. The CareClinic health app allows you to record every piece of information about your mental health, including any information regarding your treatment and/or therapies.

You can review you treatment plan at any moment and make adjustments in accordance to the recommendations of your doctor/therapist. When you are recording your daily mood, you should also note the solutions you have pursued to feel better.

Getting started with CLMBR and CareClinic

The CLMBR can help with improving your cardio, which has many benefits for your health. Cardiovascular diseases which affect the heart and blood cells can be prevented with regular physical activity. When you perform a cardio exercise such as running or biking, you strengthen your heart. This is due to the fact that cardio exercise makes your heart rate accelerate and properly pump blood. This strengthens your heart, which is arguably one of the most important organs of your body.

Cardio exercise also helps reduce the risk of several deadly diseases. Cardio exercise is one way you can reduce the risk of heart attacks and disease along with their underlying causes such as high blood pressure and cholesterol. Many people also suffer from diseases such as diabetes and cancer. Making time for physical activity like cardio can also help you prevent these diseases – using the CLMBR can help with adding a convenient indoors cardio workout to your daily routine.

Cardio exercise also naturally boosts your energy, which is why many people start their day off with some cardio in the early hours of the morning. When our body goes through an activity that requires energy, such as running, it releases endorphins. These increased endorphin levels, in turn, boost our energy. This can also help with improving our mental health and mood for the day.

Using CLMBR and CareClinic to keep up with your fitness routine has immense benefits for your health.

CareClinic can help you keep up with your CLMBR routine

CareClinic is your all in one wellness tracker, perfect for parents, patients, seniors or kids. Apps such as CareClinic also allow us to examine emotional patterns, as well as the associated triggers. As we learn more about situations and events that lead to various emotions, we will also feel more prepared to make a change.

The app can be used to help one maintain a healthier diet by ensuring that one keeps track of their daily nutrient intake. The app provides a Nutrition Plan so that users can keep track of what they are eating and the number of calories their meal is. Users can also record how much protein, fat and carbs each meal contains.

Reminders can also be sent through the app to ensure that users are eating a set amount of calories. Users can also set reminders to ensure that they are eating appropriate amounts from each food group. Aside from helping to improve eating habits, CareClinic can help one stick to a daily fitness routine. Add your CLMBR workout to the app so you can remind yourself to do your daily cardio workout and keep track of your cardio progress. The CareClinic app allows users to maintain healthy levels of physical activity and normal sleeping habits.

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