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Autism can be defined as a developmental disorder, which is present from birth and characterized by repeated behaviors, avoidance of social interaction and communication difficulties. Children can present different grades of involvement, the condition is sometimes accompanied by cognitive impairment. It is vital to keep track of changes in your child’s development, and that is why we recommend using CareClinic as an autism tracker app.

Despite the extensive research in the field of autism, the condition cannot be cured. At the moment, existent therapies and medication concentrate on improving social abilities, communication, and independence. A person with autism might have meltdowns, trying to hurt themselves or destroy various objects. They might also have food intolerances and additional health problems.

CareClinic App Can Be Used to Keep Track of Autistic Behavior

If you have a child with autism, your life is anything but easy. First and foremost, you are dealing with the requirements of a child, on top of which comes the autistic behavior. Your child might have meltdowns, have periods when he/she will only eat a certain type of food or be hyperactive all of a sudden. All of these things are difficult to keep track of, so as they can be reported to different health specialists.

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With the help of CareClinic’s health app, you can keep track of your child’s autistic behavior and the manifestations associated with each episode. There is the health journal which allows you to record the different symptoms experienced, as well as additional information. For example, you can record information about body weight, sleep patterns, diet, and physical exercise.

Regular reports provide insight into the world of your child

Therapists often have difficulties forming an opinion about the child with autism, as the manifestations can be so different and the meltdowns so intense. By logging on everything that happens into the application, you will be given a health report at the end of each month.

This information can be then shared with your therapist or other healthcare professionals, providing insight into the world of your child. The report often includes graphs, which can be used to identify patterns of behavior and potential triggers of meltdowns.

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Autism tracking for parents and others involved

Why should you consider sharing this application with other caregivers? CareClinic delivers autism tracking for parents but this does not mean you cannot share this information with additional caregivers and other involved parties, such as teachers, parents, and therapists.

Within the application, you can record the entire team working with your child and even share the recorded information with them. If desired, you can add information about them as well, whether they are grandparents, teachers or various therapists. Together, you can use the application to document your child’s behavior and analyze the signs of progress made after following different therapies.

Setting up reminders to stay organized

Autism medication trackingA parent who finds us that his/her child has autism will most likely go through a period of shock. However, like any other parents, he/she will eventually realize that it is not right to waste time and will move on to finding solutions to improve the child’s abilities and overall health.

Soon, the said parent will have to keep track of various therapies and treatments, including medication. It might be difficult to stay organized and this pressure will only add to the existent stress. With the help of CareClinic’s health app, you can set up daily reminders and never forget therapy appointments, or administering the necessary treatment to the child.

If you have been prescribed a specific treatment plan, it is important to adhere to the said regimen. You can use the application and set up reminders for each of the prescribed medication, including the dosage and frequency. The application will send you pop-up notifications or email alerts, as you prefer. Moreover, you will have the snooze feature, which will keep on sending additional reminders for the medication, appointments and so on.

Many parents try to organize a routine for the child with autism, as predictability gives comfort and prevents meltdowns. If you find yourself interested in giving your child a routine as well, you can set up reminders for various daily activities. These can concern social engagements, for example. The different activities can be organized on the app calendar and you are free to customize your reminders as you want.

What kind of information should you track for Autistic Children on the spectrum?

Life with autism is complex. You must keep track of your child’s behavior and analyze it from multiple perspectives. Thanks to CareClinic, you can record your child’s mood at particular times and see what makes him/her feel stressed, happy or identify the causes of hyperactivity.

You can make connections between the mood and different activities, and even determine how the weather influences his/her behavior. Speaking about that, you can record meltdown episodes and be specific about the way he/she behaved. For instance, you can mention whether he/she tried to hurt himself/herself or others, to destroy various items or had the classical tantrum.

Children with autism often have strange dietary preferences or tend to concentrate on eating one single food. As his/her parent, you will no doubt do your best to improve his/her diet and ensure that it is more diverse. Within the CareClinic health app, you can record information about your child’s diet and even make notes on preferences (including those related to texture). You can also add potential meals in case of intolerances (lactose, gluten, etc.).

If your child has sleep difficulties, you can record information on his/her sleeping behavior and, thus, identify potential triggers of insomnia. The same goes for bowel movements, as there are many children with autism who refrain from going to the bathroom.

From a general perspective, you can use CareClinic’s health app to monitor your child’s behavior and identify how they are feeling in a particular situation, what might stress them and so on. There are many children who are stressed because of forced social interactions or when something changes in their environment. Even the weather changing can cause a meltdown, so it is important to keep track of that.

Journal entries on meltdown episodes

Autistic children can experience frequent meltdown episodes, which can leave you drained of energy. As a parent of such a child, you might find it easier to deal with such an episode, if you were aware of potential triggers. You might even be able to prevent meltdowns or use the information regarding previous episodes to ease your child into a new situation (thus avoiding the episode altogether).

The CareClinic health app can be used to record information on these episodes – how frequent and severe these were, what caused them, etc. You can also use the app journal to record emotional symptoms and even ask the child to add information, in case he/she is older in age and has such abilities. These journal entries can also be shared with different therapists, helping you find the best coping strategies for such episodes.

The CareClinic app can be used as an Autism Tracker Journal

You can rely on the health app to record information about your child’s different investigations. You can log details about various blood tests, as well as the results of imaging studies (including EEG, which can offer information on the brain electrical activity). Dental information and mentions about urgent care needs can be introduced as well.

By entering all of this information, you will no longer need to go from one therapist to the other with a large file. You can simply access the app and get details on your child’s medical history in an instant. This will help you save precious time at the therapist’s office, as well as energy.

Autism is a Condition Which is Not Well Understood

The developmental disorder begins to show its first signs at an early age. As the child grows, it might appear as if it is progressing but this is simply related to the complex demands of each age. The exact cause behind the appearance of autism has yet to be identified, with genetics and environmental factors being commonly incriminated.

Autism can be present in a mild form, with the child maintaining an adequate level of independence and capable of communicating normally. However, there are also severe cases, in which the child presents severe cognitive impairment and absence of speech. Given the diversity of the autism spectrum, it is important that the treatment addresses the specific needs of the child.

Cognitive behavioral therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy are just a few of the intervention solutions recommended for autism. Recently, stem cell transplantation has appeared as a promising solution, leading to improvements in cognitive and speech abilities.

A comprehensive autism tracking app for the autistic child and his/her needs

Applications such as CareClinic can help parents monitor their children and every aspect related to their condition. One can use the health app to record medical information and specific symptoms, as well as details on various therapies and health measurements.

The CareClinic app allows one to set up reminders for medication and therapy appointments, as well as organize a calendar of activities in accordance with the needs of the child. This is why CareClinic makes for an excellent Autism Tracker app; as it encompasses all facets of Autism management. To get started sign up to CareClinic by clicking here.

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