Diet Tracker App to Manage Calories & Health Goals Better

diet trackerTracking your diet can be vital for many things; such as: losing weight, gaining muscle mass, improving the quality of your diet and much more.

Why Use a Diet Tracker?

CareClinic is an all-encompassing health app that enables you to track your diet by letting you track your calories, helping you with portion control, and enabling you to keep a food symptom diary.

You may also record things such as physical activity, medication intake, along with supplements. By allowing you to track all aspects of your health in one app we provide a better system for tracking your health goals overall rather than focusing on just diet.

CareClinic automatically pulls in recipes, drinks, and foods from our database which includes calorie counts, along with all micronutrient information and macronutrient information to enable rapid tracking. You no longer have to input things manually.

Getting Started with Tracking Your Diet

The result of tracking your diet is simple, it is to see if you are still on track and to change your habits based on your results. CareClinic takes this a step further by providing you automatic correlations, where we can let you know if any food may be causing as symptoms to flare up, such as feeling lethargic, or if your diet is resulting in increased energy levels. You are free to share your reports with your nutritionist automatically as well, and if need be you can also print your results as needed.

Install CareClinic App

To get started you can download the app by clicking on the Apple App Store Icon on the right or the Google Play Store icon based on which mobile device you have. If you would rather manage your health on a laptop or browser, our app syncs with the web version as well.

A diet tracker app beats having to manually carry a physical diet diary!


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