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CareClinic is a treatment tracker that can help manage any chronic condition or symptoms that one may be experiencing. It helps you take back control of your life.

CareClinic comes with many built-in features to kickstart your needs for trackings symptoms, medication and your overall treatment.

Patient self-care is at the heart of what makes CareClinic the #1 platform for tracking treatments. We are with you every step of the way, regardless of where you are in your treatment cycle. Our platform is designed to help you quickly create a treatment plan—whether you design it independently or collaboratively with your healthcare provider.

Medical Treatment List

Complete Tracking Toolkit for Patients

Add any intervention type such as: drugs, supplements, physical activities, therapies and even certain foods as part of a diet.

Additionally track physical activity, your daily vitals including weight, sleep, blood pressure, mood, along with nutrition, therapies and medication and supplementation.

Optionally create unlimited custom fields that you want to track that are relevant to you. Record your daily life in the diary, record your medication adherence, manage your day to day symptoms, and upload photos as a reference.

Trackable Diseases

CareClinic was designed to handle both simple and complex medical regimens.

As such the most common use cases amongst our users include CareClinic being used for mental illness’ such as depression, anxiety, chronic pain, hypertension, chronic fatigue, PMDD, ADHD/ADD among others. Additional features aside from Journaling, Trackers, Care Plans include:

Calendars: Get a monthly, weekly and daily view of what you have done and need to do for your health.

CareTeam: Keep everyone in your circle of care in the loop about your health or monitor someone’s else’s health remotely. Save information about your caregivers here for future reference as well.

Dose Warnings & Effects Alerts: See what the potential effects of your current plan may be

Reports: See how other’s have done in logs and charts.

News: For those using the platform from the web, see the latest developments related to your condition or symptoms.

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CareClinic Features

Additional Features

Refill Reminders
Medical Reference Library
Supplement Reviews Library
Free Support 24/7
Advanced Integrations with other platforms
Ability to Import/Export data

Step by Step Guide to Tracking & Monitoring Your Health

The first step is to sign up to CareClinic, if you haven’t already, click here to do so. Upon registering you will be guided through three steps to complete your care plan and use CareClinic as a treatment tracker.

The first step involves adding details to your plan. You can create distinct care plans for different aspects you wish to track.

Step two: Adding all your therapies/medicaments so we know what you are taking for your treatment and how much.

Step three: Enabling reminders for your things you need a reminder for. If you require a reminder for your entire care plan, a single reminder can be sent letting you know to adhere to your plan. Otherwise individual reminders for each modality can be set as well. Which means you can set a reminder for specific therapies, specific drugs, and supplements as needed (along with refill reminders).

At this point, you can now rely on CareClinic to help you manage your treatment and log your adherence. If you wish to review the results of your plan, you can take a look at Reports to see how you’ve been doing. The reports are generated each time you adhere to your reminders or make a journal entry. A notable feature of the reports is the inclusion of “Correlations Tables” below the graph, offering information on the positive and negative correlations between different areas of health.

E.g. You can determine if a particular drug taken on certain days is responsible for increased or decreased sleep, the same thing with physical activity and nutrition. This data can be exported and shared with your care providers as needed as well.

Getting Started is Easy

Sign up to CareClinic for free to get started managing your treatment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

+ How much does the app cost?

The app is free to download and use. Some additional features require a premium subscription.

+ Does the treatment tracker work online and offline?

The treatment tracker works both online and offline. When you connect to the internet, the app is able to backup and sync your data securely to the cloud.

+ Which treatments can I monitor with CareClinic?

You can track your treatment for chronic illness, mental health and or any treatment you are undergoing. You can create as many plans for as many people as you wish.

+ Is the app available on Android and iOS?

The app is available for free on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. The app also works wonderfully on tablets. Additionally, you can also use CareClinic right from your browser if need be.