Crohn’s Disease Guidelines and Management Tips

crohn's disease guidelines

Crohn’s disease is a chronic, inflammatory disease of the gastrointestinal tract. It is an autoimmune disorder which is when your body’s immune system mistakenly attacks healthy tissue. Crohn’s disease may appear and disappear at various times. Initially, it may affect only a small part of your gastrointestinal tract, but the disease has the potential to progress extensively.…

Blood in Stool? Know This About Hemorrhoids

blood in stool

Have Blood in Stool?

Hemorrhoids, also known as piles, are a cluster of pillow-like veins which lie under the mucous membranes that go around the lowest area of the rectum and the anus. Hemorrhoids are a condition that develops when those veins become swollen.

The IBS Diet – Top 5 Diets for Improving Your Symptoms

Diets for IBS

Irritable bowel syndrome, often abbreviated as IBS, refers to a number of gastrointestinal manifestations that can occur on a long-term basis (chronic condition). One may experience diarrhea or constipation, as well as abdominal pain, bloating and cramps. Medication can help improve the discomfort but it is important to be aware of the fact that the condition can be successfully managed through an adapted diet.…

Bowel Movement Tracker: App To Log Your Daily Movements

Bowel movement tracker
The stool can provide valuable information on our general health. Upon analyzing its shape, texture, and frequency, one can determine if lifestyle changes are required or identify potential red flags, suggestive of underlying medical problems. Using a bowel movement tracker, you can keep track of the number of stools, enter information about their quality and appearance, as well as keep a diary of associated manifestations.…

Crohn’s Disease Symptom Tracker: App to Track and Act!

Crohn's Tracker

In spite of the fact that Crohn’s Disease is a chronic condition that has no known cure, it is still possible to manage symptoms and relapses thru medication. Crohn’s disease is a sort of fiery entrail contamination (Inflammatory Bowel Disease). It causes runs and stomach torment and can provoke dangerous entrapments, for instance, a narrowing of the stomach-related framework (strictures) and fistulas.…