How to Relax Quickly in 3 Steps

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The modern human has a lot of exciting activities in his/her daily schedule, including stimulating work, active social interactions and the pursuit of personal hobbies. However, the rhythm of life has accelerated in the past few years, with technology forcing us to consume a wealth of information and suffer from the unavoidable burnout.

In order to lead a peaceful, balanced and, thus, healthy existence, one must find the necessary time to relax. The important thing is to slow down and strive to achieve a balance between work and free time. As you will see below, you can use CareClinic’s health app to organize your relaxation and self-care plan, working towards improving your general well-being.

CareClinic, an app that can hold all of your goals

CareClinic is a health app, which can be used to organize a self-care plan, based on your relaxation ideas. When you are looking for ways to relax, you can simply refer to the application and give one of the recorded suggestions a try. The great thing about smartphone apps, such as this one, is that they can be accessed at any time, from even the most remote location.

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Relax with, Physical activities

Many people are trying to find the answer to this question: how to relax? We are so stressed at work, come home tired and, often, relaxation is the last thing on our minds. Nevertheless, we have to make an effort and seek out potential relaxation solutions. And sport might be just the answer you were looking for.

When it comes to relaxing activities, practicing your favorite sport is one of the top choices. You can even opt for simple physical activities, such as taking a walk or jogging in your favorite park. What matters is that you are physically active; in consequence, the brain will release happiness hormones – endorphins – helping you feel better overall.

With the help of CareClinic’s health, you can keep a watchful eye over your daily levels of physical activity. If you have noticed that sports can help you calm your nerves, then be sure to add this kind of activity to your daily or weekly schedule. In time, this will turn into a habit, one that also contributes to your physical health. (R)

Relaxing with Meditation & mindfulness

Meditation is an ancient practice that is still just as beneficial today, as it was centuries ago. It can teach one to quiet his/her mind, bringing peace and self-awareness. Upon practicing meditation, you will learn how to relax your mind and listen to that inner voice, making better choices with regard to various aspects of your life.

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Within the CareClinic health app, you can list meditation as one of your top solutions for relaxation (part of the self-care plan). You can opt for different types of meditation, including the one that is guided, silent or timed; there is even the option of walking meditation. What matters is that you strive to meditate for at least ten minutes per day. If desired, you can even set up reminders for the meditation of the day (integrating this practice into the daily routine).

Keeping a meditation journal can help you relax naturally, so you can give this a try as well. The journal can be useful in tracking your progress with meditation, among other things. In the journal, you can jot down guided meditation techniques, which can be used to quickly help with nerves and relax; you can opt for specific techniques, in accordance to specific situations you might feel stressed about (starting a new job, meeting a new person).

Mindfulness techniques

As you will be able to read below, CareClinic comes with an integrated journal that can be used for this purpose. You can also opt for personalized meditation techniques, in accordance with your current needs (relaxation, calming nerves, de-stressing, etc.). What matters is that you meditate in a manner that is authentic to yourself.

The concept of mindfulness is strongly connected to the meditation practice, teaching you to be mindful about the small things that influence your life in a positive manner. Mindfulness teaches you to focus on the present, without impairing judgment. From a physical point of view, it stimulates the brain to release happiness hormones and promotes relaxation.

So, you see, it should be added to potential relaxation solutions within the app. If you want to take things even further, you can use CareClinic to organize reminders that will draw attention to being mindful throughout the entire day. There are different mindfulness techniques that can be tried out, meant to help you relax yourself and feel more at peace. You might also find that this practice is beneficial in the management of difficult emotions. (R)

Relaxing with Deep breathing techniques

Anxiety and depression are two of the most common complaints in modern people. These are caused by the frantic pace at which life goes on, being aggravated by the overuse of technology and lack of balance between personal & professional lives. For someone who goes through all of that, relaxation is vital. How to calm nerves? You might want to give deep breathing a try.

Deep breathing can be perceived as the best way to calm nerves, in the sense that it allows you to calm yourself and feel centered. It lowers the intensity of the acute stress you are experiencing, causing you to feel less anxious and, thus, at peace. The daily practice of deep breathing can prepare you for coping with a panic attack, in the situation it might occur.

You can rely on CareClinic’s health app to record various techniques for deep breathing, as well as exercises you might want to try. For example, there is the 4-7-8 breathing exercise that is quite useful. You begin by inhaling through your nose for 4 seconds. The next step is to keep your breath in for 7 seconds, followed by exhalation through the mouth for 8 seconds. This exercise will help you relax and feel less anxious or stressed.

If you want to keep calm and relaxed, you can practice breathing from your diaphragm and not the abdomen. This is great for situations defined by anxiety or stress, as slow diaphragmatic breathing can help you obtain peace of mind. It is essential to practice various breathing techniques so that you can see which works better in your case. (R)

How to Relax TechniquesRelax with Yoga

Yoga is one of the most effective ways to relieve stress, having a beneficial effect on both the body and the mind. As you engage in various poses, you are slowing down the rhythm of life and find inner peace. Many people meditate while they practice yoga, enjoying the silence and the self-awareness this practice actually brings.

How to calm down when nervous? Try a simple yoga pose and it will not be too long before you will notice the difference. There are special poses for those who have relaxation as the ultimate goal, including the knees-to-chest pose, reclined bound angle pose, reclined spinal twist, supported corpse pose and legs-up-the-wall pose. You can try all of these and see which works the best.

You can easily integrate the practice of yoga into your self-care plan, enjoying its beneficial effects over physical, mental and spiritual health. With the help of the CareClinic health app, you can record various poses that have offered stress relief and helped you calm the nerves. These can be reviewed at any moment, thanks to the easy accessibility guaranteed by the application. (R)

Journaling as a relaxing activity

Keeping a journal is great for calming your nerves and it represents a relaxing activity in itself. CareClinic’s health app has a built-in journal that you can use on a daily basis. You can record your thoughts, emotions and feelings, using this activity to de-stress and analyze yourself at the same time.

Journaling is considered a healthy habit and, even though it might take some time before it transforms into a routine, it is worth pursuing. Thanks to this application, you can write at any moment and clear your mind of any negative thoughts. Upon seeing them written down, you might find it easier to acknowledge a dysfunctional thought pattern and seek out solutions to change your mindset. (R)

Tracking your mood changes on CareClinic

Apart from using CareClinic’s health app to create a self-care plan and add relaxation activities, you can trust it to track your mood. Upon noticing the sources of your tension and stress, it will be easier to take charge and modify your lifestyle.

The same goes for those who suffer from anxiety and depression; you can use the app not only to record ways to relax your mind but also to track your everyday mood. As soon as you will identify the triggers behind your emotional problems, you can move on to trying out various coping strategies and improving your mental health.

There are a lot of people who are confused with regard to their own feelings, having difficulties when it comes to the things that make you relax. The mood tracker of the CareClinic app is an excellent helper for identifying how you are really feeling. You can finally recognize the events that contribute to your anxiety, stress or depression, tracking your improvement upon trying different coping strategies or relaxation ideas.

Why should you use CareClinic’s help app to record relaxation ideas?

Imagine CareClinic not as an app you access through a smartphone, but rather as a thorough guide to finding a relaxing activity when necessary. You can also perceive it as a soothing background for all of the things to help you relax, whether these include meditation, mindfulness, yoga, deep breathing or any other kind of relaxing activity.

CareClinic can be used in tracking your daily habits and seeing how these contribute to your mental health. For example, you can track for how many days you have meditated, so that you find your motivation to go on. From another perspective, it teaches you to slow down and concentrate on one of the listed activities that relax you, rather than spiraling into negative thinking or giving into a panic attack.

The journal remains one of the strongest features you should consider, in the sense that it allows you to record how you are feeling and the way you responded to the chosen calming activities for adults. You can also use the journal to list the things you are grateful for, as the practice of gratitude can also induce a state of relaxation.

Last, but not least, you can trust CareClinic to understand and manage your anxiety. Use the app to record calming things and keep track of your associated emotions. Record exercises that help you reduce anxiety and repeat them either at home or at work, if possible.

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