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Birth control pills is one of the most effective contraceptive solutions available. Pills can be safe, affordable and efficient compared to alternative solutions. The success rate is of 99%, but only if the pill is actually taken and if taken correctly!  Missing just one birth control pill can lead to an unintended pregnancy. This is why you should consider using a birth control reminder app.

A birth control reminder app can ensure that you never forget to take your contraceptive pill again. We are human after all and make mistakes and skip doses. Especially when we have a lot of things to handle in our personal or professional life. CareClinic helps reduce the stress associated with tracking pills and ensures you stay on top of your health.

Using Birth Control Reminder Apps

Getting started is easy. You can set up reminders for each pill and receive notifications accordingly. This is a simple way to ensure that you will never forget about taking your birth control pills. If you miss a dose you will know when it was skipped in the Logs section of the App.

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You can decide on the time for each pill reminder text, making sure that you create a routine (it is good to take your contraceptive pill at the same time each day, as this guarantees an increased efficiency of those pills). The snooze feature will let you quickly get reminded again incase you are in the middle of a task. If you are unable to take your pill when the notification is first sent, snooze for as long as you need.

It is worth mentioning that you can customize the birth control alarm so that it is discreet. While it is true that a loud alarm can serve as a more effective reminder, you cannot rely on it if you are at work or in a library. A more discreet notification will serve its purpose either way, especially since you have the snooze feature to keep reminding you of having missed your pill.

The application comes with a monthly calendar, in which the days for taking the contraceptive pill are clearly marked. In accordance to the birth control method you prefer, you can see which days are active and which are break days (different reminders can be set for your placebo or non-active pills as well). Of course, you can customize the number of pills, as the application is compatible with different types of contraceptive pills (and methods).

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At regular intervals, you can even review your pill-taking history and discover how protected you really are (reduced or high chance of becoming pregnant).

Keep track of other contraceptive methods

If you prefer to use other contraceptive methods, such as the NuvaRing or the patch, you can resort to the CareClinic app to keep track of these as well. NuvaRing reminders can be sent just like the ones for the contraceptive pill, helping you remember that the ring should be changed (set up the specific intervals yourself).

Many women prefer to use a contraceptive patch, as they cannot tolerate the side-effects of contraceptive pills. The CareClinic app can be used to send reminders so that you can replace your patch at the right time (based on the recording of the start date). You can even set different reminders for when you have to remove your patch and apply a new one.

The same goes for those who prefer contraceptive shots, especially since you will have to go to the doctor’s office for those. In fact, the reminders can be scheduled for any kind of medical appointment. And, depending on your needs, it is important to know that you can trust CareClinic to schedule the contraceptive plan for months in advance.

Pill Prescription management

The #1 reason women miss their dose has to do with running out of refills. With so many things to handle in a day, it can be difficult to keep track of your stock as well. The good news is that you can rely on the CareClinic app for prescription management as well.

All you have to do is define a threshold and use the app to be reminded of the inventory falling below that limit. You can then go to the pharmacy and get your follow-up prescription or the necessary refill. As you can see, each feature of the application is beneficial to you, in one way or another.

Symptom Tracking, another interesting feature of CareClinic

It is worth mentioning that CareClinic serves as more than a lady pill reminder. The application can be used to keep track of the physical and emotional symptoms associated with the menstrual cycle. You can use it to record mood swings, the presence of cramps (and how intense they are).

Within the app, you can record if your breasts are tender, if you have experienced food cravings or feel fatigued. Emotional symptoms, such as irritability, anxiety or depression can be just as easily recorded. Thanks to the symptom tracker, you will have a record of your menstrual cycle and even receive a complete report at the end of each month (creatively-designed charts are a part of that report).

Sharing Health Reports with Your Care Provider

While the application serves as an excellent pill app, reminding you to take your birth control, it is important to understand that it can be used to record information about your health as a woman. For example, you can add the side-effects experienced from taking contraceptive pills.

You can then share the CareClinic health reports with your doctor and perhaps even switch to another type of pill or contraceptive method. As the application allows you to record other details about your health, you can rely on these reports to analyze your health progress since the last doctor’s appointment.

The health report can be printed and discussed thoroughly with your attending physician. It will give a better insight into your contraceptive needs, potentially-experienced adverse reactions and, thus, it will allow your doctor to cater to your medical/contraceptive needs in a more effective manner.

A better grasp on your feminine health with journal entries

CareClinic is indeed the best birth control pill reminder app but it offers so much more than the actual reminders. For example, you can rely on the journal entries to record details about your contraceptive needs and even questions you might have for your doctor.

You can record information about your menstruation, including actual dates, flow and even the presence of spots. You can save the prescription information, mention when you had sexual intercourse and even write about the emotional symptoms you are experiencing. All of these entries can be later used to get a better grasp of your feminine health and adjust current contraceptive solutions.

The CareClinic app can serve to predict the next menstruation date, which is great. You can plan your activities in accordance to your period and, thus, find it way easier to avoid any unpleasant surprise.

Why is the birth control pill so often recommended?

If you are not planning on getting pregnant at the moment, you need to use a method of contraception. If you are, you should consider using our app as a pregnancy journal. The birth control pill protects against unwanted pregnancies and, as it was mentioned above, it has a success rate of 99%. It is simple to take and, in some cases, it is even recommended to restore the physiological hormonal balance.

As you might already know, the pill will only work if you take it every day, preferably at the same hour. If you miss several days, you might have to start the treatment again and, of course, you will run the risk of getting pregnant. This is why it is so comforting to be able to use CareClinic and its many different features.

You can always talk to your doctor about other methods of contraception. Such as the NuvaRing, the patch or a contraceptive shot. Based on your needs, your doctor will decide which contraceptive method will work best for you.

It is also important to remember that birth control pills will only protect against unwanted pregnancies. They cannot protect against sexually-transmitted diseases – for this kind of protection, the condom works best.

Trust CareClinic as your faithful birth control reminder app

CareClinic is a free birth control app for iOS or Android. It can be used as a web application as well, offering all of the features mentioned above. Trust it to also remind you to check your symptoms and provide reports on your progress.

The application is indeed a helpful resource for those interested in following their contraception and adjusting their needs accordingly. It can send reminders of various sorts, help you keep track of medical information and appointments. However, it does not replace your visits to the doctor.

The idea behind CareClinic is to have a mobile application that helps you keep track of your medical needs. Use it to be reminded of medication refills, or emotional manifestations. Additionally, gather data on your contraceptive needs, which can be further shared with the doctor.

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