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Having a baby, whether a boy or a girl, is one of the most important achievements in life. It is a source of great joy. New parents, however, are often tired and they feel like it is difficult to keep track of every detail regarding their baby’s health and development. Creating a digital baby journal helps solve this problem.

If you would like to learn more about how to start a baby journal, you are at the right place.

How To Start a Baby Journal or a Pregnancy Journal

CareClinic is a health app, which was developed to serve the needs of new parents, among other categories. The app can definitely be used as a baby journal, allowing one to record the smallest detail about the first period of life, developmental milestones included. It is similar to the baby journal book but easier to complete and always available. While such books are often kept at home, a baby journal app can be accessed anywhere, anytime. As long as you have your smartphone with you, which everyone nowadays does!

New parents are clearly interested in documenting and recording every aspect regarding their baby’s life, so that they can later see how he/she has grown over time. One can add details not only about the actual growth but also about medical issues experienced. The list can include health measurements, vaccinations and medication the baby has received, such data being quite useful in case of an emergency.

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Baby Journal - Check-inWondering what you should write in a baby journal?

Within the CareClinic application, you can record each new milestone your baby has reached. For example, you can mention when he/she smiled for the first time, took the first step or spoke the first words. You can add the dates of each tooth or any other important moment you want to keep track of. With the journal app, it will be infinitely easier to document the first year in your baby’s life.

Parents can record feedings and diaper changes, sleeping schedule, number of nursing or pumping sessions, how many bottles the baby has had or what food he/she ate (provided solids have been started). One can record the last feeding, referring to the application for the next session. There are reminders that can be set up, in order to make sure that the baby is fed on time.

Breastfeeding Journal

Whether you are breastfeeding or giving the bottle to your baby, it can be useful to keep track of the number of feedings in a day. Once the baby starts solids, the app will come even more in handy. You will be able to record every meal, as well as make notes on how the baby reacted to certain foods. Things can be taken a step further and you can record ultimate ideas for introducing your baby to new foods.

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By tracking your baby’s diet, you will feel more peaceful. As a mother who breastfeeds, you might have days when you are more tired and even forget the last side on which you nursed your baby. Or, you might need help remembering when the baby had the last bottle, and what quantity he/she had.

A sleep-deprived parent will probably experience difficulties whereas tracking the baby’s feeding schedule is concerned. The CareClinic health app takes this stress away. One can even add missed feeds to the app, organize a feeding schedule and make adjustments whenever it is necessary. Details can be added about preferred meals, reaction to new formula, weight gain and so on.

Depending on your baby’s preferences and eating habits, you can add the average time between feedings. You can keep track of feeding intolerances and share the recorded details with the pediatrician. For example, a lot of babies nowadays suffer from glucose or lactose intolerance, with clear manifestations that they cannot tolerate such food (vomiting, tummy ache). (R)

Recording your babies sleeping habits

Babies need sleep first and foremost. If you are worried about your baby’s sleep, you can use the app to keep track of his/her sleep schedule. You can add the start and finish time of each sleeping session, referring to the graphs created through the application for more details. You can mention whether the baby sleeps in his/her own bed or if you have opted for co-sleeping.

It is only normal for parents to be anxious when it comes to how well their baby is resting. Is he getting enough sleep? Does she sleep well for her age? By tracking the sleep sessions, and writing down how each session unfolded, one will feel less anxious and more in control. Moreover, the sleep-related information can be shared with the doctor at the next visit.

By adding the missed sleep and other sleep details, you might be able to identify a pattern and find it easier to change your little one’s sleeping habits. The same goes for feedings, diaper changes or any other information related to your baby’s growth or development.

Diaper Change Diary

You can record how many diapers you’ve changed, making notes on the daily number, appearance, and type (urine, stool – color and consistency). In the situation that you are concerned about bowel or intestinal transit issues. Use the app to set up a reminder for the upcoming doctor visit and you are all set.

Health measurements, such as the weight, height and head circumference, can be regularly entered into the app. One can even add the growth percentile established by the World Health Organization, referring to it whenever it is necessary.

The one thing to keep in mind that each baby is unique, including when it comes to his/her development. A lot of parents are worried about their baby’s head circumference. As they are told by the doctor that this is an indicator of cognitive development. It is useful to record the head measurements within the application, and thus make sure that there are no red flags to worry about.

As a side note, keep in mind that a baby’s head is quite large, compared to the rest of the body. It represents a quarter of the total body length, as opposed to the adult, whose head accounts for 1/8 from the rest of the body. (R)

Baby Health Diary

Babies can suffer from various health issues, being prescribed medication of different kinds. If your baby has received a specific treatment, you can record it within the application and set up reminders for each dose. You can add the frequency, type and any other detail useful.

With babies, not everything is always filled with sunshine. There may be days when the baby is fussy, cries a lot and nothing seems to please him/her. You can record these days as well, identifying potential triggers (such as colics). Thanks to the regular tracking, you might also be able to come up with solutions that worked best. For example, the baby might be calmed by a massage or being held in your arms. (R)

Why should I keep a baby journal?

When it comes to babies, time flies by so fast and, even though you might promise to yourself to remember every little detail, you won’t. Thanks to smartphone apps such as CareClinic, we now have the opportunity to record the most important moments in the baby’s life and cherish them for many years to come.

The daily baby journal will include things that happen only once, such as saying “mama” for the first time, eating a certain food or sleeping throughout the night. Moreover, you can also trust it for future pregnancies, using the app as a baby pregnancy journal.

You are doing a great thing by keeping a baby journal. Each day, you are recording information on your child and this might seem like a mundane thing. Nevertheless, if you stop for a moment and look at the bigger picture, you will realize that you are actually preserving memories. Journaling can have therapeutic effects, helping you realize how precious it is to be a parent, especially since it is a gift that not everyone can have or enjoy.

Using a Health App to Track Development

From a different perspective, such health apps allow parents to pay more attention to their baby’s health. Simply put, one can learn how to take better care of a small child, gaining knowledge on the symptoms of childhood medical issues, treatments and so on. One can also use the app to keep track of the baby’s daily activities, seeking out new solutions for improving fine and gross motor skills, cognitive development, speech and language, etc.

As one begins to decipher developmental milestones with the help of the app, peace of mind will naturally follow. It is a great comfort to know that the baby’s growth can be tracked through such a simple, safe and effective method. Moreover, one can use the app to identify potential red flags, addressing any worrying issue on the spot.

The first year of life is a period of rapid development, with a lot of changes. With CareClinic, you can easily record your baby’s growth. You can track growth easily, no matter if you have a boy or a girl. In fact, you can even rely on the application to track more than one baby at the same time.

Confidence in Keeping a Baby Journal

Once you have all of the information about your baby gathered in one single place. You will feel more confident and less stressed with regard to your parent skills. No longer will you feel pressured to remember every detail when you visit your family doctor. You might also be able to predict your baby’s behavior and actions through the correlations function in the app.

During the first visits to the doctor, you will often be asked how the baby slept, or how much he/she ate. Most parents are stressed and anxious when it comes to these visits. This can lead them to be too tired to remember everything the doctor asks.

The CareClinic health app and its built-in diary will take all of the necessary information out of your head and place it in a safe location. You can say goodbye to stress and anxiety, enjoying the time you are spending with your baby.

Journaling helps mothers feel more confident about their skills. As they get better at tracking the baby’s health and development, it will also become easier to get into a rhythm and make fewer mistakes. One can use the application to establish a schedule for both the mother and the baby, feeling more in control.

Baby Journaling for Boys and Girls

The information included in the baby journal can easily be shared with other caregivers. Common people to share information with include: grandparents or the nanny. One can establish an entire care team, including the contact information within the application. It is also worth mentioning that monthly reports are created, on the basis of your entries. These reports can be exported and shared with caregivers, healthcare professionals, etc.

The CareClinic health helps you understand your baby, which in turn will make your life easier. You are finding and documenting what your baby enjoys, and the things he/she does not like that much. You can keep track of feedings, nappy changes, medication and food sensitivities.

The app helps you be a super-parent, one who is always informed. One that is in control of his/her babies’ growth and development. The app is available on both iOS, Android, and the web version.

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