Use a Stress Tracker App to Improve your Mental Health

Stress Tracker App

Stress is one of the major factors that play a negative influence on the overall quality of life. It affects over 75% of adults worldwide, is often associated with anxiety and depression, as well as physical manifestations. Stress is a significant public health concern, due to the long-term implications.

Whether it appears as a result of personal or professional problems, stress must be dealt with. While there are a multitude of coping strategies out there, it is important to remember that each person will respond differently. Smartphone stress tracker apps might help one obtain relief from stress, allowing for the identification of risk factors and potential triggers.

Keeping a stress diary can help identify problem areas

CareClinic’s health app can be used as an effective stress diary, allowing you to record the way you feel and potential stress relief solutions. For example, many people who have stressful jobs find that meditation, mindfulness and deep breathing are helpful. The same goes for cognitive behavioral therapy, relaxation techniques and adult coloring (R).

You should trust the application to record how you feel every day and especially when stressful situations occur. As you will review these entries, you will be able to get a better idea of your mental health and find the best solutions to improve your well-being.

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Setting goals for your improvement

With the help of the stress log, you will be able to see how stress has affected your life over a specific period of time. The application can also be used to set goals, such as stress relief, allowing you to concentrate on the specific measures that can be taken.

You should not put too much pressure on yourself and start small. Add a goal for each day and reward yourself for succeeding. The end goal should not be exclusively about stress relief, you should strive to become happier and fulfilled from an emotional point of view.

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Identifying stress-inducing factors

It does not take a genius to recognize stress. However, when it comes to stress monitoring, it can be difficult to pinpoint the factors contributing to the problem. By using the CareClinic health app, you can record stressful events and, thus, identify these factors with ease. Once you know which are the things stressing you the most, it will be simple to resort to effective coping strategies. You can rate your everyday stress levels and see how these fluctuate over a period of time.

Many people are stressed because of their jobs, either because they have an increased workload and tight deadlines, or as a result of poor management, inadequate work conditions or being discriminated. Failed personal relationships, chronic conditions and the lack of satisfaction can lead to stress as well (R).

With the help of this application, you will see which major life events have affected you the most. For instance, there are a lot of people who developed a stress disorder after having lost their partner, experienced financial difficulties or had to take care of a sick family member. Fear and uncertainty often make stress worse, as well as a negative attitude on life (R).

Mood & Stress Tracking

The health app is the perfect stress tracker, helping you see when you are more stressed or, on the contrary, relaxed. As you will follow your mood, you will be able to see a general tendency and even a pattern where your stress levels are concerned.

From a different perspective, the stress tracker app will help you understand that there are a lot of moments in which you felt perfectly fine, relaxed even. For this reason, it is important to take your time and record not only the moments that seem difficult or when your stress level is at its max; be sure to record positive experiences and these will help you see the bigger picture.

The mood tracking feature is important, in the sense that it allows you to become more aware of your feelings and when stress occurs (and in relation to which situation). You will figure out the connection between a particular life event and your mood, discovering more effective stress management strategies.

Thought diary, quite a useful feature

Chronic stress is often accompanied by anxiety and depression. People feel overwhelmed by negative thoughts and this can influence their behavior, not to mention the overall quality of life. Within the CareClinic application, you can track stress levels but also record journal entries about your feelings, thoughts, etc. (R).

As you record your own thoughts and emotions, you will recognize patterns in your behavior and identify additional triggers (for anxiety, panic disorders, etc.). You can then counteract these mental issues with positive and stress-relieving activities, as well as work on developing gratitude and empathy (positive emotions).

When dealing with stress, there are a lot of people who have a tendency to internalize their feelings. They hide their anger and frustration until they begin to suffer the consequences. Thanks to the thought diary, you can easily express your feelings and reduce the risk of such problems hitting you later on.

Seeing your thoughts transported onto the screen, you will be able to detach from them and think with clarity. You might also notice that you are more stressed when feeling pressured, or that you have trouble accepting negative emotions. Based on your entries, a monthly report will be created and you can share that with your therapist, making genuine breakthroughs.

These reports can be more useful than you might think. When you go to therapy, you get to spend one hour, or perhaps two, with the therapist. During that time, you will have to relate how you have been feeling over the past few weeks. It can be difficult to remember every useful piece of information, so referring to your CareClinic health app can actually help you a lot.

Recording coping strategies & solutions to escape Stress

You can trust the monitor app to record potential coping strategies and stress-relieving solutions. When needed, you can review these and opt for the one that suits you the best in that specific moment.

You can record breathing and relaxation exercises, as these will help you overcome the “fight-or-flight” response which occurs in stressful situations. Moreover, you can add techniques to increase stress resilience, as well as muscle relaxation exercises, calming music and pictures, etc. (R).

It is also important to understand that a huge part of stress management requires that you learn how to cope with stressful situations. You need to address risk factors as well, including smoking & alcohol, sleep deprivation, anxiety and depression. With the help of CareClinic, organize a comprehensive intervention plan and follow it to the letter.

Health measurements – identifying a connection between stress and general well-being

Our stress tracker app allows you to record various health measurements, such as your heart rate, blood pressure, and weight. You can add any kind of health measurements, including your blood sugar, cholesterol, and even oxygen saturation.

These can all reflect your general health and even help you identify a connection to your increased stress levels. For example, did you know that high blood pressure can make stress worse, which in turn will cause the blood pressure to rise even higher (vicious cycle)? By noticing certain connections, you might be able to take precautionary measures or even change your treatment (at the recommendation of your treating physician)(R).

Health app accessible and available to anyone looking for stress relief

The CareClinic app has been developed by a team of specialists, so as to help one measure stress levels and identify the most adequate options for stress relief. The application is easy to use, it has a user-friendly interface and it comes with a wealth of useful information, allowing you to work on improving your mental health.

You should be happy to know that the health app is available for free and that there is also a web version you can use. The CareClinic app can be used on your iPhone or on any Android smartphone, offering the same features.

The application, with its detailed reports, will help you analyze your stress levels and, at the same time, improve your ability to relax. You will find the best stress management techniques, recognize potential triggers and learn how to control your reaction to stressful events.

Why do I need such an app?

The CareClinic health app can be used as more than a stress tracker diary; it is a complex tool, that can be used to break off the cycle of negative thinking and manage stress at your own pace. You can use it to track your progress and record new solutions for stress relief, such as positive visualization.

With the help of this application, you will learn to pay more attention to your mood and feelings throughout the day. You will notice situations that cause you to become stressed and how certain triggers cause behavioral patterns to appear.

The application puts you face-to-face with your distorted thinking, teaching you that it is possible to modify it and reduce not only stress but also anxiety levels. When you learn to think in a more balanced way and eliminate negative thoughts, you can also improve your overall quality of life.

As you will discover and record effective coping strategies, you will also find it easier to make healthier choices and change both your behavior and lifestyle. You will improve overall stress resilience and emotional well-being, eliminating feelings of anxiety and depression (R).

Chronic stress influences general health in a negative manner

Chronic stress plays a definite negative influence on physical and mental health, increasing the risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, anxiety, depression and autoimmune disorders.

People who do not manage their stress levels are at high risk of unhealthy behaviors, including smoking and alcohol abuse, poor eating habits and sedentary lifestyles. They might also present low compliance to the treatment for their pre-existing conditions.

It is essential to understand that stress must be dealt with, in order to avoid long-term health-related consequences. Effective management should be concerned not only the situations leading to stress exposure but also with finding the most effective coping strategies. Apart from altering the relationship with the environment, one must also learn how to become more resilient to stress (R).

Health applications, such as CareClinic, are considered useful complementary tools in addition to various therapies and interventional programs. It motivates people to adopt healthier behaviors but they must be direct one – research suggests – toward evidence-based strategies (biofeedback, emotional feedback, acupressure, hypnosis, massage, yoga, tai chi).

The most effective stress management remains the one focused on emotions. People should be taught to regulate their breathing and concentrate on positive experiences, rather than the one leading. To get started managing your stress levels, track your stress by signing up to CareClinic here.

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