Use Morning Page Journaling To Clear Your Mind & Improve Your Mental Health

journaling for mental health

Maintaining a daily routine is a healthy choice and has proven to help with mental health. Journaling has also helped many with maintaining a healthy mental state, as it is a great form of expressing thoughts and emotions. Including journaling in your daily routine make the perfect duo. Journaling for mental health is hard to maintain and keep up with a busy schedule. It doesn’t have to be hard with digital form that you can easily input on your phone. CareClinic has a variety of journaling prompts that you can use for your mental health.

Using a morning page journal is more than journaling, it is a healthy morning routine. Morning page journals serve a deeper purpose, it allows you to clear your mind first thing on your day. It also allows you to gain some confidence and start your day strong. This will be especially beneficial for those who are starting off journaling for mental health.

What is a Morning Page Journal?

The concept of the Morning page journal is to wake up in the morning and journal all of your thoughts. This takes on the form of a three-page entry of anything and everything on your mind. This may include things like what you dreamt about or what you have planned for the day. It might also include details about what you hope to accomplish throughout the day. You can use from the many journaling prompts available on CareClinic to start off your day. The purpose of this journaling method is to tap into your stream-of-consciousness journaling.

You might have seen stream of consciousness writing in your favorite fiction novels. It is used by authors to give you a more intimate portrayal of characters. It shows you what the characters are feeling and gives you a fluid way of singing the mental state of the characters.  This can be used in a journaling method to track your emotions and feelings on a clean slate. By journaling in the morning, you are not influenced by any external factors, it is just you and your mental state.

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Benefits of Morning Page Journaling

As mentioned earlier maintaining a daily routine is very healthy and is proven to help mental health. In adding an extra feature of journaling, can be proved to be effective for those who are struggling with mental health issues. it may also be beneficial for those who are highly impacted by others’ feelings. Morning page journaling allows you to reflect on just your opinion and process the emotions you are feeling.

These morning pages allow you to clear your mind. by journaling first thing in the morning You are able to process the things that might have been swimming in your thoughts at night. By writing all of the things that are on the top of your mind you are able to clear out your thoughts. Clearing out your thoughts from the previous night allows you to start a day fresh and with no worries from the day before.

Day-to-day life can be overwhelming especially in the current times of a lot of uncertainty and a lot of loss. There are a lot of heavy information in the news and it’s a lot to process. By reflecting on your previous night’s emotions you’re able to release these emotions and process them. Morning pages is kind of your space to free your mind and start fresh so you can be productive. As the days go, we are more and more reliant on our phones and having your morning page Journal on your phone will allow you to empower your mental health in one easy step.

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Small Steps

Having a morning routine can be hard in the beginning because you have to build the discipline to make the time to sit down and write. However, this is a routine that will prove to be very effective, and it won’t be as hard once you get a start on it.  This might also unravel your creativity and allow you to start exploring beyond your day to day activities. Making the time and developing this discipline will help you re-discover yourself. As adults, we often tend to put off fires as they pop up. However, to really empower your life starting journaling can help to be very impactful. In addition, journaling for mental health reasons will also help you address any mental blockages you are feeling.

Many people have an inner critic that seems to despise everything that they do. This inner critic can be very mean and impact your mental health in a negative way. By processing and evaluating your emotions so early in the day you are able to get ahead of this inner critic. in addition, you are able to think about what you really want and address in assessing what is on your mind. By assessing and addressing the things going on in your brain you are able to separate yourself from this inner critic. Many therapists even suggest naming this inner critic so that you identify that it’s not you working against yourself. this might be something you want to consider when you are doing your morning page journal.

3 Ways 3 Pages Help you

Are you someone who struggles to find time for yourself? Do you put your mental health behind all of your other daily tasks and duties? If so, you might be deterred by three pages of journaling your feelings. It is easy to deem it difficult and make multiple excuses to put off your mental health. But at CareClinic, we believe that to empower your health you have to track, learn and act to manage your health. You can simply do this by starting journaling for mental health.

If you are nervous about the three pages, start anywhere to start writing and stop when you feel like you’ve written enough. You will never regret taking time to improve your health so start taking the initiative to wake up five minutes earlier at first. If you have some downtime when you’re drinking your coffee journal while you drink your coffee. Journaling for your mental health will instantly make you feel better, and before you know it you’ll start looking forward to waking up.

Make It Easy With Technology

If you feel that waking up and getting a pen and paper takes time or more effort than you would like using CareClinic is a great option for you. This app allows you to quickly jot it down on your phone. In addition, you can also use the dictation feature on your phone to just talk about what you’re feeling and express yourself. Using the dictation feature will also allow you to talk through your feelings and before you know it, you’ll reach 3 pages. Don’t be intimidated by the three pages just start anywhere.

Again, this is a way for you to improve your mental health and empower it. This is the one thing you can do comfortably and if that is your bed for you, start journaling there. And start as soon as you wake up while your brain is fresh. This also allows you to not be influenced by anyone, like your terrifying boss or your nosy neighbor.

First Time Journaling?

If this is your first time journaling for mental health reasons or any other reasons, it is recommended you check out CareClinic. In addition to the morning page journal, there are a variety of other journaling prompts that you can use for any of your journaling needs. Starting off with one of the other journaling prompts might be good for you if this is your first time journaling. This allows you to get a taste of what the prompts look like. In addition, it will give you a way to categorize your thoughts and ways of thinking. CareClinic has highly effective security measures to ensure that your information is kept secure. So be as authentic as you need in your journaling.

Keep in mind this is only a form of you connecting with your thoughts and feelings. There is no need for you to be grammatically correct or spell anything correctly. Another benefit of using a digital form of journaling is that you can use dictation. But if you feel like the dictation isn’t grammatically journaling your feelings or isn’t following the correct writing rules it doesn’t matter. Morning pages or any form of journaling is to connect you with your feelings and improve your mental health and mental state.

Digital Form

Using a digital form of journaling like CareClinic might be highly effective for those who need a journaling prompt. This will be very effective if this is your first time and you kind of don’t know what to write. You can even choose between not using a prompt and using a prompt based on how your week is going. I think it is my job to tell you now that there is no wrong way two journals. Morning pages journaling is for your own mental health and it is done to improve your relationship with yourself.

Other Factors

Journaling for mental health

If you think that morning pages will help you with your mental health and journaling, you should consider looking at your fitness and nutrition activity as well. Fitness doesn’t necessarily mean 75 push-ups every day. Fitness can be as simple as taking a walk for you to calm down after your journaling. And tracking this can be highly effective in managing your mental health and seeing if it works for you. A picture is featured on the right to show you how you can insert your fitness activity. It also has a feature where you can input notes and journal your fitness.

Your food also heavily impacts how you feel and tracking this can give you a better indication of what might be triggering your emotions. Using a nutrition tracker will help you on your overall mental health journey. Using CareClinic will make it easier for you to track all of these three separate items in one quick app. You can even set up your meals and fitness activity ahead of time When you are journaling in the morning. This will help you get set for the day and encourage a better daily routine.

Journaling For Mental Health

If you are someone who struggles with anger problems journaling may be highly effective for you. Journaling for mental health slightly varies from journaling based on certain emotions . Those who struggle with anger problems cannot often define their feelings and express it with a form of anger. Journaling in the morning will help you clear your mind and effectively process your emotions. Morning pages give you the space and time for you too clear through your brain before you get started on other activities.

If you are someone who is highly or easily stressed out it is also a great opportunity for you to start journaling. If you are someone who gets highly stressed or anxious based on other people’s activities, journaling might seem difficult for you. Using journaling prompts might be effective and helpful for you. CareClinic has a variety of journaling prompts you can use on a daily basis based on your needs. This allows you to explore a variety of your emotions. You can even schedule in a journaling prompt for each day that you would like. This can help you steadily explore all of your emotions on a healthy basis.

If you are someone who doesn’t usually feel confident in your own body and have this inner critic that I mentioned earlier journaling might be very effective for you. Writing to yourself and developing a new positive mindset becomes powerful overtime. It might be very overwhelming or seem impossible when you are starting journaling. However, with discipline and consistency, it improves over time. Using a morning-page Journal will help you start off the day with the confidence and positivity you need to get through the rest of the day. You can even use the “Qualities” prompt on CareClinic. This can help you if you’re kind of in a jiffy about what to write.

Quality Time With Yourself

When you decide to Journal keep in mind that this is a time for you. Get rid of any distractions or anything that might help you lose focus. It is just you and your phone talking about how you feel in processing emotions. Morning pages serve as a Journal for your mental health but also a rock for all of your emotions. It is a form for you to rant about your life or about your screaming children. This might be an odd feature of morning pages journaling but don’t reread your journal. Write it down and just log it on your phone. The purpose of this is to make the morning pages just be a time for yourself. It isn’t meant to build on your previous reflections, it is simply a method for you to journal your feelings.

Another amazing feature of using CareClinic is that it will be on your phone. If you are afraid of someone taking a look at your journaling using this digital form will help keep these prying eyes away.

Earlier in this article, I mentioned that you shouldn’t be afraid or check for grammatical mistakes. it is also important for you to not filter yourself or alter your opinions when journaling. You can spell all of your darkest deepest secrets and feel confident that no one will be able to access them except for you. Sometimes getting caught up in a lie can be stressful and anxiety-provoking. By using a morning journal you are escaping these lies or filtered version of yourself.

Start Journaling Now

Throughout this article, I have mentioned the variety of forms of journaling that you can do. I hope from this you can gather that journaling can be highly effective for improving mental health. You can easily start journaling now by downloading CareClinic from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store now.

Start your journey to a healthier, more productive, and positive mindset now. If you want, you can even get started right now by using any of the other journaling prompts. Remember to start writing and just keep going and don’t look back. Start spring cleaning in your mind. Waking up every morning to declutter your mind and start fresh will help you improve your mental health. It is becoming increasingly tough to live in a world with chaotic news every day. So escape the world by spending some quality time with yourself.

Don’t forget consistency and discipline will be your best friends in improving your mental state. For more resources on the benefits of journaling check out our article on Wellness apps and journaling. This article reviews some of the more overlaying factors of journaling as a whole. This will be an effective article for those of you who are just starting on your journey.

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