How To Benefit From Using a Fibromyalgia Symptom Tracker

Fibromyalgia tracking app

Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition, which is characterized by widespread pain, as well as a state of general malaise. Those who are diagnosed with this condition might experience constant fatigue, sleep disturbances and mood swings. The exact cause behind fibromyalgia has yet to be found and the condition can be difficult to treat (it is rather kept under control). The CareClinic app can be used as a fibromyalgia symptom tracker in order to keep track of the experienced manifestations.

Apps help with the management of fibromyalgia

It is a known fact that the symptoms of fibromyalgia can come and go, which makes it difficult for someone to recall when these were more severe, how frequent they were and if the medication was beneficial or not.

As you will be able to use CareClinic to register your manifestations, you will no longer feel so frustrated with regard to your condition. Moreover, you will be able to form a better perspective on your health status and discover useful coping strategies. You will feel in control, acknowledging the fact that it is possible to live a life without pain.

Thanks to technology and the existence of symptom-tracking tools, you can track chronic manifestations and manage your fibromyalgia in a highly effective manner. You can even upload photos and save them in the application for further use. Moreover, you can share your health history with your doctor, using the information for changing treatments or finding a new, more efficient medication.

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What are the features of the fibromyalgia symptom tracker app?

The fibromyalgia symptom tracker app has a number of interesting features to offer. For example, it allows one to dissect the different parameters associated with chronic pain (major manifestation of fibromyalgia). Thanks to the chronic pain tracking, one can observe a pattern regarding the intensity, frequency and location of the pain (pain metrics).

The user-friendly app can also be used to track flare-ups and identify behavioral patterns. Moreover, as you will log in these flare-ups into the application, you will find it easier to identify potential triggers (and learn how to avoid them in the first place). By learning how to go around certain situations, you will no longer aggravate your condition and, thus, improve your quality of life.

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Apart from tracking your symptoms, you can keep a diary of your condition, entering additional information: mental state, health measurements (blood pressure, weight, etc.), weather influences, other symptoms, treatments and so on. Fibromyalgia is a complex condition and it is great to have such a tool, which will allow you to understand your pain history and determine whether a particular treatment works or not.

The interesting thing about the CareClinic application is that it allows you to enter as much information as you want. You can enter your medical history, make notes about environmental factors – trauma, infection, stress – that can lead to flare-ups and list your treatment solutions.

The more information you enter, the easier it will be to form an idea about your current status. You will be able to monitor behaviors, associated triggers and come up with the best strategies to make your symptoms less severe or, at least, rarer.

By sharing the accumulated information with the doctor, you will allow this specialist to provide an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment solutions.

The CareClinic health diary, a chronological recording of your condition

Fibromyalgia is a condition which is primarily characterized by chronic pain. But you should never imagine pain just appears out of the blue, without any additional manifestations. There are numerous things that can influence the severity and frequency of this pain, including weather changes, stress, and even daily activities.

Thanks to the CareClinic health diary, you can keep track of all the things that impact your pain. You can use the application entries to get a better understanding of what makes the pain worse, avoiding potential triggers. You will also learn how your body reacts to certain treatments and find more effective solutions for pain management. Basically, you will have a simple way to track your progress.

You can rely on the health diary to record additional medical problems, which might influence your fibromyalgia. For example, there are many people who suffer from depression and anxiety, presenting this condition as well.

Those who have been diagnosed with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) might present fibromyalgia as well. The diary can help you keep track of pain episodes and how intense these were, guiding the pain-relieving medication in the right direction.

CareClinic medical reminders, excellent tools against forgetfulness

Upon being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, you might begin to experience cognitive impairment and memory loss. Forgetfulness is one of the major complaints in those suffering from this chronic condition, as it prevents them from functioning normally and handling everyday activities.

The CareClinic application is not only useful for keeping track of one’s symptoms but to also to receive medical reminders. You can add medical appointments to the health calendar and receive corresponding reminders. Moreover, as fibromyalgia is a chronic illness which can be kept under control with medication, you can use these reminders to follow your treatment to the letter.

Many of those diagnosed with fibromyalgia find it difficult to remember about their medication, often skipping doses or even the treatment in its entirety.

CareClinic may be used to overcome such challenges, the app provides reminders to take various medications at specific times. One can also add the required quantity, so as to ensure that the required dose is taken.

Additional benefits to consider

A chronic condition such as fibromyalgia requires a healthy and nutritious diet. If you are already struggling with pain, memory loss and other discomforting symptoms, your diet might be the last thing to worry about. Thanks to CareClinic, you can record information about your diet and ensure that you are only eating healthy meals.

You can trust the symptom tracker to keep track of your mood, as fibromyalgia is often associated with depression, anxiety and mood swings. Once again, you can resort to the health diary to record how you are feeling and use the monthly report to identify a mood pattern.

Of course, you can also make detailed notes about how you are feeling, which will also serve to the emotional release (necessary for someone suffering from a chronic disorder).

Effective fibromyalgia management with the personalized symptom tracker

Once you have logged onto CareClinic, you can create a new post about your condition and register specific symptoms in that post. You can mention when the symptoms – for example, fatigue or forgetfulness – have occurred and rate how intense they were. You can always add new symptoms to that post or create another one, depending on the moment of the day or manifestations (flare-ups).

The fact that you can personalize your CareClinic profile is one of the biggest advantages to consider, contributing to the effective management of your condition. You can record your symptoms as they happened and use these posts as your personal health records.

These symptoms can be then connected to specific care plans or analyzed in concordance with additional medical problems, allowing for an efficient way to keep track of your medical requirements.

CareClinic Symptom Reports, providing an overview of your Chronic Illness

When a condition is described as chronic, it means that it will be present for an extended period of time or, in certain cases, throughout the entire life. The diagnosis of fibromyalgia can mean that, at some point, you might experience muscle spasms, weakness in your limbs and nerve pain. In other periods, your symptoms might include palpitations, headaches and cognitive dysfunction.

As there are so many different symptoms falling under fibromyalgia, coming and going without any warning, it can be difficult, if not impossible to keep track of them and get a general perspective on your condition. Using the CareClinic symptom tracker, you will be able to identify all of your symptoms and how they are spread over time. More importantly, thanks to the symptom reports, you will be given a clear overview of your health status.

Based on the entries regarding your symptoms, treatments and other information, you will receive health reports regarding your condition. The symptom report is particularly useful, as it can be created for every manifestation in particular. You can then notice, for example, when you felt fatigued the most and what the potential triggers behind this symptom were.

Fibromyalgia is a condition that can be kept under control

Despite extensive research, there is no specific treatment for fibromyalgia at the moment. The condition can be managed by addressing the symptoms, with medication, cognitive behavioral therapy, and nutritional supplements being among the current options.

Those who suffer from depression associated with fibromyalgia can benefit from taking antidepressants, as well as an anti-seizure medication for pain relief.

Cognitive behavioral therapy can lead to an improvement in the manifestations of fibromyalgia, as well as physical therapy which can bring relief from physical symptoms. The condition is not life-threatening but it can have a negative influence on the overall quality of life if not properly managed.

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