Mastering Diabetes by Tracking Your Urine

mastering diabetesThere are many things your urine can tell you about your health, especially when you are visiting the doctor. But one major illness it impacts is diabetes, this article will you in mastering diabetes. Let us start off by talking about what normal urine output is. You should be urinating anywhere between four to ten times a day. This equates to about once every six hours or once every two and a half hours. 

How often you pee is determined by many things like your age, your water intake, and what you drink. But it might be impacted by health related issues like diabetes or urinary tract infection. Your normal urine output will also vary if you are pregnant. 

This article will be helpful if you have been experiencing clear urine, cloudy urine, or even irregular urination timings. It explores what your urine can mean and why tracking will help you master diabetes. 

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Water Intake

The amount of water you consume regularly affects your normal urine output and other factors about your urination. There is a lot of research that suggests that there is a significant correlation between your water intake and physical disease and cognitive performance (R). 16-28% of adults are dehydrated with the elderly being at increased risk of dehydration and associated morbidities. It is essential that you start tracking your water intake to make sure you are consuming enough water. 

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There has been an increase in water bottles available in a two liter size to help you drink enough water. However that can be really hard to carry around when full. Realistically you don’t have the time or energy to carry around a water bottle that big. Just use CareClinic to track how much water you drink on the go. You can even track all the liquids and foods you are consuming to capture the true number of water you are drinking. 

Cloudy Urine

What you think of as cloudy urine can be just foam that forms if you have been holding your urine for too long. This might not be an indication of any problems. It might just happen if your urine is hitting the toilet fast enough to cause a stir in the water. It will be helpful for you to compare this foamy urine to your normal urine output levels. However, you can start tracking your symptoms on CareClinic if you notice this occurring frequently. 

As mentioned previously if your urine is clear you might be drinking too much water, but if you have foamy urine it might be an indication that you have not been drinking enough water. Tracking your water intake will be powerful for many reasons. Maintaining a healthy water intake is important for basic survival, but people usually don’t drink as much water as they should be. You should be drinking about two liters of water everyday if you are an adult.

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Cloudy urine or urine with pus can be an indicator that you have a UTI. If you have a UTI you might also experience pain or difficulty when urinating. In addition, you might face a symptom like urinating more frequently than your normal urine output. It might be hard to keep track of all of these symptoms so use CareClinic to add these symptoms. 

Clear Urine

Clear urine is usually an indication that you are drinking too much water. You might experience this when you notice that you are urinating more than your normal urine output level. However, if you have clear urine for multiple consecutive periods it is recommended that you visit a doctor. Consistent clear urine can be an indicator of diabetes, kidney problems, or pregnancy.

A doctor can run reports to determine what your underlying medical condition can be. From there you can start your treatments. It will be highly beneficial for you to start tracking your progress throughout the days to determine how your health was prior to treatment. It will also give you an indication of the progress of your illness to treatment.  

Master Diabetes

At-Risk Urine

If you have recently been diagnosed with high blood pressure, or diabetes, or are obese, it may be time you started taking control of your health. Individuals who have these illnesses are at risk of kidney diseases. It is beneficial that you start tracking important factors like your urine levels to determine how your health is doing. If you have high levels of protein or glucose in your urine your doctor may have advised you to start taking control of your health. CareClinic can help you with these measures to ensure that you empower your health. Determine what your normal urine output level is and figure out what urine factors impact your health. This tracking will help you master diabetes and empower your health.

Tracking with CareClinic

You can easily use CareClinic to track your health to maximize your wellness. The article will now explore some features of the CareClinic that will be useful to improving your health journey. 

Mastering Diabetes 

Diabetes is very common, more than 34 million people in the United States have it. 1 in 5 Americans don’t even know they have diabetes. Most people have type 2 diabetes, while a small percentage have type 1 diabetes. 

To learn more about the different types of diabetes and signs of it read our article on diabetes self care

Consistent clear urine can be an indicator of diabetes but more specifically diabetes insipidus or diabetes mellitus. Diabetes mellitus is the more common kind where individuals can have either type 1 or type 2. Diabetes insipidus is more rare and causes an imbalance of the liquids in your body (R).

Other symptoms of diabetes insipidus include extreme thirst. It could also include producing large amounts of diluted urine that might be clear. In addition, there will be a frequent need to get up to urinate during the night. Also, it might include a preference for cold drinks. 

If your condition is serious you might be urinating 19 liters a day while the normal urine output is about one to two liters a day. If you notice excessive urination like this for many days it is recommended you visit a doctor immediately. However, if you notice some of these symptoms mildly it’ll be a great idea for you to track your symptoms. Use a health tracker like CareClinic, while you wait for an appointment with your doctor so that your appointment can be a smooth process.

These symptoms may sound scary at first but CareClinic will help you along your journey so that you can master diabetes. Mastering diabetes will allow you to feel like you are in control of your body. Track your nutrition, fitness, and medication now to start mastering diabetes. 

Kidney Disease

Tracking all of your symptoms will help determine if you are at risk for kidney disease. Diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity are all risk factors of kidney diseases. If you have one of these illnesses or are at risk for, you should start tracking your health more regularly. Tracking your health on CareClinic will help you quickly catch if you are at risk for kidney disease. 

Some symptoms of kidney disease are you are more tired, you might have trouble sleeping, and you might have extremely dry skin. When the kidneys are not working properly toxins stay in your blood instead of getting filtered. This will impact you if you are obese as there is a strong link between obesity and chronic kidney disease. 

Kidney disease also impacts your urine levels and color of urine. When your kidneys are damaged it can increase your urge to urinate. If you have diabetes you should track your normal urination output rate. This will help you quickly determine if you are at risk for a kidney disease (R).

Another symptom of kidney disease is persistent puffiness around your eyes. If you visit a doctor they might tell you that you have protein in your urine which is an early sign that the kidneys’ filters have been damaged. The puffiness around your eyes can be caused by this large amount of protein in the urine.

If you have diabetes, or you are obese, or you have high blood pressure start tracking now with CareClinic to take control of your health. 


Mastering diabetes might mean that you have to change up your diet to incorporate or eliminate certain foods.Master Diabetes Tracking your nutrition is a large part of figuring out what works for you and what doesn’t. Mastering diabetes does not equate to you having to give up all of your favorite foods, especially if you track your nutrition.  

You can easily use CareClinic as a tool to track your meals and measure what food groups they belong to. The search bar has a variety of foods you can add to your nutrition feature on the app. Some people who have diabetes need to eat at the same time each day. If you need to eat at the same time everyday, having an app to measure and track your meals will be an easy checklist. 

Meticulously planning your food intake can be hard at first, but it doesn’t need to be with the app. The app allows you to input the food you consume and it’s macronutrient breakdown. This is important because tracking carbohydrates is a large aspect of diabetes. Adding information about your carbohydrates will help you master diabetes. 

Carbohydrate counting helps monitor the glucose levels in your body as carbs turn into glucose which will impact your body. CareClinic is the easiest way for you to input your nutrition for you to track your food intake. 

Tracking carbohydrates and other proteins you consume will allow for a quicker understanding of your urine tests as well. As mentioned previously urine tests are done for people with diabetes to look for things like possible kidney problems or other screening purposes. 


Mastering DiabetesIf you have type 2 diabetes consistently working and incorporating fitness if your routine will help you manage blood sugar levels. Using CareClinic to track your fitness will help you track the activities you do. 

The American Diabetes Association suggests that people should be getting at least 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity per week. If you don’t regularly exercise, making a fitness plan can be tough and time consuming. But with CareClinic’s easy to use fitness feature, you can easily track your exercise. Tracking your fitness will also allow you to see if you are balancing your workouts. With age, you usually lose muscle mass which results in loss in strength. Balance training is key to maximizing your fitness activity. (R)

You can quickly search the workouts you complete and add the number of sets you did. You can also refine the notes to include how you felt during these workouts. If you are pre-diabetic, tracking your fitness activity can help you determine if you are improving through time. It is easy to lose sight of your progress when you are in the middle of the storm.

Start exercising but start at your own pace and build it up from there. Tracking your progress will be very enjoyable especially if you track your nutrition as well. This will allow the app to generate reports and show you your success. 

Take control of your health one workout at a time. CareClinic has a dropdown menu of many exercises you can choose from. Master diabetes through consistent fitness, because even little changes make big differences. 

Track Medication

CareClinic has a great selection of medication and pills you can choose from if you want to track your medication. Tracking medication is important and easier than ever. CareClinic has generic and name brand medications that you can choose from. 

Patients with type 2 diabetes have the option to use pills to manage their diabetes. However, these pills work best when used with meal planning and exercise. This might be a lot to take in at first and can be made easier with a tracking app like CareClinic. Medication, exercise, and a healthy diet must be incorporated all together to lower your glucose levels. In order to sustain this lifestyle it is advised that you start tracking to maintain these levels.  

In addition, CareClinic has a feature to let you track your insulin intakes as well. This will truly help you in mastering diabetes so that you can live longer with diabetes.


Symptoms are a great feature on CareClinic for you to track your urine. This will be especially important for those who have been warned of any potential health risks like diabetes. But it can also be a great indication of how your health is doing overall. Tracking your urine will help you determine a normal urine output level that is personalized to your body. 

If you are pre-diabetic or are think you are at risk for any of the illnesses mentioned in this article you can track your symptoms. If you don’t think you are at risk or even if you want to track everything you are feeling before your doctor’s appointment, start tracking to help the process. You can track a variety of symptoms on CareClinic, and the reports may be able to find correlations that you did not notice before. In addition, this will make it smoother when you visit the doctor as you will have your list of symptoms ready. This will help you and your doctor focus your appointment on communicating about your possible treatments. 

CareClinic Reports

CareClinic can provide you with the best reports that are updated often to determine what is working for you. These reports will be a combination of all your entries to create useful insights for you. These insights will help you discover more about your health. The reports will give you a rough update about your normal urine outputs and see if it correlates to any other key factors like diabetes. 

If your goal is mastering diabetes, then you can easily monitor and master through these reports. These reports will discover correlations between some of your health factors. You can even take it a step farther and share your reports with your Care Team. This will be a great way for you and your loved ones to see you master your health. 

Tracking Urine

Whether you have clear urine or are facing not normal urine output levels you can track your urine on CareClinic. This will help you determine what you might be facing. CareClinic is easy to download in the Apple App store or Google Play store or wherever you download your apps. Most people only track things that go into their body that impact their health like medications, but your output levels matter too. 

Your Care Team

Your Care Team is your support group with whom you can share your health journey. Incorporating your loved ones into your health journey no longer needs to be a difficult conversation. It can easily be a quick upload to your CareClinic app, this will allow your loved ones to have access to data you want to share. 

CareClinic safely stores your information and shares it to those you select in your Care Team. This can include anyone you want like your friends or family. CareClinic will safely share your private reports with members of your care team. Your members can receive email notifications once you take your medications and if you forget they can gently remind you.

You can also use the care team feature as a way to create a buddy system. You can even make your fitness into a healthy competition between you and your care team. Have a weekly game to see who can walk the most or who can keep a longer exercise streak. This buddy system has proven to be highly effective and it can help you feel like you are not alone in your health journey.  

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