A Weight Tracker App Can Speed Up Your Weight Goals

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According to the World Health Organization, in the past 30 years, the rate of obesity has almost tripled. Worldwide, there are 1.9 billion adults, aged over 18, who are overweight (2016). Obesity affects 650 million people, increasing the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and premature death. Children are equally affected by obesity, with 41 million children, under the age of 5, suffering from such health problems. (R)

The most important thing to remember is that obesity is preventable. In order for one to lose weight, lifestyle changes are required. This means maintaining a caloric-controlled diet, as well as maintaining a  level of physical activity and additional factors (stress, sleep deprivation, alcohol, smoking, etc.). Self-monitoring of one’s health goals is the first step in reaching weight goals, this can be done by using a weight tracker app which can handle all of the inputs above rather than just being a diary where you list your daily weight. (R)

Using a Weight Tracker App to Improve Outcomes

If you want to escape excess weight and return to a healthy figure, you might want to use CareClinic as your weight track app. Available on both iOS and Android, the application is free and it allows you to log your weight as frequently as you might want to.

In addition, you can enter other useful measurements, such as your body fat percentage, BMI, blood pressure and blood sugar levels. You can mention your muscle percentage and water content, as well as the hip and waist circumference. All of these elements will help you track your weight loss progress and achieve your ultimate goal of returning to a healthy body.

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A weight log helps you become more aware of your body and the need to lose weight

Upon trusting CareClinic’s health app as your weight log, you will finally be able to see how your weight changed over a period of time. In consequence, you will become more aware of your body and the need to lose weight, taking the necessary measures.

The application records and saves all of your weight-related information, providing monthly reports about your general health. The report includes comprehensive graphs and diagrams so that you can easily follow what is happening with regard to your weight. Moreover, the weight tracking process will stimulate you to pursue your weight loss endeavors.

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Tracking weight can actually help you get rid of excess weight

Studies have confirmed that, upon using a daily weight tracker, you are more likely to lose weight. Seeing your weight records, you will be able to identify the reasons that led to weight gain and act accordingly. Apart from that, you will feel more motivated to get into shape, sticking to your diet and increasing the levels of physical activity.

A weight log app, such as the one of CareClinic, can help you keep accurate track of your nutrition habits and making changes wherever it is necessary. You can trust the application to count calories and, thus, pay more attention to your daily food intake. Reminders can be set, so that you do not exceed the intended amount of calories in a day.

By relying on CareClinic as your weight loss diary, you can organize a personalized weight loss plan and set goals to be achieved in this direction. Of course, the application can also be used to gain or maintain current weight. It allows for an effective analysis of your current nutritional habits, with quick progress visualization and daily nutrition summaries.

Within the weight app, you can log your weight progress, as well as daily physical activities that contribute to your weight loss efforts. CareClinic helps you get in shape in a manner that is both safe and sustainable. It allows you to control your body weight and identify diet changes that could be beneficial with this regard.

From the Current weight to the desired goal

Once you have decided to use a weight tracker, the next obvious step would be to enter your weight on a regular basis. It is recommended to enter your values at the same time of the day, preferably in the morning, before having breakfast. This will offer the most accurate measurement, allowing you to concentrate on your weight loss efforts.

Within the weight log app, you can set the desired weight and go from there, making changes to your diet and becoming more physically active. Do not opt for exaggerated weight loss, but rather choose a goal that is healthy and corresponding to your gender, height and age. In this way, you will prepare yourself for a realistic outcome and enjoy your progress.

The free weight tracker offered through the CareClinic health app serves as a great motivational reminder for anyone who is trying to lose weight. It is also useful that you can access this information at any moment you might desire so that you can easily review your weight goals and reduce the risk of giving into temptations. (R)

The constant documentation of your weight will prevent you from maintaining the same eating habits – late night snacks, fast food instead of actual meals, too much sugar in your coffee, etc. Moreover, as you will see your weight loss goals gradually being achieved, you will be even more motivated to continue in the same direction.

Even since the first days of your diet, CareClinic’s body weight tracker app will motivate you not to give up. It will show your weight fluctuations and help you identify factors that prevent you from losing weight or, on the contrary, things that actually help. As soon as you will have finished your diet and reached your goals, you can keep on using the application for weight management.

Recognizing weight gain fast and acting accordingly

Thanks to the frequent weight recording, you will be able to recognize weight gain as a potential problem and act accordingly. CareClinic can be used as a highly-effective weight tracking app, so that you can keep your weight under control and identify weight changes that could pose health risks.

In recording your weight within the application, keep in mind that there are fluctuations that can influence your values. For example, menstruation and hormonal changes, in general, can lead to weight fluctuations (the latter including in men). It is advisable to weigh yourself a few times a week or even daily, without obsessing on the actual weight and rather concentrating on lifestyle changes that could be made. (R)

Body fat percentage and other important elements to consider

CareClinic’s health app can be used, among many other things, as a fat tracker app. You can rely on it, in order to keep track of your body fat percentage, identifying changes that have occurred. Why is this element so important? The answer is simple. It can easily show you if your diet is working or not. (R)

The same goes for any other measurement that could be related to the weight gain process. You can record muscle percentage within the application, paying close attention to any changes. When people lose weight all of a sudden, this can lead to muscle loss and degradation. On the other hand, by losing weight gradually and through a diet & workout combo, you will not suffer from such changes.

Obesity is often linked with an increased risk of high blood pressure and diabetes. For this reason, if you have decided to lose weight, you should not forget to enter your blood pressure and blood sugar values as well. CareClinic can definitely be perceived as the best weight tracker, in the sense that it offers a wide perspective of everything related to your weight and health in general.

By keeping track of your weight, body fat and muscle percentage, blood sugar and blood pressure, you will be forced to turn to a much healthier lifestyle and enjoy weight loss success on a long term basis. CareClinic can be used as an excellent weight loss chart app, allowing you to document your progress and stay on the right track.

As you will keep on weighing yourself and discovering new solutions for losing weight, the application will serve as a reminder that you are doing great. An online weight tracker, such as the one offered through CareClinic, can motivate you in sticking to your diet and also stimulate you in opting for physical activities that will help you lose even more weight and achieve your goals.

Tracking nutrients for the best possible health

When it comes to weight apps for Android or iOS, CareClinic stands at the top of the list. This is because it allows you to fight the weight gain problem from multiple angles. For example, did you know that you can use it to record your daily intake of micro- and macronutrients?

Micronutrients include vitamins and minerals, which are highly essential for a healthy lifestyle. Macronutrients, on the other hand, include the major food groups, meaning proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Upon starting a weight loss diet, you need to make sure that you still get enough micro- and macronutrients. And you can use CareClinic as your weight loss record app, including when it comes to such matters. (R)

Smartphone applications help with weight loss

Smartphone applications, such as CareClinic, have been known to help people with weight monitoring. When you use the app as your faithful weight loss progress tracker, you can clearly see if you are following the right diet and if you are engaging in adequate physical activities. Moreover, you will be given feedback about your weight loss/maintenance endeavors.

The usage of a daily weight loss tracker encourages one to change his/her eating habits and health behavior in general. You will find it easier to increase the level of physical activity and also to improve the quality of your food. As you will celebrate each small milestone, losing weight gradually, you will be even more stimulated to change your lifestyle and engage in healthy behaviors.

CareClinic can be trusted as a free weight loss tracker app, helping you opt for changes that in turn will improve your weight control. The application allows for easy self-monitoring, which is known to be beneficial with regard to weight loss. It plays an important role in the weight loss process and remains just as essential when it comes to weight maintenance. (R)

Obesity and its health risks

Being overweight or obese is associated with a number of health risks. The most common ones include type-2 diabetes, atherosclerosis, and cancer. However, obese people are also at risk of developing fatty liver disease and kidney disease, as well as osteoarthritis, sleep apnea and stroke. Premature death is often associated with obesity.

Pregnant women are at risk of weight gain, especially if they do not pay attention to their diet. It is important for them to follow a healthy diet and not eat for two, as this is a misconception. Obesity in mothers can affect the healthy development of the baby, so a moderate diet is a must.

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