How To Make a Self Care Plan

The benefits of maintaining a self-care plan are highly beneficial for one’s health and life goals. To learn more about Why you need a self care planning app click here. Below we share the story of Arun which chronicles his journey using CareClinic and how it has benefited him.

Create Your Self Care Plan

Care Plan

Arun had many health problems and a very complex medication regimen that he had to adhere to, he was also told to keep a log of his chronic pain.

Aside from his medical issues, he wanted to just “just live his life”. Arun decided to create a self-care plan that encompassed the essentials, such as medication adherence but also take it a step further and add things such as exercise, his hobbies, and his other dietary goals to improve his overall quality of life.

Brainstorm Self-care Activities

He addressed this by dividing his goals into Physical, Emotional, Social and Work.

Under physical he put in the exercise regimen he had learned about called “Body by science” and all of its exercises. After analyzing his data he realized his happiness levels peaked on the days he had physical activities. He decided to act on this information by adding additional physical activities to his care plan such as going for walks when the weather is nice and taking the stairs instead of escalators when he could. Arun says it’s the little things like these that helped him optimize his happiness for the better.

From an emotional perspective, Arun decided to add more “me time” in the evenings and to maintain a gratitude journal.

He went on to add social aspects such as keeping in touch with his family and friends and making sure to call them at least once a week along with spending more time with his family on the weekends.

For work, Arun decided that he wanted to pursue more meaningful work and that he wanted to cultivate a more positive relationship with co-workers and decided that he should stay back and go out with his colleagues after work at least once every two weeks.

Reflect. Examine. Replace

results chartsOver the course of three months, Arun tweaked and recorded his self-care plan to what was actually helping him become a much happier person. Now, Arun can not only easily see what he needs to get done by looking at his care plan but he knows how much impact each modality will create.

He may then try to maximize the items he has listed for himself in them. His happiness level has been sustained at an average of 8.35 for the last 2 months.

Self care helps relationships. Self care makes you more efficient. Self care helps you prevent burnout. You can build your own self care plan and track your progress towards it with CareClinic, click here to begin.