Diabetes Management Patient Support App

We are creating an open patient support platform to provide Diabetes support, education, and activation for patients.

Patients, our partners in life science and research are joining in.

What we provide for Diabetes: Education, Activation & Support

  • An open platform to support people living with Diabetes
  • CareClinic already enables thousands of patients monthly to proactively manage their health along with other comorbidities
  • CareClinic For Diabetes: A pathway that will be customized for Diabetes
  • CareClinic App for Diabetes will provide patient support with tested and proven medications and disease management functionality already present in the App
  • The additional customization will engage patients and lead to patients using the app several times a day for better care
  • Diabetes specific educational content and tools can be included by academia, pharma, and DTx to provide greater support to patients

CareClinic: The Core Patient App

  • The patient-centric app is used by over 250,000 patients globally
  • The app itself is opened on average 3 times a day
  • High engagement is a result of constant iteration (6000+) and being tested on over 50+ cross-platform devices, online and offline
  • High redundancy built-in for data to be securely saved, synced, and backed up remotely and to provide a meaningful experience for low bandwidth patients
  • Trackers built to provide the ability to track any disease, medication, symptom, measurements, physical activities, and nutrition
  • Modules built to provide the ability for remote caregivers to monitor patient health, store vaccination records, labs and reports, and appointments

CareClinic: For Diabetes App

  • Additional value can be provided by CareClinic for disease-specific apps. We provide additional apps for: Chronic Pain, IBS, Migraines, Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and are set to launch an additional 4 by the 2022-year end.
  • All apps have been well received when we started providing disease-specific pathways on top of the CareClinic Core Patient App
  • The disease-specific apps provide additional education, disease-specific built-in tools, and inspiration that is needed to engage people living with Diabetes

Diabetes Patient Support App: Why Us?

Creating a digital therapeutic has its own set of unique needs. Patients prefer to use a platform that provides educational content, a community, and disease-specific tools in a simple app so they can quickly record what is needed and go on with their life. We have noticed that many people are unwilling to input information into industry-sponsored offerings. The reasons may be lack of trust, privacy and or that the offering itself is not comprehensive and engaging enough for a patient to use day today. although many companies in the life science industry provide excellent support around specific treatments, the offerings fail to provide the array of support that the patient is expecting.

It’s in our approach

There are unmet needs of patients that patients are filling with our Core Patient App. We do this by being patient-centric. We have built CareClinic in a truly modular way allowing patients to pick the modules, trackers, and integrations they want — based on their unique life challenges. Many times patients have been using multiple apps if they are managing multiple comorbidities or other health-related issues. People do not have the time to shift around to multiple apps for many minor requirements, instead when a patient is provided with an app that provides everything they require on an as-needed basis, they are more inclined to be better engaged.

We Improve Engagement: The key to higher adherence, patient education, and activation

  • CareClinic is constantly evolving and deploying improvements — A departure from one-and-done approaches of the past
  • CareClinic’s modularity and built-in tools approach means tailored support and education
  • The breadth of support that can be provided is unrivaled by minimal patient apps that fail to keep users active on the platform

What does it mean for you?

  • Beyond providing support for patients, we can partner with Pharma and Biotech
  • We reduce the time needed to build your own costly offering from the ground up, do not reinvent the wheel!
  • We provide core functionality including medication reminders and daily measurement tracking
  • Educational content regarding medication and wellness tips
  • Modules to export, store and share information with the patients’ care team
  • Ability to track measurements, symptoms, activity, nutrition, and therapies

Have your patients click and stick

  • Design content with our editorial team that will keep patients engaged
  • Help patients engage in healthy habit change for better outcomes
  • Provide relevant content to patients where they already are
  • Gain real-world quantitative data from patients regarding behavior and attitudes
  • Run surveys, analyze medication adherence, and use qualitative data on your patient population
  • Progress towards ISO 13485 certification means that we can provide medical device grade apps

Get in touch

  • Contact us now if you would like to learn more about CareClinic for Diabetes
  • Redefine your patient support program quickly with us.