Migraine Headache Patient Support App

CareClinic delivers on patient engagement and helps simplify the deployment of programs for patients such as PSPS or patient education programs.

There are a few metrics that every stakeholder needs to confirm before picking a solution:

  1. Is the platform robust and scalable?
  2. Does the platform provide insights on patient behavior?
  3. Does the platform provide enough value for the patient to be fully engaged?

The Modern Solution Patients Love

In the past patient support, programs were expensive and done for expensive drugs. They required expertise with months of lead time and successful execution. Each program was custom and the solutions were hard to scale. CareClinic provides a robust “core layer” for medication management, patient education, and activation that is capable of handling modules based on different diseases and treatments. With the launch of CareClinic: For Migraines we provide a specific design methodology as it pertains to migraine interventions. The concept of designing a custom solution is as easy as selecting the desired module for migraine management and shipping right away with rapid feedback from users within a few weeks!

Why CareClinic: For Migraine Headaches

  1. Proven Engagement for Patients
  2. Regulatory Expertise
  3. Scale Globally
  4. Customizable
  5. Low Barriers to Patient Access

CareClinic: For Migraines is powered by the same underlying technology that powers the CareClinic: For Patients App which is a generic app downloaded now by over 1,000,000 patients globally to manage diseases. The CareClinic: For Migraines is a new solution that builds on the existing framework of CareClinic with a migraine and headache personalization module to provide a solution that is scalable and robust to power patient support without the extended lead time, planning, or cost that you may expect to pay.

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