Reasons You Should Use a Endometriosis Symptom Tracker

The female reproductive system is perhaps one of the most productive compared to the other parts of the body. And with that, there are some diseases which are inevitable. One of which is endometriosis. This occurs when the tissue that lines the uterus also shows up on the other parts such as the Fallopian tubes, ovaries, ligaments, anterior and posterior cul-de-sac, and tissues lining the pelvis.

There are also cases when the endometrial tissue sticks to the intestines, rectum, bladder, vagina, cervix, vulva and abdominal surgery scars. During each menstrual cycle, the displaced endometrial tissue continues to thicken, break down and bleed. Since this issue doesn’t have a way out of the body, it becomes trapped.

There are some cases in which endometriosis involves the ovaries and cysts form. The surrounding tissue becomes irritated and develops scar tissue, which are abnormal bands of fibrous tissue that causes pelvic tissues and organs to adhere to each other.

Endometriosis affects 1 in 10 women during their reproductive age ranging from 15 to 49. This is approximately 176 million women in the world. It is one of the top three causes of female infertility.  This disease can only be fully diagnosed by having a laparoscopy and a pathology confirmation of biopsy specimens. A gynecologist may also suggest an ultrasound, CT scan or an MRI see the structures.

The disease is also classified into different stages such as minimal, mild, moderate and severe. These stages are based on the extent of the spread of the endometrial tissue; the involvement of the pelvic structures; the extent of pelvic adhesion; and the blockage of the Fallopian tubes. The level of pain does not coincide with the stage because there are some women who may still be in stage 1 yet experience excruciating pain already.

In most cases, women experience a decade long delay until they are accurately diagnosed with endometriosis. In the US, this disease costs over $87 billion annually in medical costs and work productivity.  Aside from its physical ailments, this disease can also impact a lot on all aspects of life such as education, career, relationship and the overall well-being of a woman.

What causes Endometriosis?

Like most severe conditions, the exact cause of endometriosis cannot be pinpointed. But after several studies, medical experts have come up with possible explanations of this disease:

  • Induction theory – researchers propose that immune factors or hormones promote the transformation of the peritoneal cell into endometrial cells
  • Retrograde menstruation – this happens when the menstrual blood which contains endometrial cells pass back to the Fallopian tubes instead of outside the body. The displaced endometrial cells adhere to the pelvic walls and organs in which they continue to grow, thicken and bleed.
  • Surgical scar implantation –  C-section or hysterectomy may have the endometrial cells adhere to the incision area
  • Embryonic cell transformation – Estrogen plays a major role in transforming embryonic cells into endometrial cells
  • Immune system disorder – if there is a problem within the immune system, the body may fail to check and destroy the endometrial tissue outside the uterus

This condition causes discomfort and severe pain commonly during your period. In other cases, fertility problems arise. On a lighter note, there are actually effective treatments available especially when you are able to track the symptoms through your Android or iPhone with CareClinic.

Symptoms can be tracked and monitored

Endometriosis is mainly characterized by pelvic pain that is often associated with the monthly period.  Some women experience cramping during the menstrual period but those with endometriosis have worse pain that tends to increase over time. This condition has these signs and symptoms:

  • Dysmenorrhea – cramping and pelvic pain may be felt before and the entire menstrual period. Back pain is also bound to happen.
  • Pain during or after intercourse
  • Pain with urination or bowel movements
  • Menorrhagia (heavy menstrual periods) or menometrorrhagia (bleeding between periods)
  • Infertility
  • Other symptoms may include diarrhea, constipation, fatigue, nausea, bloating

The severity of pain is not a reliable indicator of the extent of the condition. Some women may have mild pain but have advanced endometriosis. The condition is also challenging to diagnose as it can also be confused with pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), ovarian cysts, or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

In the worst cases, IBS can accompany endometriosis and make the diagnosis very complicated. For the record, a lot of women are misdiagnosed which leads to wrong treatment. That is why health apps have been created to make sure every little detail of what you are experiencing will be recorded and relayed to the medical professional right away.

Having an endometriosis symptom tracker app makes everything convenient especially when it comes to monitoring the disease. CareClinic sees to it that all data you input in it becomes stored and printed out right before your next doctor’s appointment.

Works Well On Mobile or the Web

The Android or iOS app helps in tracking menstrual cramps, pelvic pain and all other symptoms associated with endometriosis. What makes this health app great is that you can also include the degree and location of the pain experienced.

If your physician needs you to take continuous hormone medications, you can log invaluable information into this handy endometriosis pain diary. The app sends notifications as to what exact time and dosage you need to take these pills. Charting is also possible, so the app can also be used as a reliable period tracker.

Risk factors of Endometriosis

Not all women get this disease. Though there are several factors which put you on a higher risk in developing endometriosis such as:

  • The menstrual period starts at an early age
  • Menopause starts at a much older age
  • Never giving birth
  • Short menstrual cycles
  • Higher levels of estrogen
  • Low BMI (body mass index)
  • Family medical history of endometriosis
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Uterine abnormalities

Endometriosis is not a disease that happens overnight. This develops several years after menarche. When you become pregnant, the signs and symptoms end temporarily. At menopause, everything ends permanently, unless you are taking in estrogen. The disease is also linked to two major complications such as infertility and ovarian cancer. When you suspect that you might have the disease, consulting a physician is the best thing to do.

Treatment Options for Endometriosis

When the doctor already confirms that you have endometriosis, medications are usually prescribed. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications such as Ibuprofen help in alleviating the pain caused by this condition. Medications affecting hormones such as oral contraceptive pills are also given.

Gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) agonists put you in a temporary menopause state to curb the symptoms of endometriosis. Other doctors let their patients have acupuncture or a change in diet to treat the symptoms rather than the possible cause.

If all else fails, minimally invasive laparoscopic excision surgery is the best treatment option. A specialist performs this to remove or burn endometriosis lesions outside the uterus. Scar tissues are also eradicated so that the reproductive organs can go back to their normal locations in the area of the pelvis. Surgery has been proven to alleviate the pain associated with endometriosis. This procedure also helps in making women become pregnant.

Then again, each woman is different. What may work for one, may not for the other. Each patient will benefit differently from each treatment. It is vital for patients to work hand in hand with her physician and create a possible, effective pain management strategy that works best.

Tracking & Monitoring a healthy reproductive system with CareClinic

Women, unlike men,  undergo menstrual period and even the capacity to become pregnant. A lot is on the plate and thus requires women to be healthy at all times. With CareClinic, you can say goodbye to forgotten pills and medications. This health app is one of the most reliable in terms of performance.

You can record your monthly period in the app as well as input signs and symptoms if you suspect that you have endometriosis. After having gone for a check-up, your specialist will advise you to track the symptoms, such as pelvic pain during your menstruation. The intensity of the pain may also be recorded so that it will be easy to formulate an appropriate treatment plan or therapy for your case.

Aside from symptoms, the health app can also send reminders through push notifications and vibrating alerts. So there is no reason why you cannot follow your health regimen. You may scan the bar code of your prescription and it will automatically be populated and stored in the app. This will serve as a basis when your doctor will adjust your treatment plan along the way.

Certain medications are needed to be taken at the same time each day as well as using the correct dosage. CareClinic helps patients adhere strictly to their medications making it the best companion to treating endometriosis. This app does not only send reminders but also acts as a health diary in which all measurements regarding your health status will be saved.

At the end of the month, all of the data you saved daily can then be converted into a printed report which you can share with your doctor. Being responsible enough to track everything every day will only make things easier for you and your doctor. CareClinic does not only help promote a healthy reproductive system but life in general.

If you would like to get started tracking your health symptoms, sign up to CareClinic by clicking here.


The Benefits of using a Pregnancy Journal

Finding out that you are pregnant represents indeed a wonderful piece of news. However, as soon as you have gone through the instant feeling of happiness, you might begin to realize that things are going to change, quite a lot and really fast.

A pregnancy tracking app can be more helpful than you might imagine, starting with the fact that it will allow you to record pregnancy symptoms and test results. The one thing you have to remember is that such applications should not be considered as a substitute for professional medical advice; all questions and concerns should be discussed with the physician observing the pregnancy.

Effective Pregnancy Tracking Can Make All the Difference

CareClinic is a health app that can help you record every detail regarding your pregnancy so that you feel more in control and track both your baby’s development and your own health. It is focused on your health rather than specifically on the one of the baby, but you can record information about you both.

What kind of information can you enter within the application? Well, you can make separate entries for each of your examinations. You can add health measurements, such as the blood pressure (R), weight and urine analysis. Aside from the actual examinations, you can record symptoms, such as nausea, headaches, swollen feet and specific details about contractions (if these are present).

In the advanced and final stages of pregnancy, the application can be successfully used to keep track of contractions. You can record the intensity and duration of each contraction, as well as the intervals between them. This information will definitely come in handy upon arriving at the hospital or birth center.

The application can be used to record details on the baby, including his/her position in the uterus, heartbeat and baby movements. You can mention if you experienced spotting or bleeding, as well as record the results of various tests (pelvic and breast exams, pap smear, blood tests and so on).

As the pregnancy advances, you might find it hard to keep track of everything. You can rely on CareClinic as your go-to pregnancy tracker app, recording your daily meals, levels of physical activity and even potential questions to ask your doctor.

Why should you consider using a pregnancy tracking app?

The first and most important reason is that you will allow you to stay organized during your pregnancy when things can easily get out of hand. For example, you can use CareClinic to record your treatments, including prenatal vitamins and other supplements.

You can set up separate reminders for each of your supplements so that you make sure you take them on time. There is also a snooze feature, which will keep on sending friendly reminders in case of missed doses. Speaking about medication, you can record which drugs are safe to take and which are not recommended during pregnancy. The same goes for supplements or even food.

The application allows you to add an entire team of caregivers; you can add your partner to the application and, thus, keep track of the pregnancy together.

The pregnancy journal will help you record your symptoms and, in case of red flags, to be able to share the logged data with your physician. It is great to have an application that helps you monitor your body changes and know what to expect; more importantly, you can educate yourself on normal changes and potentially worrying signs.

Aside from the actual recording of pregnancy symptoms, CareClinic has a practical side. You can use it to create a checklist of baby items to be purchased, as well as a separate one for the hospital bag and its contents. Having such a useful application will give you a sense of comfort and it will help you prepare for the pregnancy.

Express Your Emotions in Your Pregnancy Journal

The hormonal changes associated with pregnancy can cause you to become quite emotional. You might be laughing one minute and cry rivers the next. By keeping a journal during such difficult times, you will definitely feel better. CareClinic allows you to record journal entries and release some of the tension, reducing the risk of depression, stress (R) or anxiety during pregnancy. It represents a great option for pregnant women, allowing them to express how they really feel, without fearing they will be judged.

This feature is more important than you might imagine. Think about the fact that pregnancy brings a major change in your life. Combined with the actual physical changes, it is only normal to experience a carousel of emotions and feel quite stressed. A pregnancy journal can take some of that stress away, allowing your pregnancy to progress and the baby to develop in a healthy manner.

Within the application, you can record other solutions that might relieve stress and anxiety. You can organize an entire list of choices, including guided meditation, relaxation techniques, stress management, anxiety release, yoga, and even counseling, if necessary. If you have decided to go to therapy, you can schedule reminders for your appointments (as well as for any other kind of appointment).

An App Designed to Help You Stay Healthy During Your Pregnancy

Women are blessed with the chance to have a baby. They go through a difficult time in those nine months, so it is essential that they take really good care of themselves. CareClinic is more than a pregnancy journal, it is a comprehensive app that makes the whole pregnancy experience easier to bare.

It serves as an excellent food tracker, allowing women to pursue healthy eating (R). The app can send reminders for prenatal vitamins and it can also be used to monitor sleep, as well as to identify potential triggers of insomnia. Women can keep track of their own health and enjoy a beautiful period before they become mothers.

Why should you monitor your pregnancy?

Even if you are going to the doctor for regular checkups, it cannot hurt to keep track of your pregnancy as well. For example, you can use CareClinic to record your blood pressure and identify any high values (as well as potential triggers). Did you know that high blood pressure affects 10% of all pregnancies, increasing the risk of preeclampsia? With self-monitoring, you can keep such risks at a minimum.

Preeclampsia (R) is a complication of pregnancy, which is mainly defined by dangerous blood pressure values and severe edema. It is essential to be aware of the fact that this complication can cause harm to the baby, affecting its growth, leading to respiratory distress and early birth. You can use the application to record potential risk factors – history of high blood pressure, pre-existing conditions – and share all of this information with your doctor.

There is another reason for which you should consider using an application to monitor your pregnancy. As you are clearly aware, pregnancy comes with physiological changes. Some of these changes will lead to modified test results but, more importantly, some might be suggestive of complications. By keeping track of all manifestations, you can educate yourself and know from the start when a red flag has appeared.

Red flags (R) refer to abnormal changes occurring during your pregnancy. These can help you opt for early detection of genetic disorders and decide on your options. There are certain signs that suggest a pregnancy is not healthy, such as vaginal bleeding, severe abdominal pain, headaches accompanied by blurry vision, fever, breathing difficulties and a general state of weakness.

Emergency intervention is required in such cases. Thanks to pregnancy tracking, you will be able to recognize that something is not right and go to the hospital before it is too late. Severe bleeding must be addressed immediately, as there is a high risk of shock due to anemia and consequent death.

Pregnant women are advised to take a lot of supplements, as these have to cover the increased nutritional needs of a growing baby (and prevent potential nutritional deficits of the mother). However, brain fog is a common occurrence during this period, so you might forget to take some and even all of your supplements.

The friendly reminders sent by CareClinic can help in this department as well. For instance, you can set up a reminder for your iron supplement, which is often necessary during pregnancy (prevention of anemia). The same goes for other supplements – folate, calcium, magnesium, zinc – and for your prenatal vitamins.

With regard to the diet, you are clearly conscious that you will have to eat only high-quality foods, ensuring the necessary intake of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. A healthy diet is crucial not only for your baby’s development but also for your own well-being.

Thanks to CareClinic, you can keep a watchful eye on your diet and make sure that you are eating only healthy foods. You can keep track of the sugar intake, for example, in order to reduce the risk of gestational diabetes and other pregnancy complications. The diet can influence maternal risks, including hypertension and preeclampsia.

During pregnancy, it is normal to gain weight but this does not mean you should not pay attention to your diet. You have to consume the recommended amount of calories and not eat for two, as this can lead to excessive weight gain and complicate the pregnancy. A combination of healthy eating and active lifestyle is ideal in all cases, including when you are pregnant.

Speaking about physical exercise, you can rely on CareClinic to record your levels of physical activity. If the pregnancy is otherwise healthy and there are no contraindications with regard to physical exercise, you can stay active until the due date.

The doctor will monitor both you and the baby, in order to make sure that everything is fine. You should not hesitate to practice your favorite sports, as long as it is safe. If you are not the active type, consider walking or swimming, as these offer complete workouts. Staying active during your pregnancy reduces the risk of obesity and gestational diabetes (R).

A health app updated in accordance with your needs

CareClinic has a sleek interface, being easy to use and allowing you to record all of your pregnancy-related information in one place. It is the kind of application that offers a wealth of benefits, helping you concentrate on your health and general well-being.

Upon using this application, you will definitely be impressed with its design and high level of functionality. It is a useful application for expecting parents, tracking every detail related to the pregnancy.

To get started tracking your 9-month journey, we encourage you to get started by signing up here.