Setting Healthy Goals for the New Year

setting healthy goals

It takes a tremendous amount of work each and every day to set and achieve our health goals. When setting goals for our health, it is important that we are first honest with ourselves with regards to our strengths, weaknesses and preferences.…

Habit Tracker Ideas: How Can I Keep Track of My Old and New Habits?

habit tracker ideas

There comes a point in our lives where we hope to change a particular pattern or behaviour about ourselves so that we become more productive, successful, or healthy. We can do this by recognizing our current behaviors or habits that are less ideal, by replacing them with ones that are better suited to our overall health.

Menopause Tracker App: Track Menopausal Transition and Erratic Periods

menopause tracker A woman’s body experiences many changes throughout the course of her life. One of the biggest and natural biological changes is when she enters menopause. Menopause is defined by the complete stop of a woman’s menstrual cycle, it is diagnosed when a menstrual cycle has not occurred for 12 months – the final menstrual period.…

Fever Tracker App: Monitor Symptoms, Medications, Temperature

fever tracker

Does your child have a fever? Are you experiencing flu symptoms? Do you remember when your fever or symptoms started? When was your last dose of medication and what was your body temperature? A fever tracker app like CareClinic can help you monitor your symptoms and track your medications.…

Addiction Recovery App: Sobriety Tracker to Remain Accountable

addiction recovery app

Addiction is a chronic mental disorder characterized by compulsive drug or substance seeking, consistent and frequent use despite harmful consequences, and long-term changes to the brain/nervous system. Addiction is a complex brain disorder, medical and mental illness. This mental disorder is the most severe form of substance use disorder.…

Track Water Intake: Log Your Water Consumption Easily

track water intake

Water makes up about 60 percent of your body weight. Every cell in your body needs water to work properly. Water rids your body of wastes through urination, perspiration and bowel movements. It also keeps maintains body temperature, and lubricates and cushions your joints.…

Wellness Tracker App for Planning Your Daily Healthy Habits & Routine

wellness tracker app

Up to a certain point, stress can have a positive effect, allowing us to feel motivated in accomplishing daily tasks. However, when it becomes a permanent occurrence, it can affect both physical and mental health. Thus, it is essential to take a step back and implement lifestyle changes to help reduce stress.…