Benefits of Standing Desks

Benefits of Standing Desks

A long period of sitting has been linked to many diseases and seen standing desks become more readily available. Standing desks have been known for many years, although they are becoming more popular as people realize the benefits a standing desk provides for the body.…

Touch Therapy Through Weighted Blankets

Touch Therapy

This trending new product has been on the rise over the past few years. Did you know that weighted gravity blankets have been used for many years as therapeutic treatment for children and adults alike? The advantages of using this type of touch therapy have clearly captured the society’s interest.

Reflective Practice – Keeping a Reflective Journal

reflective practice

Reflective practice is the capability to reflect on activities to engage in the process of constant learning, as defined by Donald Schön. The reflective practice pays critical attention to the practical values by examining practice reflectively and reflexively. It converts insights into practical strategies and subsequently makes personal, professional and institutional impacts.…

Therapeutic Journaling is Effective, See How it Can Help

therapeutic journaling

Writing in a journal is recommended to those who are dealing with negative emotions, having suffered from a traumatic event. When we write down our thoughts and feelings, we find it easier to recover from difficult experiences. The whole concept is known as therapeutic journaling and it guides you to reflect on things that have happened, identifying the best solutions for moving forward.…

CBT Thought Diary & Tracker App: Effectively Track & Journal Your Well-Being

CBT Thought Tracker Diary

Stress, depression, and anxiety represent three of the major problems modern generations face, affecting the overall quality of life and preventing one from enjoying everyday living (professional and personal implications). Cognitive behavioral therapy is an effective solution for addressing such issues, allowing people to identify irrational beliefs and challenge such thoughts in an effective manner; this is why doctors recommend using an app such as CareClinic as a “CBT Tracker” to track and manage your progress.…