Quarantine Fitness App to Maintain Your Health

quarantine fitness

Staying healthy with a quarantine fitness app

We are living in a time of crisis and uncertainty. Every single day, there are new reports highlighting the increasing number of COVID-19 cases. These cases are being reported locally, provincially and globally. Fortunately, with the direction of provincial and federal health authorities, as well as incredible front line worker efforts, stringent guidelines have been put into place to help curb the spread of infection.

Zeeq Smart Pillow Review, Does it Really Help You Sleep Better?

It is a known fact that adults should sleep for at least 7-8 hours per night, as sleep is essential for both physical and mental health. However, the majority of us sleep poorly and not nearly enough as we need. And the lack of sleep causes both men and women to present a higher risk of chronic conditions, with the overall quality of life being affected in the process.…

Insomnia Tracker App for Better Sleep, Tips & Remedies

insomnia tracker

Insomnia is a complaint more and more people experience, being described as the inability to fall or stay asleep. According to the latest statistics, one in four people battles with insomnia in America. The symptoms of insomnia are present in at least 30% of the adults in this country, with the condition becoming chronic in 10% of the cases.…

The Definitive Guide to Apple Health App

Apple Health App

The Health app developed and available for Apple devices is a great solution for those who are interested in keeping a close eye on their general well-being. It should be mentioned that the application gathers health-related information from your iPhone and Apple Watch, but also from other third-party devices and apps.…

Guide to Using a Sleep Tracker App to Improve Your Quality of Sleep

sleep tracker app

When we were younger, our parents used to let us take naps every single day so that we would grow tall, or simply rest after coming home from school. A scientific explanation of this would be better growth and development. Sleep is an essential part of a person’s life because it is when the brain is engaged with a lot of activities which are closely linked to the quality of life.…