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Daily Routine App

Why use a daily routine app? Having a routine can help with productivity, organization, and task management. Daily routines have always helped better manage stress levels, anxiety, and mental health. Which is why now more than ever, during a global pandemic, it’s important to maintain a healthy daily routine. 

How Do Stress and Digestion Go Together?

Stress and DigestionWe have all been stressed at one point in our life. It is a feeling we get of emotional or physical tension making us feel frustrated, angry, scared, or nervous. One of the most common ways we feel stressed is during our fight-flight response which is a common response in our body when facing adversity or an ultimatum.

Guided Meditation for Pain: How to Manage Your Pain

Guided Meditation for PainLet’s be blunt here, pain sucks, either chronic or acute. It can be physically and emotionally difficult to do everyday activities. People will experience several challenges and feel it is not worth living anymore. If we all lived pain-free and disease-free we could probably live up to the age 90.…

Reflective Practice – Keeping a Reflective Journal

reflective practice

Reflective practice is the capability to reflect on activities to engage in the process of constant learning, as defined by Donald Schön. The reflective practice pays critical attention to the practical values by examining practice reflectively and reflexively. It converts insights into practical strategies and subsequently makes personal, professional and institutional impacts.…