Minimizing Prednisone Apple Belly: Manage Your Stomach Bloat

prednisone apple belly

As we deal with various health challenges that are thrown at us throughout life, we must also deal with the consequences of taking certain medications and treatments. We are incredibly fortunate to live in a time of advanced technology and scientific knowledge regarding new and effective treatments for many of the common diseases we face as a society.…

Understanding Medication Alerts To Attain Medication Adherence

medication alerts

Is it difficult for you to remember to take your medications on time and on a consistent basis? You aren’t alone. Regardless of whether you take medications for a specific healthcare intervention or simply try to stay consistent with the intake of supplements like vitamins, medication alerts are beneficial tools to ensure a healthy life.…

Pill Tracker App to Manage Your Medications

Pill Tracker App

If you are dealing with a complex medication regimen, it is inevitable that difficulties arise when trying to follow your treatment plan to a T. Not only are there various doses to take into consideration, but each drug also has its own frequency and precautions to consider.

Medication Log For Tracking Your Medicine & Symptoms

medication log

Modern living conditions, access to adequate healthcare and disease prevention programs have contributed to an increased average lifespan in almost all developed countries. However, medical issues cannot be eliminated, which also means that medication use will only continue to increase.

According to recent statistics, women are more often prescribed medication than men.…

The Top 5 Benefits of Using a Medication Calendar

medication calendar

For the majority of the medical conditions out there – whether acute or chronic – medication represents the standard treatment. Treatment adherence is an important objective for physicians of various specialties, as it can guarantee the partial/complete relief from symptoms and the return to regular health.…